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Despite the fact that recently more and more preference is given to the modern style in the interior, the classical style still occupies a leading position in this segment. Classic has always been, is and will be in fashion, which is why it is a win-win and almost eternal option for interior design.

Wardrobes were initially made in a more modern version, later they began to produce models in a classic style with beautiful decor and a patina of gold or silver color. Beautiful wardrobes with an interesting decor can be a wonderful decoration in the interior of the room and add its own flavor to it.

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How to choose

Sliding wardrobes can be made of natural wood or MDF. Most often, the producer of the most beautiful models of the elite class is Italy, but in Russia there are many nice cabinets that are not inferior to the Italian in quality and appearance.

When buying a wardrobe should pay attention to certain points that play an important role in the convenience of future operation. First of all, you need to decide on the size and shape of the cabinet you need. It should not look too bulky and take up half the room, cluttering up most of it.

Initially, you should carefully look at the room itself, which will be a wardrobe, and only then choose its size, based on the area of ​​the place where it will stand. The cupboard must be large enough to hold not only clothes, shoes and accessories, but also many other items that must be hidden from prying eyes. The shape of the cabinet is also very important because, depending on this item, other furniture will be placed in the interior of the room.

Internal filling is even more important than appearance. It should be as convenient as possible so that you can not only put things inside in comfort, but also get them out. Classic cabinets are equipped with shelves, drawers, special bars for hangers, as well as sliding systems for even greater convenience.However, the internal components of the cabinet are chosen by the customers themselves, and can then be changed if necessary.

It is necessary to decide from the very beginning exactly where this piece of furniture will be, in order to more accurately determine not only its appearance, but also the decor and the interior. For example, a closet in the kitchen can be equipped with a display case, in the office a bookcase with books, and in the nursery it can be equipped with a special section for toys or other children's accessories. Thanks to the additional modules, you can adapt the classic wardrobe compartment to any room in the house, so that it looks organically and beautiful.

The exterior finish of the doors, as well as the additional decor of the furniture, will be determined depending on the room for which the wardrobe is intended. They will give the furniture and the whole room a whole richer and more luxurious look.

Modern stores offer a wide range of wardrobes, however, if none of the proposed options suits you, you can order the necessary and suitable piece of furniture that suits your eyes and fits perfectly into the space of the room.Sliding wardrobes are of three main types, each of which is good in its own way. Which one to choose depends on the room for which the cabinet is designed, on its size, as well as the location of other furniture in the interior of the apartment.

The classic look of the wardrobe with sliding doors is the most common. It is especially suitable for spacious, large rooms, where there is enough space for a huge, classic wardrobe and other furniture, corresponding to it in style, color and decor.

In case you want to disguise the wardrobe or make it less noticeable, a wardrobe built into the wall will do. If you decorate his door with any pattern or mirror, it will become completely invisible and will look like part of the wall.

Color spectrum

Initially, the main and main color of classic cabinets and all classic furniture in general was brown. But over time, the white color, or rather the shades of cream or milk, began to make a huge competition to the leader, long established in this niche. If you want to have a room in a classic style, you should stick to calm and delicate shades, eliminating all the bright and flashy colors.

To date, stores offer wardrobes of the following colors: alder, apple, cherry, beech, hazelnut, dark walnut, maple, white, wenge dark, wenge magic, as well as other delicate shades that do not catch the eye.

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After the appearance, shape, as well as the internal content and color of the cabinet, one of the most difficult, in terms of choice, procedures begins. It is quite difficult to choose one decor option from many presented, as each is good in its own way. Some people prefer to combine a couple of options, when they cannot definitively decide which one they like. Wardrobes are also decorated with enough restraint, but at the same time it is very beautiful to emphasize the richness and beauty of this stylistic direction.

Decor elements perform not only the function of decorating the cabinet, but also have several practical properties. First of all, they protect the doors and the outer facade of the cabinet from excess dust, moisture and temperature differences. Depending on the location of this piece of furniture, choose the decor of the cabinet, suitable for this room. Competently choosing the color, texture and elements of decor, you can significantly change the appearance of the room for the better.After all, as they say, the decisive role in any image, whether it be clothes or interior design, is played by details.

Decorative items offered by modern stores are presented in a fairly large number. The main and essential element of decor for the wardrobe in a classic style is the patina of gold or silver color, and further additions depend on the desire and taste preferences of the customer. The most popular element of the decor are mirrors or mirror panels, which, in turn, can also be decorated with carvings or other elements. Usually mirrors are made on the whole part of one or two of the facades, but in the classic version, some prefer to give them more beautiful and neat forms. Models with mirrors make the room wider and give even a large closet a smaller look.

Sliding wardrobes with photo printing on the facade or picture also look very nice, and if they are built into the wall, then they do look like a part of the wall decorated with a large picture. But wardrobes with fresco decorations look much more beautiful and classic. Drawings with biblical, Greek and other motifs in the style of Raphael, Rubens,Michelangelo and other geniuses of the Middle Ages look incredibly beautiful and bring extra comfort, beauty and classic spirit to the room.

Slightly less often there are wardrobes with rattan and natural or artificial leather inserts. Such cabinets look quite original.

Stained glass wardrobes are a work of art that will decorate the interior of any space. Mirrors decorated with beautiful patterns of colored transparent glass look incredibly beautiful and original. Even in classical style, stained glass drawings are pertinent and organic, regardless of the color of the cabinet and the decoration of the room itself.

Most of the closet wardrobe give a classic look to capitals, pilasters and carved cornices, which are the personification of the classics in any kind of furniture. Decorated with gold or silver patina, depending on the preferences of the customer, they look even more beautiful.


Choosing the decor, the appearance of the facades, color and content for the closet can not be forgotten about the interior and purpose of the room in which this piece of furniture will be located. It is very important to choose everything so that it is as comfortable and convenient for you as possible.

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Living room

The living room is the main place in the whole house, since, as a rule, it is given the largest area and it is precisely this that they are trying to make as attractive as possible. In this room they receive guests and gather all together in the evenings. That is why in this room from the closet is required not only functionality and practicality, but also a beautiful appearance. Inside there should be a lot of space for different dishes, such as tableware, and tea sets, various small things and other things. Be sure to allocate space for a TV, possibly built, and other equipment. Some sliding wardrobes, designed for this room, have windows or additional slides with transparent doors, to give an even more classic look. If the room has an empty corner, you can put a corner wardrobe. This option will save space, but it will be no less roomy.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is the first place where guests get, so this space should be made as attractive and comfortable as possible. It is very important to think out correctly not only the look of the closet, but also its filling, so that you can put all outerwear, shoes and other trifles inside.The presence of shelves, drawers, and hangers with two levels of height is important, as clothes come in different lengths. Be sure to calculate the height of the cabinet so that you have extra shelves at the very top for items that you rarely need. Often it is in the hallway that the wardrobe is built into the wall, but more often there are classic models with side rounded shelves where you can arrange beautiful statuettes and frames with family photos. Mirrors and light colors of the facade will visually increase the hallway space.


Most of all, the classic style cupboard is suitable for the bedroom. Especially beautifully the furniture in gentle tones of milky or beige shades with golden patina looks. Such a wardrobe, like other items of a bedroom set, does not clutter the room very much and gives it a more delicate look. A must-have attribute for a wardrobe in the bedroom is, of course, a large mirror.

In this case, you should also consider the internal content. The closet should contain all clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. There must be shelves for clothes that can not be hung, bars for hangers,linen drawers and sliding shelves for various small things or other items of your wardrobe.

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