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Unfortunately, the problem of a small living space has always been, is and is likely to remain a problem for many families for a long time. However, furniture is improving, becoming more functional and today the problem with storing things in a small apartment can be solved by putting a small closet - compartment.

The main advantage of the wardrobes is that such furniture does not take up much space, so it is quite suitable for a small room. The acquisition of a wardrobe is a successful solution to the problem of space shortage. A wardrobe with a sliding door system can be installed in any part of the apartment, whereas for furniture with hinged doors more space is required.

In addition to size, small wardrobes are no different from standard furniture and, like regular cabinets, can be built-in and stand-alone. Which of these options to choose, everyone decides for himself. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

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Features cabinet and built-in cabinet

At first glance it seems that for a small apartment, especially for a studio, a built-in closet is the only right decision. And indeed, such furniture takes up little space. For arranging a built-in wardrobe, any niche will fit a coupe. It can also be mounted in an interior wall or plasterboard partition.

In the studio apartment with the help of such a cabinet you can zone the space. In addition, it can be made two-way - on the one hand a dressing room, and on the other hand - a place to store kitchen utensils. Such a cabinet will cost less than a cabinet, since the consumption of materials for it is less.

Built-in closet makes sense to do the entire width of the room and the entire height. So you will save yourself from having to wash the dust from the upper mezzanine and make the most of the entire room space.

However, a significant disadvantage of built-in furniture is that it is extremely difficult to dismantle if necessary. In addition, such a cabinet is most often made to order according to individual sizes suitable for a specific place and it is extremely problematic to rearrange it later in another room.

This lack of cabinet furniture. If you do not want to wait for a custom cabinet, you can buy it in the finished version. Now many manufacturers offer furniture for small apartments. In addition, if you wish, you can pick up a chest of drawers, a cabinet or other furniture module to make a set. The cabinet case - compartment can be moved, interchanged, transported to another place - it is very mobile. However, its cost will be somewhat higher than the built-in version.

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To the bedroom

Depending on what part of the apartment the wardrobe is intended for, there will be its filling. A small wardrobe in the bedroom can be narrow - about 45 cm, as well as one or two doors. If this closet will be used by spouses, it is necessary that it has a place for female and male wardrobe. Also the closet should have a compartment for hangers and shelves or drawers that will store underwear, bedding, blankets, blankets, towels and other things.

Many designers advise ordering wardrobes with compartment mirrored doors in the entire height of the room. In this case, a wardrobe in the bedroom should not be installed opposite the bed.It is believed that the reflection of a sleeping person in the mirror negatively affects his state of health. And experts in the field of psychology assure that in families, where in the bedroom, where there is a mirror, quarrels over trifles occur more often.

Psychics and astrologers also categorically object to the presence of mirrors in the bedroom, arguing that if the mirror reflects the door of the matrimonial bedroom or the bed (whether fully or partially), it increases family failure.

If you still want to have a mirror in the bedroom, you can make a mobile dressing table on wheels with a mirror, which you can hide at night in a wardrobe.

In the living room

We are all accustomed to the fact that things in the living room are traditionally stored in standard walls or modern slides. However, most often such furniture is very dysfunctional, and with all the abundance of shelves and drawers, in fact, it turns out to be impractical and inconsistent. And the problem of placing a wardrobe remains unresolved. This is especially true for one-bedroom apartments, where one room at a time. Sometimes the situation is complicated by the fact, if the room has a non-standard layout.In this case, a small wardrobe will also help.

Options for placing a small wardrobe - a compartment in the living room a bit. The classic version of cabinets - from wall to wall. If this option is not suitable, and the space must be used to the maximum, you can order a corner wardrobe with a straight or radius door. It will look organic and original.

For a small space is characterized by an interior in the style of minimalism, that is, all the excess should be hidden from prying eyes. For these purposes, and was coined wardrobe - coupe. Behind the sliding facades, you can hide a niche with a TV panel, a pedestal with a computer or laptop, and other sources of radiation. In this case, the closet will also perform the function of a study. This technique works great in small studios and studios.

Another way to minimize space in a small room is a bed - a transformer built into the interior of the cabinet. Most often, the bed itself is mounted in the middle, and on the sides you can arrange two small wardrobes with sliding doors. In this case, the upper space of the room may also be involved.If the room does not allow to put two cabinets, you can do with one cabinet.

In the hallway

Internally and externally, the wardrobe compartment for the hallway is somewhat different from those designed for living rooms. Unlike the bedroom, the mirrors in the hallway are not only forbidden, but also welcome. Especially if it is a small hallway. In this case, the mirror will be just a very good technique for visually expanding the boundaries of the room. In addition, it will reflect the light from the ceiling lights, making the room brighter, especially since the entrance hall is not the lighted place in the apartment. It has no windows, and the light here is turned on only when necessary. Therefore, furniture for close Khrushchev hallways is better to choose light shades. In addition, it must overlap with the overall design of the room. To add light in the dark corridor, you can make the LED backlight on top of the closet - compartment.

Required elements for the wardrobe in the hall:

  • Office for outerwear. This may be a bar on which hangers with coats and fur coats are hung, or maybe a wall plank with hooks.It is worth making a reservation that if the cabinet is too narrow, then things on the bar will be placed frontally.
  • Shoe cabinet A very convenient option is a multi-storey bollard with vertical compartments for shoe pairs.
  • Place for accessories. Various little things tend to get lost at the most inopportune moment. Find in your little locker a place to store these items so that they are always visible. For scarves and belts, you can make a special retractable bar - holder. Keys, combs and business card holders can be hidden in a special box, and send hats and umbrellas to the top shelf.
  • Shelves for trivia. Entering the apartment, the first thing you want to get rid of the keys, bags and free your hands. If space allows, add a few side shelves outside the wardrobe.
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