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Features and benefits of design

Features and advantages of design. The compartment-compartment in the room creates a special style that can fit into any interior, while being comfortable and practical. It can easily store clothes for the whole family, freeing unnecessary wardrobe and shelves for clothes. Such furniture can be built into any niche in the room, to occupy the entire free wall or to be free-standing. For doors in such cabinets most often use sliding systems on roller guides. They are convenient because they do not require free space for opening and are safe for children.

The walls of the closet and sliding doors can be decorated in different ways. Traditionally, preference is given to laminated surfaces with natural wood textures or colors for an existing interior. On the doors can install a large mirror, it is able to visually increase the space in the room and is very practical.But lately, the decoration of wardrobes with various images using photo printing has become increasingly popular.

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Sliding wardrobes with photo printing are quite affordable today, for a reasonable price you can order the application on various surfaces of any picture, pattern or panoramic photo. Technologies for creating color or monochrome images on furniture are carried out using laser color printers for adhesive films, polymer printing, sandblasting machines. Methods such that the picture will retain its fresh look in the apartment for many years will not be subject to fading and moisture.

Advantages of furniture photo printing:

  • the ability to create any image to the taste of the owners and in combination with the interior of the room;
  • the sharpest lines, the correct color rendition, high contrast and brightness;
  • durability, immunity to solar ultraviolet, moisture and temperature extremes;
  • this finish is environmentally friendly, does not harm health, does not emit extraneous odors;
  • ease of application, per person, everything makes the printing device.

In the case of photo printing, the customer only needs to choose an image or create its own graphic design using special computer programs.Then the file with the picture is sent to print. When choosing a picture, it is necessary to take into account its proportions - a combination of length and height, and how image details will be distributed on the walls and door leaves of the wardrobe.

Combination of materials

The following materials are suitable for applying complex images to built-in furniture:

  • smooth polished wood;
  • laminated plywood, hardboard, chipboard, MDF;
  • plastic and polymer film;
  • organic and mineral glass;
  • mirrors;
  • paper and cardboard;
  • metals.
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When creating photo printing on the facades of wardrobes and other furniture, several modern technologies are used.

The cheapest and most affordable way to print photos for furniture is to use an adhesive polymer film. It does not require complex expensive equipment. Enough widescreen color printer that supports this type of material. The printing itself can be carried out outside the apartment, and the finished film with a printed picture is simply glued to the surface of the furniture. Its material can be different: wood, plywood, fiber boards, laminate, drywall, plastic, glass, mirrors.In addition to ease of installation and low cost, you can note another plus - the film is easy to remove and change to a new one, it is possible to update the interior at least every month.

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The disadvantages of film photo printing are fragility, not protected from moisture and sunlight, the standard film layer fades in a maximum of 1-2 years. At temperature drops, the layer may warp, bubbles or defective spots appear on the image. In addition, this film is easily scratched. Another significant disadvantage is the harmfulness of the ink used for such printing, their component solvent evaporates into the environment, adversely affecting the body.

To create a more durable image on furniture, thickened film versions are used or multi-layered surfaces with a white bottom layer and transparent over applied ink are used. Then the life of such a seal increases.

Photo printing on glass and mirrors by sandblasting machines or chemical processing. The result is not raster images with high detail and a rich palette, as in the photographs, but monochrome pictures, consisting of decorative figures and patterns. So this is not quite photo printing.

The technology of applying to the glass and mirror surface is as follows: first, an adhesive film is coated on which future shapes are cut, then the material is processed using chemical reagents or a sandblasting machine. After that, the film is removed and the image is formed, consisting of matte treated and smooth raw areas. This method is reliable and durable, applied to the styles of classic, modern or art deco.

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The highest-quality way to create a detailed image on the front of the closet is a ultraviolet (UV) photo printing. It can be used with any surfaces: from wood, laminate, glass, plastic and even metal. Polymeric dyes are used as coloring matter, which are converted into film by ultraviolet radiation. It does not fade, does not collapse under the action of moisture and high temperatures and does not emit dangerous vapors. With the help of UV printing get raster and vector images with high resolution of any area.

For UV printing, use a special plotter with large sizes. The UV imprint is matte.When applied to smooth materials - laminated, glass, mirror image is subject to mechanical damage, so use a transparent primer for greater adhesion. In the case of transparent surfaces, printing is done on the inner side, so it will be more stable. The lack of UV printing for the fronts of wardrobes in a high cost, the ability to create only a matte pattern and weak mechanical strength.

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Types of pictures

Due to the fact that photo printing allows you to apply any drawings with a wide range of palettes, it will be easy to find an image that fits into the interior. On the contrary, it is much more difficult to choose one option from thousands of possible. To simplify the selection of the image, there are special databases of stock photos - images in free access, which can be used at your discretion, including for the design of cabinet furniture. They are licensed, they are not subject to copyright, they can be purchased online or through special trading services using various payment methods.

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The most famous and popular database of stock photos on the Internet: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Dreamstime, Freeimages, Stockvault.

Some of them are free, with free access, others imply payment for the use of the image. But paid stock services offer only high-quality photos with high resolution and may have a millimeter ruler, so when ordering, you can already see how the image will look on the real surface of the furniture.

An interesting method of decor for the facade of the closet is a 3D photo printing. This image is printed on PVC film or on a fabric artificial canvas. The surface itself is flat, but visually creates a feeling of three-dimensional figures, and from different angles. The picture of the photo print as if comes to life: if flowers are depicted, then it seems that they can be touched by hands, if they are animals or birds, then there is a feeling that they are moving towards. On volumetric photos you can depict realistic cities, cars, panoramas of nature. The space of a room with 3D images increases visually.

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Depending on the interior of the room, you can choose the following types of images with photo printing:

  • large-scale panoramas of nature or cities - suitable for large-sized rooms: hall and living room;
  • images of flowers: roses, orchids, sunflowers - for furniture of small sizes;
  • photos of animals, birds - for the bedroom or nursery;
  • abstract images, patterns, views of the sky with clouds, flowering Sakura can fit any style.
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If it is difficult to decide on the choice of the image or there is no confidence in the combination of the picture with the interior of the room, then you can turn to the help of professional designers. It is also possible to try out photo printing from an affordable and cheap polymer film, evaluate its appearance in the room, if necessary, easily replace the image. Do not forget about computer programs designed to simulate the interior. With the help of them, you can look at the wardrobe in your room with various prints in detail and from different angles. The most common applications for interior design: ArchiCAD, Sweet Home 3D, IKEA Home Planner, Google Sketchup, PRO 100.

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How to choose

If a budget version of a closet with a photo printing is required or an ambulance redesign is planned, then the best way is to order a cheap print on film. It is easy to stick on the door and facade on their own.For reliability, it is best to choose a multi-layered version with an outer protective primer. He will serve for several years without any problems.

In solid interiors with massive built-in furniture with mirrors and glass, you should use sandblast printing on the surface, which will emphasize a chic and prestigious image. Ultraviolet printing on the wardrobe with a serious repair will last for many years, as confirmed by customer reviews. It can be safely used for rooms with high humidity and temperature extremes.

For a hallway you should choose neutral images or panoramas that are in color in harmony with the decoration of the room. In the corridor, many consider successful cases with monochrome photo printing or contrasting two colors. Petals, animals, a sky with clouds, an aquarium with fish or other motifs that create a relaxed atmosphere are well suited to the bedroom. For the children's room, you can use a variety of types, for the boy - cars, trains and other equipment, for the girl - dolls, animals, cartoon characters.

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Interesting solutions in interior design

From all sorts of ideas for printing wardrobes, fashionable and stylish, it is worth considering some of the most interesting designs.

Volume photo printing in classic style. Thanks to 3D technology on PVC film, it feels as if the room goes into a spacious courtyard with a colonnade and ancient Greek sculptures. This design is well suited for a spacious hall or living room.

White cabinets with black and white print have a spectacular contrasting look and will suit almost any interior, in the bedroom, corridor, living room. Their distinctive advantage is in the absence of bright, annoying colors that can strain your eyesight and bring anxiety.

The mirror surface of the door can be effectively processed using sandblasting. The result is a remarkable tricuspid wardrobe with rose petals on the mirror. It fits well into the bedroom and especially pleases women.

If you use an image with a beautiful view of a night city on a wide façade, you get the feeling that there is a large panoramic window in the room. This type of design will seem very original for guests.

A relaxed atmosphere can create a closet with a picture of the seabed and dolphins. It can serve as an ideal option for any bedroom.

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