Sizes of the wardrobe

Purpose and Varieties

Relatively recently, wardrobes appeared in Russia managed to quickly gain a strong position in the furniture market. Convenience in operation, modern design, the ability to accommodate a large amount of clothing and accessories, space saving due to the design - the distinctive features of these cabinets. Regardless of whether the double or tricuspid version is selected.

The main highlight of these cabinets - sliding doors. Usually it is installed in steel or aluminum frame glass or chipboard panels. Alternatively, mirrors can be used. Mobility is carried out due to the roller mechanisms installed on the frame.

There is still quite a low-budget option - doors without frames (roller mechanism installed directly on the chipboard panel), but aluminum is considered the most reliable. Firstly, aluminum is less deformed, and secondly, the aluminum framework is double-sided, the mechanism is hidden inside.The rollers that will drive the sash, moving smoothly along the guide, you should choose the highest quality. The plastic version is immediately excluded due to its unreliability and impracticality.

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Depending on the size of the room and the intended purpose of the product, its internal content, the choice of cabinet will be determined. For small rooms, a double wardrobe will be optimal. When the issue of placement is not too acute, it is possible to install a three-folding, the length of which has a size of 1800 cm or more.

As a rule, each leaf closes a separate section of the cabinet. For example, the Rome-180 model has two side sections (in which there are rods for hangers) and one central. Shelves placed in the central section ensure the stability of the side walls. If the plans have the installation of drawers, it is necessary to make a narrow branch where they will be located - this will provide comfortable access to them.

Standard measurements

Standards depth wardrobe compartment is usually 0.6 meters. This is due to the fact that the increase in depth carries with it unpleasant consequences in the form of inconvenience of operation: things that are located closer to the butt will be inconvenient to reach.For the minimum size of the depth of the cabinet, which will be installed in a narrow room, the standards are 0.6 m. This is created not only for ease of operation, but also to optimize the stability of the structure.

Height is selected for reasons of availability of upper shelves for an adult. On average, about 2 meters is enough, rarely used things are usually located at this height. Depending on your needs, you can choose a height almost to the ceiling, but in any case, you need to leave about 10 cm (otherwise, there will be difficulties during assembly, because the product is usually assembled on the floor).

In the case of ceiling heights of more than 3 meters and a cabinet depth of less than 0.9 meters, the need for additional fastenings may arise. A similar situation arises when there is a lack of depth for standard ceilings. In addition to the above, the length of the chipboard is 278 cm, which means that a cabinet with a height greater than this size will be equipped with entresols.

Manufacturers often provide ready-made wardrobe layouts. For example, for a roomy product with a size of 1,800 cm, the optimum depth will be 0.6 m, and the height from 2.25 m to 2.5 m, to which it is best to pick up three doors.

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Individual calculation

Developing the project of installation of the wardrobe compartment, which has a non-standard size of height or depth, it is necessary to calculate all the components, including the internal content. The fact is that the built-in shelves can affect the stability of the structure. Leaving the gap between the contents and the door too small, you can get in trouble when moving the outer panel along the guides. This will adversely affect the service life and may cause damage to the product.

If you want to fill a niche in the wall, install a built-in closet, or want to use an empty corner and place a functional storage space there, then you also need to create individual sketches.

Installing a wardrobe is a good idea for apartments with a niche in the wall, but there are some special features here: the walls can be uneven initially, which could appear during the "shrinkage" of the house. And the angles are not always perfectly straight. Therefore, calculations of the size of the sliding wardrobe for a niche should be carried out with special scrupulousness. First, a thorough measurement of the niche around the perimeter. For calculations, a smaller value is taken, from which several centimeters are subtracted for the gap between the cabinet walls and the wall.Next, we check the evenness of the corners, if they are not 90 degrees, the distance between the cabinet and the wall will have to be increased. Ideally, the master should perform measurements of uneven niches.

Corner wardrobes are a great idea for arranging a compact walk-in closet. Such models save space, allow you to place in your case a lot of sliding elements: shelves, turning mechanisms, drawers and baskets. In apartments there are different angles, so sometimes the calculation of sizes can cause some difficulties. An experienced master will always help to make the best project, which will not only combine all the wishes of the customer, but will also be completely feasible.

The original option for installing an angular wardrobe - radial design. In addition to saving space (due to ergonomic design), the extensive possibilities of internal filling and ease of operation, the customer of this product gets a unique interior solution.

Cabinet design

For the highest quality and simple assembly wardrobe, sketches and diagrams should include the used dimensions and distances, which will be installed all its details.The sketch should consist of guides for rollers and internal elements. Even storage shelves and drawers and baskets need to be added to the circuit. This is very important, because if the shelves are installed incorrectly, the reliability of the entire cabinet is impaired.

Ideally, you need to think in advance about the filling of the cabinet: how convenient it will be to place the clothes on hangers, where there will be a shoe mesh and drawers for linen. It is important to determine what size the basket will accommodate the lowest shelf. It is also necessary to pay attention to the drawer: the doors should not hinder its movement.

To prevent possible complications in the operation of the product, the distance between the guide on the bottom of the cabinet and the internal elements should be at least 2-3 cm.

Examples of interesting design solutions in the interior

Functionality, layout and interior of the room influence the choice of design of the wardrobe compartment. Given the dimensions of the product, its appearance must be given no less attention than the internal content. The wardrobe should fit the overall style of the room and the rest of the furniture, as well as the shades of the walls and floors.

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If an ergonomic closet for the hallway contains all the commonly used items: umbrellas, seasonal clothes and shoes, hats, scarves and stoles, children's sledges and roller skates, then in the closet these items will find their permanent place, remaining in the zone availability.

Typical corridors and hallways are characterized by a lack of space and lighting. Visually expand, “fill with air” the room can mirror shutters: they reflect the light, create the illusion of increasing space. Additional lighting will make the choice of clothes more comfortable.

The closet compartment located in the living room is obliged to perform not only a practical function, but also to serve as a decorative piece of furniture. Fortunately, modern realities make it possible to decorate cabinet doors with photo printing, silk-screen printing, laconic monochromatic color panels, sandblasting, options for every taste and budget. Such a cabinet can be very practical to equip a TV, a bar, even a folding secretary for working at home. At the same time there is a lot of free space, which is important for the room, which is intended for receiving guests.

Choosing a closet with a sliding system in the bedroom will provide an opportunity to equip a dressing room even in a small room and allow you to abandon outdated dressers and pedestals. Rational distribution of boxes, shelves, compartments for bedding and underwear, hangers and hanging organizers for cosmetics and perfumes, will facilitate the maintenance of order and comfort. Relaxation is much more effective in a comfortable room, so it will definitely be pleasant to rest in such a bedroom after a hard day.

In the nursery, especially when the child is not alone, the wardrobe is not just a comfortable piece of furniture, but also a harsh necessity. A wide choice of cabinet filling options will eliminate chaos and disorder: books and textbooks, toys, video games and designers, clothing for educational institutions and everyday clothes - every thing has its own little house. The possibility of choosing bright designs is a huge additional plus, you can even order sash with the image of your favorite characters. A weighty argument in favor of choosing a wardrobe will be the release of additional space for games and educational activities.

Do not forget that minimalism - the key to a comfortable environment in the interior of cramped apartments. Therefore, the owners of compact housing usually choose such options for the situation, which allow to reduce the number of furniture and various items. Such a rational decision will allow the room to look more open and spacious. In this case, the wardrobe will be indispensable.

In spacious apartments with wide corridors and large rooms, the wardrobe also fits well into the space. With it there are more opportunities for the equipment of the product with additional shelves on which you can place elegant figurines and elegant interior items.

So, regardless of what caused the purchase of new furniture - the desire to update the situation or move to a new apartment, a wardrobe is an excellent choice for transforming living space. To change the layout, to mask the mistakes in the finishing works, to expand the space - with the closet compartment all these issues are solved. With it, you can even divide the room into two secluded parts, this is a good option for a room with children of different ages.

Using this multifunctional piece of furniture, you can perfectly finish the interior in any style, because the options for decorative execution are not limited.

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