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Furniture factory "Ronikon" exists since 2000. During her career, she was able to take a leading position among manufacturing companies in her industry. At present, there are 1,500 points of sales from the Ronikon factory in the Russian Federation, 300 of which are retail stores. The city of Moscow has 111 salons.

Special features

The company offers luxury furniture, which includes several series of wardrobes:

  • "Prime";
  • "Economy";
  • "Prestige";
  • "Suite";
  • "Elegant".

In addition to the manufacture of this furniture, the factory is engaged in the production of bedrooms, libraries and living rooms. Products have many advantages, among which are the following:

  • modern design. Each buyer can decide for himself how the facade of his closet will be decorated;
  • usability. Cabinets of the Prestige series will bring comfort to their owners;
  • reliability in use. Over 10,000 customers buy furniture from this manufacturer every year and leave positive feedback on their purchase;
  • high-quality components.The company monitors the quality of the goods, so each cabinet has a high quality and convenient assembly.

Factory Assortment

Sliding wardrobes "Ronikon" are divided into several categories, which differ among themselves by price category and functionality. Everyone will be able to choose the furniture to your taste, based on their financial capabilities and preferences.


These products belong to the very first series from the factory. This type of furniture is quite popular among buyers. Its features include the optimal ratio of price and high quality. "Economy" has a modern and versatile style.

In the furniture there are concise lines, thanks to which the wardrobe will look perfect in a room with any interior. The color scheme consists of six shades, and the parts themselves are made of high-quality laminated chipboard. The front part is decorated with mirrors or facet mirrors.

Handles are an additional decoration for the facade. Based on your wishes, you can choose a railing or profile. As an addition to the internal space, you can use baskets of cellular type, retractable rod, drawers, etc.

Cabinets coupe series "Economy" have a wide range of functionality. Two-door, three-door, or wardrobes with four doors can be combined with a corner terminal, a corner wardrobe and a hanger. Products of this series are able to decorate the bedroom, hallway, living room and other rooms of your home.

In the cabinets from this factory there is a German top-hung steel system for fastening the facade “Hettich”. Such a system has a high level of reliability and does not emit noise when used.


The name of the cabinets speaks for itself. In this series there are products with an elegant and elegant design, which is able to decorate the interior of any room. The front of the cabinet is made of MDF. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of drawings of the facade, so that you can choose a cabinet that fits to your interior.

Sliding wardrobes "Elegant" look great in a classic style, art deco and even in modern high-tech. This acquisition will occupy the most worthy place in your home.

Today, the manufacturer "Ronico" offers facade drawings of the following styles:

  • Quatro;
  • "Art";
  • "Classic";
  • "Modern";
  • "Antique".

Optionally, you can order decorations in the form of mirrors that will help to visually enlarge the room and give it light and comfort.


For those who are looking for wardrobes with original appearance, the manufacturer offers a series of "Prestige". The features of products include the possibility of combining the facade on their own. Such cabinets will add charm to your home and help you put all the items in their places.

The advantages of the model "Prestige" include:

  • spaciousness of wardrobes;
  • usability;
  • thoughtful design to the smallest detail;
  • highlight in the style of furniture.
  • Sliding wardrobes "Prestige" - this is frosted glass, shiny mirrors and different colors of chipboard with a smooth door motion. Such furniture will bring pleasure to everyone.


The Premier model was created on the basis of the Prestige series. Designers were inspired by the idea of ​​previous cabinets and decided to create a new series. Such a wardrobe is a functional furniture, in which there is an optimal dimensional grid and a rich internal equipment.

You will be able to independently choose the facade of your closet, attachments and even lighting.The manufacturer offers a wide selection of colors, thanks to which the product will fit into any interior.

These cabinets got an aluminum support system that allows doors to move smoothly and silently. In the manufacture of used chipboard class E1, which is an environmentally friendly material.


The sliding wardrobe of the Lux series implies a high level of quality and modern design at affordable prices. These products combine trendy designer solutions.

In such furniture there is a wide facade, in which there are no handles, the inner filling is made of modern materials: glass, mirrors and chipboard. At production of the Luxury models the most modern technology is used. The wide functionality, along with a large depth of furniture allows this series to occupy a leading position.

How to assemble

If you decide to assemble the Ronikon wardrobe by yourself, you will need an assembly instruction where all the steps are detailed:

  • First of all, markup should be made for mounting fasteners and shelf holder. To do this, you need to drill a hole and screw fittings;
  • then you need to install the front and rear base on the bottom base of the cabinet. Consider that in the complete set of such cabinets there is no back wall, therefore the whole construction is mounted directly on the wall;
  • check the horizontal of the floor and the vertical lines of the wall;
  • it is necessary to make a drink under the baseboard in the side wall of the cabinet;
  • the left side is set in place and attached to the corner, which is mounted on the wall;
  • then connect the bottom base and the left side wall;
  • internal bearing parts should be installed from left to right;
  • attach the right side and top panel;
  • the next step is to install the fastener to the wall with corners;
  • install door guides;
  • The final step is to insert and adjust the doors.

With the help of this sequence, you will easily assemble the wardrobe "Ronikon".

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