The wardrobe is firmly established in the life of modern people due to its high functionality and the possibility of installation in almost any part of the apartment or house. Such a design can be different in size and filling, but combines their presence of sliding doors-coupe and inspiring capacity.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The sliding wardrobe is a structure with sliding doors built into the room's niche; The height of almost all models of cabinets reaches the ceiling and as if "sinks" in it. As with any such "integration", the wardrobe has its own features, which are conventionally divided into advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the following assertions include:

  • The possibility of embedding wardrobe in a niche (in the hallway, room), and along the wall without window openings.
  • Filling the wardrobe can be determined in advance and create it according to individual criteria; By the way, it is quite possible to create a complete project of a wardrobe in original dimensions: most of the clients of furniture stores, or buyers do it.
  • In the closet space can be stored as clothing or footwear, and household supplies, suitcases: create a separate area for home accessories like ironing boards.
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Material for the manufacture of wardrobes varies in properties and colors, texture and durability, which allows you to create original interiors with a wardrobe built into the wall. Traditionally, chipboard is used to create a structure - budget material, wood - a little more expensive, plastic, glass, metal - are usually used to decorate doors or sliding structures.

The high doors of the wardrobe allow you to install mirrors in them, which allows you to save on the purchase of individual elements of the wardrobe and interior.

The dimensions of the wardrobe also vary from the size of the niche or the space where it is planned to place the structure. It is possible to create a wardrobe by the individual order - this option is used by the majority to preserve the functionality and to give the structures a certain style orientation - for the interior.

The cost of the wardrobe and its installation varies too much, but among the options there are those that will be affordable for everyone.There are more budget models of particleboard or MDF of small dimensions and original designs from solid hardwood - they will cost more.

Let's talk about the possible disadvantages of the wardrobe:

  • Such a design is installed in a specific place of an apartment or house for a long time; Built-in closet can not be moved or moved to another place, cabinet - perhaps if there is a new place for it in the house.
  • The high cost of the wardrobe compared to the usual stationary wardrobe can repel the purchase; in this case, it is worthwhile to “weigh” all the pros and cons and decide on the appropriateness of a bulky design.
  • Installation of the built-in closet is possible only to the main, or supporting wall. Mounting the structure to thin plasterboard walls is not suitable: the fragile elements of the room can hardly withstand such a load.
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All models of wardrobes can be divided into two large categories: case and built-in, depending on the method of installation and the overall device.

Cabinet model of the wardrobe is a traditional wardrobe with a frame and a set of functional drawers, shelves and other structures.The similar model is established in a niche of the room or along a wall, in a corner; it has rear walls, base, bottom, roof and doors.

The second type is built-in models, that is, they do not have their own frame and are built into the interior. The design in the literal sense of the word is attached to the wall thanks to screws and other fastening elements, creating additional storage space. After installing the cabinet, the installation of its external elements begins - doors, guides, rails and other components. Unlike the first model, the built-in wardrobe is installed “once and for all”, that is, it is impossible to shift or move, the only thing that can be slightly changed is its internal content.

If we talk about functionality and space saving, the built-in model of the closet wins: thanks to the absence of rear walls, bottom, roof, several additional centimeters appear - they will become necessary and invaluable for storage.

A variety of models will be a wardrobe, round or with a rounded corner, if the construction is not mounted in a niche, but along a wall of a bedroom or living room.To make the space concise, the side wall of the wardrobe is rounded off - such a composition looks nice and safe in its structure: the possibility of hitting a sharp corner is excluded.

Unusual models of wardrobes are distinguished by their original design: an abundance of mirror elements, color solutions or the use of materials. The unique design of the wardrobe with a radius sector will be a relevant solution for the hallway or living room, where you want to emphasize the space of the room and create an additional accent. Pic 1

An original solution would be to install a closet in a niche or corner of a room - a bedroom, which is transformed into a functional space not only for recreation, but also for storage. Such an idea is often used in conditions of large quadrature, when it is necessary to “unload” the rest of the apartment or house from bulky structures. The wardrobe in the corner is a kind of dressing room, which can be disguised by an unusual solution in finishing its outer part - the designer decided to add wood and frosted glass in combination with an array (for shelves). Pic 2

A functional solution for the bedroom will be the installation of a wardrobe along the whole wall; the original idea will be its decoration - a combination of noble dark wood in the color of the rest of the furniture and mirrors. A small-sized bookcase-compartment is ideal for a living room; it will become not only a space for placing clothes or home textiles, but also a “home” for a home library.

We select a model for each room

Depending on the room and its layout, it is worth considering the placement of the wardrobe: take care of free access to the future design and its location among other furniture elements.

Install a wardrobe in a niche - an excellent choice in the presence of such space in an apartment or house. As a rule, the niche can be located in the corridor, then it is advisable to mount the built-in model of the cabinet there. The size of the structure is determined individually; It is important that the closet is up to the ceiling - this will increase its functionality and make it a single part of the planned interior. The internal filling of the cabinet should be as diverse as possible: in addition to the bars and shelves for clothes, provide departments for storing shoes,voluminous seasonal clothing and household accessories, if the wardrobe is the only large “storage” in the house.

Its exterior design is determined by the corridor style: for a modern interior, choose a glossy facade with a mirror or a fully mirror structure; for classic furnishings or in the Provence format, stop looking at models made of solid wood, flanges and decorative elements: with stained glass windows.

The sliding wardrobe for a bedroom or nursery is installed along a wall or one of its parts - this allows you to vary the interior and create a concise room without unnecessary details. Variants of placement of the cabinet are different: place the cabinet on half of the wall, and in the free zone, place a dressing table or comfortable upholstered furniture; An alternative solution would be to place the structure along a whole wall or in an additional room niche.

It is important to follow the general stylistic direction in the design of the room - select the model of the cabinet and its color in accordance with the shades of the rest of the furniture - the bed, the pedestals. In the conditions of a small bedroom, make the cabinet fronts mirror - they will visually enlarge the space; if aIf the room is spacious, you can do without mirrors and choose the finish of the compartment doors with wood or glass.

Placing a wardrobe on the balcony is an excellent solution; Choose robust designs that are resistant to changes in temperature and high humidity. The frame of the balcony wardrobe is better to choose their metal or high-quality chipboard; A tree may not be suitable, because it is too capriciously subject to external changes, and it would hardly seem appropriate to put an expensive construction on a balcony.

Each of the models of the wardrobe can be varied: put stickers and patterns on the cabinet, a beautiful facade will turn out thanks to modern technologies of large format printing or painting glass, wood, metal. Samples of exterior finish cabinets are available in each salon-shop selling furniture, which will facilitate the selection and be inspired by the works of craftsmen.

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New in design

The design of the wardrobe is determined in accordance with the taste preferences of the buyer; some choose models with mirrors in combination with chipboard or wood on the facade, others prefer glossy models with glass trim or frosted glass as the main element of the facade.Designers of sliding wardrobes and designers never cease to amaze with their interesting solutions: wardrobes with leather inserts, with glass and lighting, with unusual patterns and effects.

A popular novelty in the design of the wardrobe was the application of a realistic image on the facades of the sliding structure: night city, landscapes, still lifes, sea spaces, urban spaces.

The novelties of the Japanese-style wardrobe will be an original solution for the bedroom: Sakura tree is traditionally depicted on the glass surface of furniture or colorful landscapes of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The original wardrobe is a black model of built-in furniture with glossy facades and lighting, geometric details and excellent filling. Figure 12 Figure 13 A functional solution will be the installation of a l-shaped wardrobe: in the bedroom, corridor, nursery or living room; in any interior, such a model will help to rationalize the free space and give the overall concept of the room originality.

Perhaps the most original solution will be a double-sided wardrobe: this design will act as a way of zoning the space and an excellent element of storage.

Popular colors

Its exterior design and compliance with the rest of the space depends on the color of the fronts of the closet. The most popular colors are white and any other light shade, mostly “wooden” models. Black and gray colors are often used in creating the interior in the style of "modern" and glossy materials - glass or plastic.

Brown and all its shades are used to create sleeping interiors: wooden furniture is often combined with the basic shade of the wardrobe, which serves as an excellent addition to any bedroom. Colors and their variety allows the closet to become an integral part of your interior, sometimes designers use non-standard solutions and make the design the main focus of a room.

Facade materials

Facades of a sliding wardrobe are created from the most various materials from which the price of a future design develops also.

Chipboard - the most common material for the creation of facades and design wardrobe. Along with MDF, these two materials are considered long-term in their life cycle and practical to use; their cost is not marked as too high, which allows you to create cabinets of low and medium price category.In the care of chipboard and MDF unpretentious, which makes them most used to create not only wardrobes, but also the rest of the furniture.

Mirror as an element of the facade - a common solution; mirrors can be installed on one door of the cabinet or on everything, that is, visually make the cabinet glass. A glass wardrobe visually allows you to expand the space, like a mirror, giving the interior a modern design.

Metal facade - the choice of non-standard and bold; often metal elements are combined with glass or wood - this allows you to make the design concise and suitable for the interior of the class "modern" or "hi-tech". The best choice for facades is wood and its varieties (bamboo, rattan, corian), since each of these materials is environmentally friendly and durable.

Types of sliding systems

Sliding wardrobe system allows the latter to carry such a name and be a functional piece of furniture. A similar wardrobe system is of two types: lower support and upper support.

The lower support system implies the existence of a sliding mechanism with a location on its roof and bottom; the door guide literally slides over the bottom of the system and is additionally fixed at the top.This type of system is considered the most budget in terms of its cost and the most popular, it is found equally often on embedded models and corps.

The upper support system is distinguished by greater functionality of the upper rail - it is this that provides the opening and closing of cabinet doors and assumes the weight of the structure. The wardrobe with a hinged system will cost more, and the advantage of this type will be the absence of lower obstacles and the possibility of creating a unique interior in the style of "minimalism".

Kinds of sliding systems of a sliding wardrobe differ not only the principle of the work, but also a final cost of a design; It is important to choose not the type of work of sliding systems, but their reliability - the quality of the material.

We are determined with the size

Determining the size of the wardrobe for a room or niche depends on the individual characteristics: the size of the niche itself or the width of the wall on which it is planned to install the built-in wardrobe.

Let's start with determining the height of the ceilings: the height of 2700 mm is standard for most apartments, which will be the height of the final design of the cabinet; if the height is 2600 mm, then the cabinet will have such a parameter in size.Traditionally, wardrobes are installed along one wall - the carrier, so the length of the structure can be 3 meters, one and a half, and as many as you like. The length of 4 meters for the closet in the spacious bedroom will be the best choice, even if the wall is larger in this parameter, but still the closet to the entire wall will be the preferred solution.

The depth of the cabinet should be comfortable for you - a width of 80 cm can be the starting point of this characteristic; choose the depth of construction 80-90-100 cm depending on the free space and fill the cabinet with convenient components: open shelves, rods (from 2 pieces), drawers, baskets, racks for shoes and other details.

A shallow wardrobe will be a good choice for the corridor, where it is important to save space and create a functional storage structure. For the bedroom, pick up the most spacious model, if such a closet becomes the second in a row and allows you to “take” more square meters in the area of ​​the room.

Internal filling

It is important to determine the internal content of the wardrobe, from which the sum of the functionality of the final structure.

  • Bars are an important element that serve to store long clothes (dresses, coats, jackets, raincoats) and the rest of the everyday (sweaters, skirts). It’s good if there are at least two bars in your closet: one 60-80 cm high, the other - from 100 cm - for long clothes.
  • Open shelves for clothes - classic; their depth is at least 70 cm, width - from 40 cm and up to a meter. The cabinet model with side shelves allows you to use the space even more profitable - make the side structures as spacious as possible by increasing their width and depth.
  • A drawer module is needed for storing underwear, hosiery, or other textiles and clothing.
  • Shelves for shoes can be open or closed - shoemaker; An alternative would be a shoe net - an easy and inexpensive design.
  • The sliding wardrobe with a dresser can resemble a separate small dressing room; often used in a bedroom or a niche room.
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Popular budget and elite models

The most popular budget models of wardrobes are models of chipboard or MDF hull type - they can be sold in finished form or made to order on individual sizes.Among the furniture of the elite category mark the built-in designs from a tree with additional elements from glass, metal, mirrors; Aristo and Lerom are considered to be leading factories - two leaders in their niche with modern materials and current design developments. The prestige of the wardrobe is determined by its external design decision and the use of quality materials - durable glass, natural wood.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of wardrobes differ depending on the company that provided a similar piece of furniture. Note that a greater number of buyers choose a wardrobe as an alternative to the traditional wardrobe, and built-in models are more popular.

Buyers point out that when choosing a cabinet it is important to choose a high-quality sliding system - it will cost more than the Chinese one, and only then choose the design of the facades. Considerable attention is advised to be given to internal filling and not to save on shelves and drawers - they will always come in handy. Reviews of wardrobes there are also negative, associated with low-quality sliding system: the doors can "fly out" with improper or abrupt handling,In this case, users recommend opening the cabinet carefully and next time not saving on the sliding mechanism.

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