Sliding wardrobe with frosted glass

The sliding wardrobe is a truly versatile and beautiful type of furniture, which is distinguished by its convenience and versatility. Sliding wardrobes have long ceased to be a rarity in our apartments. In the furniture markets you can see a wide variety of models. Currently, wardrobes can serve not only as storage for things, but also as an element of decor in the interior. Previously, the doors of wardrobes were made of wood, but now it was replaced by glass materials.

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Creation technology

Perhaps the most common material for the facade of the closet compartment is frosted glass, which, depending on the production technology, is of several types.

  • frosted glass by sand blasting. When processed with such technology, the sand grains under pressure hit the glass surface, leaving micro cracks on it. This way you can put any desired pattern on the glass. Later, frosted glass is coated with a special varnish to protect it from damage and stains.
  • glass, frosted by chemical etching.Clear glass is matted on the outside and coated with varnish to protect against grease, stains and handprints. Such glasses are called satin. They have greater resistance to mechanical damage and stains and a smoother surface than sandblasted glass.

Also, to get the look of frosted glass by chemical etching, but without any chemistry, you can use a simple glass and a white matte film. Such films are interesting mainly because with the help of cutting you can cut out any pattern on the glass of the closet.

How to choose and where to install

Sliding wardrobes are classified as built-in furniture, so they are most often created by individual measures and to order, because the dimensions of wardrobes depend primarily on the floor space.

When choosing a wardrobe with frosted glass, you should take as a guide the place where it will stand. If you want to buy a ready-made wardrobe, then before you go to the store, you need to know the exact dimensions of your wardrobe - its width and height.

If you decide to order a wardrobe, then first of all invite a master to take it all sizes, and also take into account the features of the room in which there will be a wardrobe.The advantage of the closet to order is that you decide what picture you want to see on the glass of the closet. For a modern living room, you can choose a rather bold combination of colors, for example:

For the bedroom, it is better to choose something more calm and delicate colors, such as gold:

Agree that white glass with gold inserts looks very interesting and expensive and will decorate any bedroom. However, please note that it is undesirable to put a closet with a mirror in front of the bed in the bedroom, because the mirror can be very tiring.

If you need to buy a wardrobe in the hallway, then you can consider the option with frosted glass inserts in the doors of the wardrobe, for example, like this:

Sliding wardrobes with frosted glass can be installed anywhere, because the drawing can be cut out in any style for the sake of getting into your interior. You only need to decide on a large assortment and complexity of the design to select the desired version of the wardrobe. The following are possible ways to apply wardrobe with frosted glass:

  • standard; They can be installed in any room with an average area, for example, in the living room, bedroom or children's room;
  • corner; such wardrobes fit the rooms with a small area when you need to save more space, for example, a hall or a study;
  • it is better to install radial sliding wardrobes in rooms in which the practicality and beauty are necessary, for example, in a nursery;
  • built-in closets are a good choice for a small room.

How to care

Many people are mistaken, believing that frosted glass is unreliable and it will be problematic to look after it. In fact, it is not. Sliding wardrobes with frosted glass are quite difficult to damage, no scratches will be visible on this glass, but dirt can be easily wiped with a special tool for washing windows and rags. In addition, the frosted glass is not toxic because it has undergone a serious cleaning. Therefore, wardrobes with frosted glass can be easily installed in the nursery.

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