Sliding wardrobe with mezzanine

Sliding wardrobe with mezzanine

A feature of the wardrobe, as opposed to simple, are sliding doors. Along the edge of the upper or lower part of the cabinet, there are metal rails along which the door is moved to the right and left on the wheels. In this case, the door moves either on top or behind the next. Thus, it is possible to open only some zones at a time.

A wardrobe with sliding doors is very convenient for small rooms, for example, hallways and bedrooms, as there is no need to use additional space. At the same time it looks aesthetically and modernly.

A high-quality wardrobe with a good assembly ensures smooth and easy movement of the doors along the rails. Therefore, buying it, pay attention not only to the quality of the material, but also to the quality of the assembly of the structure. Incorrect assembly can cause a number of inconveniences and reduce the life of the product.

The entresol is a shelf suspended from the ceiling.In high premises it is difficult to reach areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with your hands.

Placing shelves under the ceiling saves space, in such places are stored things that are rarely used or not used at all. It happens this way: we don’t wear it, and it’s a pity to throw it out - we take it and throw it all on the upper shelves, what if it comes in handy?

Special features

Shelves suspended from the ceiling are convenient, but the room does not always look harmonious. In order for them to look good, you need to think through the situation and interior design as a whole.

A good solution would be a wardrobe with a mezzanine, which will look aesthetically pleasing in any room. This design vertically separates the space near the wall from the floor to the ceiling, simplifies the appearance of the room and visually makes it taller.

The design of the mezzanine may differ from the cabinet itself. For example, an excellent option is a wardrobe with three sliding doors, over which a mezzanine can have two, and three, or more zones.


Traditionally, the mezzanine is located near the ceiling lockers with doors. But today it can be lockers, and simple shelves, and square open zones.

Probably, many saw open shelves, due to which all things and objects inside are visible. These can be clothes on hangers, shoes and any other items.

On the doors of the mezzanine you can find mirrors in which the upper zones of the room will be reflected.

One of the most popular options for the mezzanine decoration is lighting: in the gap near the ceiling, a board decorated for the overall design is mounted into which the lamps are embedded. Thus, it is possible to illuminate the entire structure at night.

Also interesting options are angular wardrobes Millennium and cabinets with separate mezzanines, which can be open and closed designs, have a different color, etc.

To the sides of the cabinet are attached additional shelves of different shapes. These places are perfect for books, flowers and souvenirs.

Inside the wardrobe can be additional compartments for small things, laundry baskets, tie clips and much more.

How to choose

A simple wardrobe with a mezzanine fits into most interiors. To select it, you need to take into account some of the points: what room is it needed for - the living room, bedroom, or hallway, what things is it meant for?

You can make a choice in favor of a small cabinet, or, on the contrary, choose a design the width of the entire wall. This option is convenient for storing a large number of things, while the room can be freed from other cabinets, shelves, etc.

It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the mezzanine zones. If the zones are wide and not supported by an additional structure, there is a possibility of bending the shelves under the weight of things.

As practice shows, a very convenient option is the mezzanine, not divided into separate compartments. In this case, it is possible to place there a large item. At the same time for the exterior design the mezzanine can have several sliding doors.

Pay attention to the quality of construction and mounting material, the ease of movement of the doors after assembly.

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