How to choose a wardrobe

Practically in every house there is at least one closet. These original designs perform the function of the usual wardrobe, they can hide everything your heart desires, and many in addition to the main task also become a beautiful interior partition. Simply put, these are very convenient and undoubtedly useful attributes of furniture, stylish interior decorations.

With colored, painted or mirror facades, wide or narrow doors: which model of the cabinet to choose so that it is both comfortable and beautiful and functional?


Modern wardrobes are conventionally divided into body and built-in.

Each has its pros and cons, so choose a good wardrobe should be based on what tasks it will perform in the future.

The advantages of the cabinet can include the ability to move the structure to any point of the room. Its body is no different from standard wardrobes and is represented by side and rear walls with a roof, bottom and base.

In the design of built-in cabinets are not the above elements.Their role is performed by the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the room itself, which is why the built-in models are installed once and do not move anywhere else.

Built-in cabinets are usually installed in the corners, so they are as ergonomic and economical as possible. But, there is one "but" - this cabinet can not be fixed to the walls of plasterboard, because of its rather soft structure.

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Tips for choosing

The wardrobe is not bought for a year or two, so the choice of this product should be approached with full responsibility, clearly understanding the main points:

  1. Place the cabinet to choose before purchasing it. Not only the wardrobe design, but also its size depends on this factor. If there are doubts about the size - it is better to focus on a large model, especially if children are growing up in the house. For a room with high ceilings suitable wardrobe with mezzanine.
  2. Size affects the number of doors in the closet. The classic version is a 2-door wardrobe, however, if the product is very large, experts recommend choosing the 3-door version (opening a third).
  3. Cabinet layout is an important factor when buying.Buyers should decide on what exactly will be stored in the closet - only underwear and outerwear, and can bed linen and blankets? Need a box for shoes and shelves for accessories? How many hangers will you need? All this must be considered before going to the furniture salon or workshop. If the cabinet is large and will stand in a dark corner of the room - you can connect additional lighting.
  4. The closet should be combined with color, design, room interior - wallpaper, curtains, carpet, other furniture.
  5. Future owners of the cabinet should pay special attention to the door mechanism and the most wear-resistant part in it - the profile. The wheels should be plastic with teflon-coated or metal. Pure plastic is not suitable for daily use, because it quickly fails. The running elements should move smoothly, not falling out of the slots.
  6. Basically, buyers look at the appearance of the furniture, losing sight of the small, meanwhile important parts - accessories, which can not be saved. Steel and aluminum elements are considered the most durable. The first ones are also very light and work silently.The cheapest and short-lived are plastic components.
  7. A wardrobe with a mirrored door visually makes the space around it larger, you need to remember this when choosing a wardrobe model. With the help of this design solution, you can make the room brighter and get a bonus in the form of a large mirror that can easily replace the mirror.
  8. If the wardrobe is made to order, all measurements should be made only by the master. An inexperienced person can admit an error, and even a couple of extra centimeters can cross all expectations.
  9. If the room where the cabinet will be placed, uneven floor or there are flaws, you need to think about the substrate. It minimizes floor defects and eliminates tilting.
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Sliding wardrobe in an interior

  • For the hallway closet needed for saving clothes, various accessories and shoes. From this it follows that this product should have a special place for shoes and, if possible, one section for hanging clothes. A wardrobe with several compartments is the best option, since all the clothes can be divided into the one that is often used and the one that is worn on the occasion.

Also, in the closet for the hallway there will be a place for various accessories. Everyone agrees that to store various small accessories, for example, bags, umbrellas, means for the care of shoes and clothes, and sometimes a vacuum cleaner, it is better in one place so that they are always at hand and in sight.

Wardrobe for the hallway is better to buy with a mirrored door, at least one. It is beautiful, convenient and practical (more light will appear, the space will visually expand, the interior will improve, the need for a dresser will disappear). If the mirror replaces only one panel, it is desirable that it be located in the center. It is better not to install a fully mirrored module in the hallway; in this place, the edges of the mirrors can often be subjected to mechanical damage.

  • In the children's room, a compartment closet is necessary not only to save clothes. In the room where the children live, he also performs the function of the rack where the toys, educational books, and the office are housed. All these things, sometimes it is very difficult to hide and take care of them is also problematic, therefore, collected behind a closed cabinet door, they will not interfere with anyone, and children will have the opportunity to learn how to clean up after themselves.

In the student's room, you can equip a wardrobe with one open unit, for example, from the side. In this place, the child will keep books, notebooks and various accessories, personal items, which children of this age have a lot. The only requirement for a wardrobe for a child is absolute safety (only natural materials are used as materials of manufacture, there are no sharp edges) and stability.

  • In the bedroom, a large wardrobe can replace an entire dressing room. You cannot put such a model in the corridor, because it is too big, and it will not be appropriate in the living room. What can be said about the bedroom - an ideal place, where there are much less people than other people in other rooms, it is more comfortable in the bedroom to change clothes and store various personal belongings, including sleeping.

There are few requests for a closet for a bedroom: it should have many deep shelves, niches and different sizes of drawers. Open modules in this version are hardly useful, and you should not refuse from mirrors. It should also be borne in mind that the bedroom is a place where people relax, which means that the external facade of the cabinet should not be annoying, be very bright,multi-colored, accessories do not creak when working.

  • The living room does not need to install too large closet. Its main function in this case is the storage of bed linen, summer clothes, small household appliances, dishes, securities and all those things that can be useful in a particular room. Moreover, the wardrobe for the living room is her “face”, an item that complements the interior. Therefore, in such a closet you can provide for the presence of open side consoles, where there will be objects with which the housewives like to decorate the rooms: personal photos, figurines, decorative dishes, everything that can be put on public display.

Also, a reliable wardrobe with an open section for a home theater or music center will perfectly fit into the living room interior. Such a niche, as a rule, is located in the center of the cabinet, and along the edges has sections with closed doors.

Cost of

The pricing policy for wardrobes depends on the materials that are used to produce the structure. All the elements are important: accessories, fasteners, which facade of the product is chosen (glass, mirror, lacobel).

The desire of some buyers to save on the purchase of the wardrobe often becomes the reason for choosing poor quality furniture. Meanwhile, expensive - not always a sign of quality and reliability.

Wardrobe as an element of decor

Because of the impressive size, as a rule, wardrobes are installed along the wall. They take up a lot of space, so designers advise not to miss the opportunity to decorate your home with an original wardrobe. For example, buy a non-classic version of wood or chipboard, and choose a cabinet with weaving rattan or leather inserts.

Recently, wardrobe with lacobel coating - glass, painted on the outside in any color, has become especially popular. There are monophonic models, and also with the put drawing. Mirror facades are also highly valued by consumers and have different variations. You can order or buy a light or darkened surface, choose a combination of frosted and smooth glass.

To decorate any room will help photo printing, for example, if the closet is in the children's room, the favorite cartoon character of the child will be a successful drawing on the facade.

When upgrading the interior is worth thinking about the little things created specifically to help new furniture blend harmoniously with other items. These are pillows of different sizes and other decorative elements.

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