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The Commodore company has been producing and installing wardrobes for over fifteen years. Before describing this type of furniture, it should be emphasized that not all companies keep the price-quality bar in the production of interior items. Therefore, the use in the production of natural materials and the ability to check the quality of structures is an extremely important indicator for the client. What makes the company, which will be discussed further - the responsible executor of furniture orders.

This company has parts of products that are equipped with a cabinet - imported. In addition, if you follow the updates, you will notice that new models are created for each season to match the design trends. This is due to the constant generation of ideas from the designers.

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Wardrobe furniture features

A distinctive feature of the wardrobe is the presence of sliding doors. As a rule, these cabinets are most often installed in the bedroom, guest room or walk-through.Lightweight design saves space and can accommodate a large amount of wardrobe.

The main feature is the presence of sliding doors. The system consists of a door frame (profile made of steel or aluminum, a kind of frame), guides (also called tracks or rails), wheels and other parts (turn mechanisms, supports, etc.). Together they form a complete system on which the service life and usability depend.

This type of structures can be divided into two groups - fixed on the lower tier and suspended on the upper track. The use of décor is also different: from painted parts to fabric framing. The wardrobe "Komandor" can be selected individually.

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According to the installation method, the wardrobes are built-in (lying on one side to the wall or floor) and cabinet (have a single structure without support). There is a variety of forms: they are straight and angular, and radius. Direct products are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, and corner and radial designs look best in the hallway.


Furniture manufacturing companies are currently performing as individual orders,and offer standard wardrobes in styles:

  1. minimalism;
  2. Provence;
  3. high tech;
  4. Japanese direction;
  5. flow "art";
  6. classics.

About each style in more detail.


The wardrobe in the style of minimalism should meet the following parameters: natural materials, the negation of classical forms in the direction of strict geometry, neutrality of color and small form. As a rule, such furniture has white, gray and dark shades. In the overall design there are no details, volumes and bright colors.

Minimalism is used to visually expand the room and save space.


Provencal style has its own characteristics: a large number of plants in the decor (both dry and alive), pastel palette of general design and the use of only natural materials.

If simplicity is closer to you, some archaic and “rustic” forms in the design of the room, then the Commander wardrobe in the Provencal style is perfect for you. Having some coarseness of forms, this design, nevertheless, is designed to bring comfort, warmth and a share of romance into the common space. Furniture also allows you to visually increase the space at the expense of pastel shades.

Modern direction

The high-tech style can be defined by the following components: rigid geometry, the presence of metal and glass inserts, contrasting colors and glossiness of surfaces.

The main functions of these constructions are practical use. A large number of additional mechanisms are used, and mirrors are often built into the furniture itself.

For these cabinets from Komandor use acrylic, plastic and steel parts. Natural components are almost never found in this style, and, as a rule, new items most often appear in the high-tech style.


The cultural style of another country is a combination of minimalism and painting in traditional Japanese style. Conciseness and simplicity of forms - these are the main definitions of this type of wardrobes. It should also be noted that the Japanese style is the smoothness of lines and contrasts of colors. The interior with a wardrobe in this style creates an atmosphere of mystery, evokes thoughts of the East and visually increases the total area of ​​space.

Art direction

Sliding wardrobes in the style of art - is a solution for lovers of designer new products. To this direction can be attributed, and signs of modernity, and cubism, and ethnicity.Streamlined forms of furniture are combined with straight contours of lines and luxury elements (usually it is gilding or ivory).


In the classic style of wardrobes there are smooth lines, natural materials or their imitation, as well as the presence of stained glass windows.

The classic version of the wardrobe is one of the most popular options for almost any room. Most often, in the manufacture of these cabinets, Commander specialists use oak or beech, as well as to insert a glass facade of warm shades. The room becomes wider and airier, thanks to this furniture design.

Commander Plus

The company “Commander-plus” is a domestic analogue of Komandor, which is engaged in the design, delivery, metering and installation of wardrobes.

The company focuses on new products in design, using the “flight of engineering thought”. For example, there is a soft touch technology that reacts to touch. This option should simplify use and save time. The design also includes updates in the form of a glass mirror - the new system alternately either reflects or adorns the surrounding space. And this is not all the achievements that the company represents.

A group of specialists gives you the opportunity to think over your wardrobe design. The cost calculation takes place according to several indicators: the material of the future design, size and appearance. Built-in wardrobes are classified as budget options, but not inferior in quality and design options.

The convenience and popularity of the built-in system is quite simple to explain: the rationality of the use of space in modern apartments plays an important role, and these buildings are designed to save the budget and expand the space.

Wardrobes with an arrangement in a niche, with the absence of a back wall, a sidewall, a bottom or the top fixed part gain popularity. Commander Plus deals with individual orders and has the opportunity at low prices to offer options for personal products for an apartment or office.


The feedback on the company is positive and based on a responsible approach to each client. The company is engaged not only in production, but also in measurements, delivery and installation of wardrobes. All customers were satisfied with the quality of the cabinets and professional installation by certified specialists.

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