Filling the wardrobe

Layout options

The main advantage of the wardrobe over the usual wardrobe is the effective use of each centimeter of space allocated from floor to ceiling. The capacity of the model is determined by the rational distribution of the internal space.

There are a lot of planning options, but first you need to decide in which room the wardrobe should be operated. In different rooms, the location of the interiors of cabinets will be different.

The inner space of the wardrobe should be divided into three parts: upper, lower and middle. On the upper shelves of the wardrobe, seasonal items of clothing, shoes and other wardrobe items that are not very convenient to get are usually stored. For coats and jackets stored on top of hangers, a pantograph equipment will be convenient.

The distribution of the middle part of the space is based on the fact that most of the most necessary items of clothing today and now will be stored here, so this part of the closet is the most convenient.Usually the average space is engaged in barbells for hanging casual clothes.

At the bottom of the closet can be stored shoes, items of clothing and home care, for example, ironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner.

From the depth of the wardrobe will depend on the location of the rods. If the cabinet is deep, the bars will be located parallel to the door. If the cabinet is shallow, then the bars will have a perpendicular to the door arrangement.

The dimensions of the wardrobe for the hallway will depend on the size of the room. If the dimensions of the hallway allow, it is better to choose a roomy corner model. The internal content of such a non-standard cabinet should be planned for storage of outer clothing, shoes, bags and umbrellas.

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In the closet you will need to think about the convenience of getting things out of the corner. Ideal is the option when the angular space will be occupied by bars for hangers. In order not to install a partition wall at the very corner, it will be sufficient for strength to install a support post with rods attached to it at the desired height.

The rest of the space in the middle part can be left for bags, umbrellas and hats, not forgetting to place shelves for footwear, keys and other trifles closer to the exit.On the side walls will be convenient placement of hooks for bags. With a standard cabinet depth of 600 mm, the usable shelf space is 500 mm.

Filling a typical two-door wardrobe with dimensions of 1600 × 2400 × 600 mm for the hallway of a small apartment is the simplest and most economical option. In one half of the cabinet there will be several sliding shelves and a bristle stool for compact storage, in the other - an office for outerwear.

In the cramped space of the hall of the apartment- "Khrushchev" it is necessary to provide that retractable internal shelves do not interfere with the correct closing of the cabinet doors. The compartment for placing a rather long outerwear must be made in height not less than 1500 mm.

Cabinet dimensions in a narrow hallway will be guided by the size of the niche or the smallest wall. The depth of the shelves of the cabinet will not be standard and will be no more than 400 - 450 mm, respectively, the crossbeam for outerwear will be perpendicular. On the crossbar, of course, a lot of clothes will not fit, but for a single person or family without children this space will be enough.

It is important that all drawers, crossbars and hooks are strong and withstand the weight of stored items.

Filling the inner space of the closet for the bedroom will be different from the wardrobe device for the hallway. This wardrobe is not designed for outdoor clothing and shoes. Optimal filling in such models of cabinets provides a large number of shelves for storing bedding, home clothes, socks and underwear.

For the bedroom, it is best to design a corner or built-in wardrobe, which occupies the entire wall space.

The dimensions of the wardrobe 1800 × 2400 × 600 and more, up to two meters in length, suggest the use of three doors. Such a cabinet is called a three-section. For organizing the internal filling, the cabinet length of 2000 mm is conveniently divided into sections of approximately 600 mm each, taking into account the thickness of the internal partitions. Even with a thickness of 14 mm, shelves of such a width of chipboard will not sag.

The filling of the cabinet 2.3 to 2.7 meters can be divided into three sections, moreover, there will be not three doors, but four. In the closet of 3 meters or more sections will be four. There will be plenty of shelves in such large cabinets; drawers and multi-level mesh baskets can be added at the bottom to increase the rigidity of the structure.

It is not always convenient to have drawers on the floor itself. In order not to bend down the boxes can be raised to the level of the thigh. With this arrangement, the shelves lintels under the drawers should be designed with increased strength. The dimensions of the mezzanine shelves do not always coincide with the dimensions of the sections, maybe one above the two sections. It is important to calculate the thickness so that the load of the regiment is not deformed.

For a family with a toddler, a practical arrangement of furniture in the bedroom will be very convenient, suggesting the presence of a closet with a supply of diapers, next to the changing chest, in which drawers rattles and baby care products are laid out.

Since things that are not fit in other rooms are stored in the closet, the filling can be very different. For example, you can provide for the placement of a folding ironing board.

If other items of furniture are unwilling or impossible to be in a small bedroom, it is possible to provide in the closet space a dressing table hiding behind a sliding door. There are also options for accommodating radio and television equipment behind sliding doors.

If desired, you can combine several functional zones in the same room, choosing a model of the cabinet with a built-in full-fledged workplace, that is, to get a combination of clothing storage with a secretary.

Realizing the sketch of the wardrobe in the children's bedroom, it should be remembered that the internal accessories, handles and accessories must be durable and extremely safe. The interior of the children's wardrobe should be different from the adult. While the child is small, it is necessary that all his things and toys should be concentrated on the shelves of the lower zone. The older child will eventually use the upper shelves.

The bar for hanging clothes on hangers in the children's closet should be located at a height of no more than 80 cm, taking into account the change in the height of the child, it is good to envisage the possibility of adjusting the height of the bar.

In order to eliminate clutter with extra furniture, you can equip a wardrobe with a built-in computer desk and shelves for storing textbooks and notebooks in the children's bedroom.

Choosing fillers and accessories

The sliding wardrobe is purchased not for one year, therefore at a choice it is necessary to think over well the structure of its equipment. Today, the accessories system uses a huge range of high-quality stationary and sliding devices for laying out and hanging clothes that can transform to different requests.

Basic accessories of budget accessories include a bar for hangers, shoe shelves made of mesh material, baskets on roller guides and ordinary drawers.

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The metal bar for hanging clothes on the hangers in the wardrobe and closets is made of round or oval cross-section. The advantage of the oval bar in front of the round bar is that it is able to withstand a lot of weight and is often made removable.

Traditional mesh shoe shelves can be installed horizontally and tilted. They are placed in any opening in the compartment attached to the rear or side wall.

Multi-tier mesh baskets with sliding mechanisms are used for quick selection of wardrobe items. They are installed on budget roller mechanisms and vary in size, therefore, when designing a wardrobe, you need to leave a suitable opening for them.

The disadvantages of the design can be called their noise and not very high strength.

Today, more often, more expensive, but also more durable telescopic guides on ball bearings are used to operate sliding systems.

Conventional drawers for wardrobes are made in the form of a box of chipboard and the bottom of fiberboard. The texture of the front panel of the drawer necessarily corresponds to the front part of the cabinet. The box moves at the expense of the roller guides installed on the sides or on the bottom.

There is a simple way to upgrade a drawer cabinet that uses plastic baskets. If it turns out that there are few drawers in the cabinet, you can always install baskets of suitable sizes on the shelves.

Costly accessories for cabinets - pantographs, bristles, tie-pieces and pull-out shoe holders are available for sale in many varieties, allowing you to organize convenient orderly storage of things.

The pantograph is very convenient for getting clothes from the inaccessible subceiling area of ​​the cabinet. It is a spring mechanism with a handle that allows you to smoothly lower and return to the starting position the bar with clothes.Rods are mounted on the side rails or on the rear wall. Elite models of pantographs are equipped with hydraulic mechanisms that allow you to stepwise control the load capacity and adjust the angle of inclination of the rod.

Cabinets, if desired, are equipped with a swivel mirror and a folding ironing board with a device for ironing the sleeves.

The best choice would be to equip the deep corner section of the wardrobe with a swivel-pull system consisting of a fixed column, a supporting telescopic frame made of steel with hanging baskets, nets and holders for clothing, including trousers.

Trouser holders usually consist of 7-9 hangers for pants. For hanging women's and men's trousers, there is also a retractable side mounting system of five tubular slats. Despite the compact arrangement, the pants on this design do not crumple.

The cascade system of the shoebox consists of 2-3 mesh shelves, located at an inclination, with anti-slip mats. The depth of the shoe shelves allows you to mount them in the closet in the hallway or hallway with a depth of 360 mm, 500 mm and store shoes of different sizes.

Ties, belts, belts, jewelry items can be stored hanging on special hangers or in shallow drawers with telescopic sliding mechanisms and cells laid out using wooden dividers.

Internal design and examples

The radial model of the wardrobe implements the ideas of a successful combination of aesthetic appearance with the design of the internal content. The exclusivity of such a cabinet is underlined by the unusual curvilinear structure of the doors. To ensure maximum filling of the cabinet, the designers offer a special shelf geometry that follows the convex, concave or undulating shape of the doors.

Proper filling of the cabinet, which will be located in the hallway, suggests upper shelves for storing hats and large items. The bottom shelves will be occupied by coasters with shoes. As a rule, the radial cupboard is placed in the corner of the room, respectively, this model is characterized by a spacious corner area filled with outerwear.

You can fill the closet for the bedroom or living room not only with built-in mini-sideboards with drawers and mesh baskets for clothes and bedding.It is quite acceptable to equip a comfortable study with a pull-out worktop in one of the sections of the closet or to provide space for sports.

Additional internal and external LED lights can give an attractive look to the cabinet body.

In the most spacious room of a house or apartment there can be the largest and most beautiful wardrobe. In addition to the standard internal filling hidden behind the spectacularly decorated doors, the facade can be supplemented with an open shelf to accommodate a large flat-panel TV.

The correct layout of the shelves of different sizes will allow you to place a large number of books, beautiful dishes, souvenirs and photos. To create a greater comfort in the living room, it is possible to use smart lighting in various shades.

Useful tips and tricks

Constructive strength is the most important component of a spacious wardrobe. Therefore, manufacturers recommend samples with installed reinforcing devices within wide sections. This solution is very important when ordering a closet for a family with a lot of outerwear.With a deviation from the standard width of 1200 mm, the manufacturer advises to install a perpendicular support inside the compartment in order to avoid deformation of the rod.

Installing an additional support leads to a slight increase in the cost of the finished product, but the strength characteristics of the cabinet are improved.

For the placement of shoes, of course, it is very convenient to use retractable grids, allowing you to quickly find the right pair. But only low pairs of shoes are freely placed in them: shoes, sandals and shoes.

When storing high-toed boots, experts suggest using simple and practical plastic clips to keep shoes in perfect order without losing the aesthetic look. Such clips are attached and efficiently use any free space of the shoe zone of the cabinet.

For wardrobes with a length of 1000 mm and a useful body depth of only 360 mm, for the convenience of getting clothes from a height, the use of a fully or partially retractable perpendicular hanger equipped with a telescopic guide, a comfortable grip handle and a durable tubular bar with dividerson which each piece of clothing will remain in its place.

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