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Everyone wants to buy a suitable wardrobe in the house. After all, this furniture will allow you to store all the necessary things, it will become an integral element of the style of the room. In the modern world, modernized products are gaining great popularity. Thus, the radius wardrobe will appeal to every modern person. What is remarkable about this model? How to choose the product? Read about this and many other things in our article.

Features and advantages of the design

Radial cabinets are notable for their fresh original design. Such models will appeal to the most avid fashionistas. Furniture has several advantages compared with conventional models:

  • Versatility. These products perfectly fit into any interior. They have a variety of shapes, rounded lines. In this case, you can install the model along the wall or in any corner of your room. This is especially convenient for those who have an individual layout.The interior will be even more unusual if the cabinet will repeat the curves of your room. If you have a small apartment, these models will help to store the necessary things.
  • Practicality. You can fill the wardrobe with a variety of items, choosing the configuration you need. There will fit perfectly and shelves, and drawers, and a niche for bed linen. All items will lie in their places. Also niches can be used as a stand for the TV or put your favorite books on them.
  • Spaciousness. Such products are quite roomy. Models may be completely absent from the side walls, while the standard wardrobe should have a wall more than sixty centimeters deep.
  • Reliability and durability. Roller door closing mechanism is quite simple and reliable. The doors of the product will open without creating noise, easily and naturally. You will appreciate the ease of use.
  • Diverse design. Modern stores are full of a variety of models of radial wardrobes. You will definitely choose the option that is right for you. At the same time, the products differ not only in appearance and functionality, but also in the price component.
  • It is possible not only to purchase the product in the store, but also to make the model yourself or rely on qualified specialists and make furniture to order. So you can choose the perfect option for your room.

Of course, with all the positive characteristics, the model has small flaws:

  • High price. In any case (you bought at a store or made to order) the cost of such an item of interior will be much higher than conventional models. However, this closet will be more convenient and attractive.
  • Difficulty to install. If you are not sure that you can install some types of such cabinets yourself, it is better to immediately seek qualified assistance. Then you can save time and money.


Radial wardrobe can be a variety of forms. The main thing is to choose the design that is suitable for your home. Main types:


These models have a side and back wall, as well as shelves, cover and bottom. This cabinet will not need fitting. It is usually put in the place that you chose in advance. Of course, preliminary it is worth making measurements.Cabinet case is a single system that can be moved, put in a convenient place for you, easily rearranged in an apartment.


Such models have no case. They have no side walls. The bottom and cover will be the floor and ceiling, respectively. Usually these are the options you can see in advertisements and announcements. Often these models are made to order. At the core of their design is the shape of the room, the location. Here it is important to carefully calculate all the parameters. All materials will be selected on them.

Of course, the radius system is a modern scientific development. It is based on rails of a certain shape. Rollers of doors and frames move along them, various parts from various materials can be inserted there.

Sliding mechanisms can be divided into several types. This will depend on the layout of the rails:

Upper suspension

This design is mainly used in built-in closets. It should be remembered that not every ceiling can withstand its weight. Accordingly, before installing such a system, the ceiling will have to be thoroughly strengthened.Of course, ideally, plan the installation of such a cabinet together with the ceiling. Thus, you will be able to observe all the design features, making it safe and reliable, as well as save money.

Reliance on lower rails

This option is more versatile. It can be installed both before and after installing the ceiling. The main role here is played by the lower guide. It is there that will have the whole burden. Therefore, the ceiling in this case can not be strengthened.

As for where it is better to put a radial cupboard, there is no one piece of advice. Such furniture will be an excellent addition to the living room, and hallway, and nursery, and bedrooms. Everything will depend on your basic concept, style and idea. The main thing is that all this has enough money and room footage.

It is noteworthy that the radial cabinet will fit any of your style. Most importantly, organically fill in the proper way the frame design. The composition may include a variety of elements. It can be both wood and glass, plastic, other materials. The door that is moved apart may be, for example, completely mirrored or contain skin elements.In a mode now volume drawings and color photo printing.

Also, all radial wardrobes can be divided into the following types:


Usually this product is placed in a small niche, where it is simply impossible to place ordinary furniture. For example, in the hallway. This wardrobe looks sufficiently interesting and original.

Concave inside

This option has a concave door inside. Visually, in this way, the space expands, and the corners are smoothed out. This will help give the room extra depth. You can choose the options that fit perfectly into your room and your concept.


This cabinet is a combination of the first and second models. Thus, the product will be a convex-concave wave. Especially beautiful such options look in bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms.


Semicircular cabinet suitable for large rooms. They perfectly complement the individual style of your room.


This view is one of the most popular. The product is based on a triangular shape. It will be easy and convenient to place in the corner. This model will help to save space.Such a product is quite simple to install. Another advantage of the model is an affordable price. You can purchase the product without damaging the family budget.

Radial cabinet can be the most original in execution. So, there are creative products, which include plastic, glass. A stylish addition to your interior will be a mirror cabinet. At the same time, modern designers put on the models a wide variety of drawings, compositions, and photo printing.

Colors and design

Radial wardrobe differs from conventional models and its design capabilities. You will be able to choose a product that will be decorated according to your order or pick up a ready-made design in the store. Everything will depend on your needs, financial capabilities, creativity.

As an interesting design models can be identified using materials such as glass, glossy multi-colored plastic, cabinets with a mirror. Such options will appeal to those who are not afraid to experiment and keep up with the times. You can put such a wardrobe in the living room, bedroom, nursery. There is no less beautiful furniture, which has all sorts of laser drawings, sandblasting compositions.

Today, modern technologies are developing quite actively.In a fashion another stylish new model with photo printing. Such options are divided into several types:

Solvent film printing

This drawing is done with paints. With the help of special technology it is applied to the film. That, respectively, is glued to the door of furniture. Thus, it is easy and easy to create the most unimaginable pattern. In the nursery, for example, you can place a closet with the image of the favorite cartoon characters of your offspring. In the bedroom it will be ideal to put the product with a calm and relaxing pattern, for example, a river or forest.

Solvent printing on glossy or matte thick paper

The basic technology for creating a picture here is similar to the previous version. A picture is glued inside the compartments of the door, if it is divided by frames or entirely on the entire surface of the area. The cost of this option will be much cheaper. However, there is a small minus - susceptibility to mechanical destruction.

UV printing

This option is a special paint application. They withstand the effects of ultraviolet radiation for a long time. Such a picture will remain colorful and bright for a long period.However, the cost of such products will be significantly higher. Such furniture will also last a long time.

As for color, there can be no one piece of advice. You should choose the option that suits you best based on the intended style. White color is quite popular. It is light shades that visually give space to your room, tune in a positive way, and contribute to better concentration. In addition, this color is universal. It can be used in any style. It fits perfectly into any room.

How to choose

You have decided that you want to buy a radial wardrobe in the house. It now remains to decide the question of how to choose exactly the model that you really need? Initially, it is necessary to determine the location of the furniture. Where will the cabinet be located? Will it be a bedroom, a nursery or a living room?

For example, you need to purchase a wardrobe in the bedroom. Accordingly, you need to think about its internal content for storing things: the number of shelves, drawers, etc. In order to hang hangers, you will need to install a special bar for clothing. It is worth looking at the quality of mechanisms (rollers, guides).

Doors should open silently, and the mechanism itself should not make extraneous sounds during operation.

Then you need to carefully consider the appearance of the cabinet. Often in the bedrooms using models with mirrored doors. You can also purchase products with beautiful photo printing.

If you want to buy a closet in the hallway, then you should proceed primarily from its functionality. Such models should be quite roomy, while saving space. Radial closet fit even the smallest hallway, fill it with style and elegance.

When choosing furniture, pay close attention to the material from which it was created. Quality options will have no defects, various cracks, exude odors. If you want your product to serve you for a long time, then you should not put it in the place where the sun's rays fall. Ensure that the cabinet is not subjected to sudden temperature changes.

It is better to buy products always from reputable manufacturers. Before the acquisition, you can examine in detail the reviews of the company, get acquainted with photos and various options.Remember that your product should give you aesthetic pleasure, as well as be an active assistant in everyday life.

How to make

If you are not satisfied with any of the proposed model in the store, you can make a radial closet with his own hand. For example, to create a built-in model, you must first calculate all the necessary dimensions: the height of the ceiling, the width of the walls where the cabinet will be located. Next, determine the type of radius cabinet. It can be angular, convex, concave, etc.

For the manufacture of the product initially make detailed drawings. Then you need to take all the necessary tools and materials. With the help of a pencil, measurements are made, the height of the shelves is marked. Then they are mounted, installed shelves, side profiles. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to rely on qualified specialists. They will quickly make and install this cabinet. And at the same time you will save money, time and nerves.

Internally filled

As for the internal content, it must meet your needs. So, usually choose a functional cabinet with shelves. There you can conveniently put all the necessary clothes and other products.At the same shelves can be different in height, width, depth. Additionally, you can put there a bar for clothing. Your things will always be in perfect order. And all the elements of the product are safe, aesthetic. Thus, the filling of the cabinet will depend on where the product will be located, as well as on your preferences and style.


Among the many positive reviews, customers note the comfort and ease of use of the radial wardrobe. The excellent internal layout of each model contributes to a cozy arrangement of things. Now all your belongings will be laid out, as they say, on the shelves.

Customers appreciate the versatility of the cabinet. The product fits perfectly into any interior, it becomes its highlight. All this is due to the flexible forms of the model. Furniture can be built-in, which means it will save space. This is especially important for those apartments that do not have a lot of space, users say.

Another parameter that pleases buyers is a large capacity. Due to the internal structure of the cabinet, you will be able to fit all the objects that matter to you there.Such a wardrobe will be ideal for the hallway, and for the bedroom, and for the nursery.

People note ease of use. You can open and close the cabinet with a flick of the wrist. The roller system is reliable and functional. In addition, you can order the design that is suitable for your room. Of course, many are confused by the high cost of the goods. But high quality characteristics allow you to make a choice in favor of these models.

Cost of

As for the cost, today we can choose the best options from the price-quality ratio. Many well-known manufacturers offer products at affordable prices. So you can choose a model to your liking and afford it.

If you want to make an exclusive model that fits perfectly into your concept, then you can order furniture. Qualified specialists will be able to take into account all your requirements by making a product to order. Of course, the cost of such a product will be much higher. But you can accurately enter it into your room.

As for the models that combine high quality and optimal price. Here you can pay attention to several options:

  • Radion These models are modernized furniture, which will have all the adherents of innovation. Strong and durable products will delight your eyes all year round. Among the main advantages can be identified interesting and creative design. A functional cabinet will allow you to place all the necessary items in it. Products are quite roomy. In this case, the price is quite democratic. The successful combination of high quality and affordability for the population is the highlight of all models.
  • Radius line. This company helps to embody the most daring ideas. You will be able to order a cabinet that matches the parameters you need, a certain color, the desired functionality, with an original design. The company guarantees high quality goods. In this case, the price is quite affordable, varies depending on the complexity of the order. You can perfectly complement your interior with a fashionable wardrobe, as well as get a practical and easy-to-use model.

Thus, it is better to save on quality or purchase an exclusive model, it's up to you to decide. It all depends on the budget, your ideas and square meters.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The radial sliding wardrobe is remarkable for the fact that it has the most diverse original designs. It will be the highlight of your interior, help to organically supplement it. You just need to choose the style, color and texture.

For example, in the children's room fit concave cabinet. Its doors are as if pressed inward, while visually expanding the space. Make a model can be in the rainbow colors. So, you can use green, yellow, purple, coral color. It will help charge your baby and you with positive emotions, good mood. In addition, this model will be quite functional. Inside fit all the things a child, bedding and other important accessories.

Radius cupboard convex shape successfully complement the hallway. It will save your space, while all things will be ordered and lay in their places. You can purchase furniture with an interesting design and wood color finish. At the same time doors can consist of opaque glass. Such a cabinet from the threshold will charge you with a positive and excellent mood.

In the bedroom, you can put a wardrobe combined form. It will look original and interesting, reminding a wave.Accordingly, you can decorate the product with photo print in a nautical style. You will enjoy bedtime attractive scenery. This will set you up for a good rest. At the same time, make sure that only quality materials are part of the product. Then the model will serve you for a long time.

Thus, we have considered the main models of the radial wardrobe. Now you can choose a suitable option for yourself. Consider where the closet should be, in which room. Then you need to decide on the choice of the internal contents of the product. It is useful to think in advance and design. Then you can easily choose the model that will certainly decorate your home and will delight all members of your family with aesthetic appeal and functionality. Successful purchase.

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