Sliding wardrobe with TV niche

Features and benefits

The advantages of wardrobes are difficult to overestimate, because they can compactly fit so many things and look stylish. A popular look - a wardrobe with a niche for TV is a truly sought-after piece of furniture art in a modern interior. This happened due to the functionality and universal purpose - the electronic equipment is successfully combined with the necessary for storing things with furniture units of the structure.

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As a rule, a niche is adjacent to the model with drawers and a mezzanine, hangers and open shelves. They can be located in different places, on the sides, top and bottom, creating an ergonomic ensemble. Practical and comfortable, allowing you to place all the necessary things and at the same time TV and other equipment, wardrobes fit perfectly into the style of modern apartments.

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Types of construction

The most common type is the wardrobe with a shelf in the middle.The TV is placed inside, located above the extra shelves or with a closed built-in cabinet, and under it is also made a drawer with drawers or shelves. The more space is allocated for household appliances, the less it remains for the central shelves or drawers above and below it.

Some models of cabinets contain two shelves - for TV and laptop. Ideally, even the largest flat-screen TVs are cozy inside the closet, organically fitting into the exclusive interior of the house. In high-grade wardrobes on each side of a niche they fold clothes and linen, books, dishes, their use depends only on your desire.

The design of the coupe with a built-in hinged TV in the middle of the cabinet allows you to place the television device in the most convenient way so that you can watch it without leaning or lifting your head for a comfortable view. The side panels that decorate the cabinet doors support the sense of freedom of the surrounding space. Complement the decor landscapes and romantic views for every taste. In this design, the number of shelves above the TV minimum - one or two, the cabinet is supplied with drawers.This is a strict model of the cabinet with a predominance of contrasting colors in the design.

Corner wardrobe looks elegant and attracts the eye in any interior. Sash radially inserted at the sides and give the cabinet a non-standard shape with smooth lines. A television receiver in a similar model, as a rule, is inserted inside the long side, conveniently located opposite the sofa.

Convex asymmetrical wardrobe, located in this part of the room, gives the design originality, beautifully covering the entire angle. TV in the bedroom can be a good leisure tool, allowing you to relax after a hard day’s work. For a spacious bedroom, you can use an interesting design wardrobe with a highlighted niche, inside which a serious screen plasma screen is inserted.

If the living room is a large area, the closet with space for a TV can extend into it all over the wall and be a complex of five to six sections. Roomy model is often equipped with LED lighting shelves. Special mention deserve the side doors of wardrobes with a niche for TV. The larger the TV set, the more beautiful the narrow and unusual designs next to it look, creating a harmonious combination of proportions and shapes.

Mirror and patterned glass doors look good in tandem with shiny dark glass TV screen. One of the side cabinets next to the niche may be wider, the other - a little narrower, resembling an elongated pencil case. Asymmetrical designs are valued for their unusual and unconventional approach to the creative design of the hall or living room.

How to choose

The fantasy of the owners of a house or apartment can be easily satisfied with a huge selection of closets for TV, represented on the market of modern cabinet furniture. The variety of colors and combinations of materials is truly very impressive - light beige and dark walnut, oak, birch and the most elite species of wood, white and black painted surfaces.

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Designers and furniture designers offer interesting block designs to the attention of customers, which can be formed at your discretion by adding or removing unnecessary items that do not fit in the dimensions.

In order to choose the most suitable model of the cabinet with a niche, it is best to be guided by the following recommendations of specialists:

  1. You need to be very specific about exactly where the wardrobe will be placed in your apartment - in the living room, in the bedroom, in the dining room or in another room. In order to fit the furniture in size, measure exactly the wall along which you put it. The decor and colors of the selected wardrobe should be combined with the headset, which is already in this room, in front of the bed, as a rule, do not put cabinets with mirrored doors. For the living room choose cabinets made of dark wood, for the bedroom - with beautiful decorated doors or combining contrasting elements. Doors with ornate patterns are intended for rooms that are artistically decorated in a traditional oriental style. Unusually shaped wardrobe is perfect for the rest of the classic upholstered furniture.
  2. Designers recommend - do not start with the acquisition of a small cabinet, choose immediately the one that fits all the necessary things. The sliding wardrobe belongs to rather expensive objects therefore it is the best of all to plan in advance purchase of the most qualitative product. In order to buy or order a closet with a niche for TV, you need to clearly understand that a niche will make your closet significantly wider, and it will take much more space in the room.At the same time standards for sliding doors require a width of not more than one meter, too massive doors with a constant movement can quickly fail.
  3. It is important to check the quality and reliability of the materials - the wheels of pure plastic in retractable suspension systems are not allowed. Such a system, as forecasted by the masters, will last, at best, a year or two. For solid and impressive design, which is a cabinet with a niche for TV, choose aluminum profiles for the movement of doors.
  4. It is important to note that such a prominent device as a television receiver dictates the choice of some details and forms in the interior of the room - the metal in the lining and metal handles on the drawers and casements look impressive.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Sliding wardrobes with TV niche are traditionally located in the living room or bedroom. They are of two types - built-in and housing. The second option is to move furniture, which has side walls, top and bottom panel. It is better if the built-in closet will not rely on soft wall plasterboard, unable to withstand heavy loads.

In the hall, a modern and modern wardrobe is put in place of the usual massive headsets and slides. Residents of not too large city apartments gladly replaced the heavy furniture with more ergonomic elements of the interior, capable of freeing more than one centimeter of room space.

Cabinets with a niche for TV differ in the interior of the apartment, primarily in appearance. They are distinguished from each other by a different number of sections and capacity, height, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. The decor is also varied, and the door opening systems are different - hinged or sliding.

The classic version of this piece of furniture consists of three sections, resembling a tricuspid closet. The niche under the TV takes a side or a central place. Usually the middle part is open, some constructions suppose a closing flap in this part as well, for example, if the TV does not work.

And if your living room has a solid area, the closet can be placed in it along the entire wall, including up to five or six sections. Roomy model is often equipped with LED lighting, consisting of small round bulbs.

The front of the cabinet is made of glossy or matte material, the design often contains built-in mirrors. The surface is decorated with sandblasted patterns, engraved, stained-glass windows are made of stained glass. For a wardrobe-compartment decorated with a beautiful decor, the main place is taken away in the interior of the room.

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