Sliding wardrobe with sandblasting pattern

An excellent design solution of any interior will be the wardrobe. In addition to aesthetic functions, its installation can solve many problems associated with the organization of space. Someone prefers to make a cabinet by the individual order, others use ready-made solutions, the third complement the models with side and rear walls, shelves, shelves, drawers as an internal filling. There is a huge selection of similar products from leading manufacturers, like Mr. Simplex, Neves, Raumplus, Stanley.

Sliding systems work on the principle of moving around the door perimeter on special rollers that are inserted into a groove made of steel or aluminum. There is also a system, the doors of which move along metal rails and prevent the fastenings from sliding. The material of the furniture is chipboard in various colors, and the auxiliary decoding element is natural veneer, glass, and a mirror coating.It is on the glass and mirror surfaces that the original and stylish sandblast pattern is used.

What it is?

A wonderful solution to decorating the mirror for the closet is sandblasting. It can be performed, including on the glass. The method of application is quite simple, but it requires the intervention of specialists, provided that you want to get a real art painting in the bedroom, living room, etc. Any print can be obtained through the action of a strong jet of air, which is pre-mixed with quartz sand.

Sandblasting technology drawing on the furniture set is one of the most popular methods of decoration. With it, you can get a different level of glass matting by changing the pressure and size, grain of the sand itself. There are only two varieties of this pattern - matte on the mirror surface, and vice versa. Often used in-depth drawing of the image, allowing to obtain three-dimensional, beautiful print on the front side of the mirror.

Experts advise to mix sand with special dyes, harmless, hypoallergenic.This will provide interesting solutions for colored matte patterns. Also get to create a multi-layered effect. To do this, it is enough to apply a pre-prepared mixture on the front or back side of the glass.

Features and benefits

Such a kind of "tattoo" for the closet will fit harmoniously into any kind of interior, from baroque to classic, from avant-garde to modern hi-tech. Before applying it is necessary to carefully select a high-quality material, a sketch of a future drawing, process it with the help of special computer programs, apply it on a perfectly flat, mirror-like surface.

This design, though not “costing a pretty penny”, but significantly “hit” on the budget. The processing process is not easy, it requires the intervention of not only the master, but also special equipment, not cheap consumables.

The sliding wardrobe with sandblasting is an individual project that has no analogues. A combined version with sandblasting and elements of stained glass art will look harmoniously in a classic, avant-garde, Provencal style. Unique effects will give engraving glass, as well as models of finished facades, supplemented with original lighting.

The advantages of sandblasting are also the protection of metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. It greatly increases the operational characteristics of the design, provides a huge degree of protection of the treated surface. This way you can arrange the most difficult parts of the mirrors and be confident in:

  • increased image durability;
  • resistance to moisture, sunlight, temperature changes;
  • unlimited image selection;
  • incredible effect of sculpture, the effect of 3D with the right lighting built-in lights;
  • the highest uniqueness of the work of the masters of sketches;
  • the ability to adjust the pressure force of the air jet, obtaining unusual images;
  • affordable price, which is much less than such techniques as Tiffany;
  • impossibility of erasing, peeling off during operation;
  • expeditious drawing drawing of any complexity;
  • environmental friendliness of the selected technology;
  • easy care, removal of dust and other contaminants.

Making out the wardrobe in the bedroom, children's room, living room and even in the kitchen, you can not worry about the dangers of such materials.As a rule, they are hypoallergenic, safe, do not harm the human body.

Amalgam technique

One of the most popular methods of decorating a mirror for a closet is the Amalgam method. In this case, the drawing is applied from the inside of the structure, knocked out on the reflecting layer of the mirror. If you use an unusual (spot or LED backlight) on the back of the cabinet, then you will achieve an incredible effect of slightly muffled image highlighting.

Color matte finish

The interesting decoration of the mirror surface also includes matting with color. It becomes the last stage of the door surface finish for the closet. Coloring is done again from the inside, which will allow the face to remain even and smooth.

Behind such furniture care will be simple and easy. You can use a large selection of detergent chemicals without abrasive particles in the composition. Protecting the mirror from negative external influences will help the application of a special film on the back of the mirror. This is done after the staining itself.

Application technology

The method of applying the pattern of sandblasting on the mirror surface involves the use of a special stencil, covering a certain part of the mirror. In the next step, it is necessary to treat the open area with fresh air, which contains a large percentage of quartz sand. From this point on, all unprotected parts will acquire a matte texture.

As soon as the image is transferred to the surface, it must be treated with a protective solution. When dry, it resembles a polymer film. This technology protects any glass or mirror surface, while not making it dull and dull.

Drawing for your interior, you can choose in accordance with the finished samples, patterns of the company or store in which you apply. There is an opportunity to prepare individual sketches, the most non-standard images that are so easy to implement with the help of professionals. To paint in such a way, you can separate parts of the wardrobe mirror, create laconic patterns, or completely fill the available space. On the doors of the closet will always look like pop art prints,floral motifs and any figured drawings.

High-quality processing of a furniture set will allow you to arrange the room as best as possible. In the children's room will be relevant multi-colored matte pattern. Thus, you will avoid visible stains and marks from the small, curious pens of your child. With an exclusive 3D print, they will not be so clearly visible.

You can place such art not only on the closet, but also on a separate mirror, dressing table and other furniture with transparent surfaces. Refined matte images can be simple, strict. Fantasy themes, original patterns of national themes, oriental motifs, etc. look excellent on glass. You will also be able to portray a real story that will bring a zest to the interior of a classic, avant-garde, retro-style. Create a real illusion that increases the visual space, brings a special mood into the overall surroundings of the room.

Even if you do not use volumetric elements, the appearance of the “sandblasted” picture will be an excellent solution, a source of inspiration. It will allow to get involved in looking at small details, develop fantasy, especially suitable for children.

How to choose?

There are several types of sandblasting, ranging from color to deep. The easiest method is the usual processing technology, standard, single-jet. The matte image can be complemented by engraving, pouring from glass enamel, grinding.

Deep sand blasting involves the application of a multi-layered pattern with a special rub-in of a hydrophobic composition. This method is called curly, three-dimensional printing. Between the glass creates stunning "pictures", characterized by durability and practicality. In this case, the glass thickness should be at least 6 mm.

You can also use prints with the effect of glossy shine, flicker, crystal overflow. Use for this special dyes. When choosing a technique of drawing pictures, pay attention to its complexity. That it will affect the final cost of finishing work.

Any mirror façade will instantly transform with thematic images in the spirit of the interior itself. Loft, vintage, rustic and other compositions can be complemented by acrylic painting, engraving, stained glass and other decorative "techniques."


Thanks to modern technology, you can print on any surface using the most unexpected materials, such as quartz sand. Depending on what style of interior you prefer, depends not only the choice of upholstered furniture, tiles, plastic panels, decorative accessories, but also prints. They can be placed both along the wall, on the floors, on the ceilings, and on the mirror of the door of the sliding-door wardrobe, the facades of the furniture set, and textile elements.

The sandblasting method of drawing pictures offers a tremendous variety of different images: graphic, animalistic, plot, floristic, patchwork techniques, etc. Recent trends “put” abstract and newspaper prints on top of popular ones.

Flower ensembles

Literally a must have in the decoration of wardrobes of bedrooms, living rooms turned out to be a print in the form of small and large colors. A reference to the style of the 60s. will be a groovy floral pattern. For a child's room, you can perform it in a cartoon style.

Increasingly in the interior decor you can find botanical print. Flowers are more like textbook illustrations, concise, and restrained. To dilute the classic atmosphere in the house, you can use tropical patterns (flowers, animals, birds, etc.). They will also complement the decor of Oriental, Arabic or Japanese style.

Images of sakura and any other tree effectively make out the delicate style of the bedrooms. Sandblasting method of drawing a picture in this style will ennoble the room, bring plot and theme to the most boring decor. If you are striving to achieve a loft-style, urbanistic atmosphere in the room, you are fans of modern fusion, modern, industrial, draw a city on the doors of wardrobes or furniture facades. Let it be some "retreat" of your romantic nature, seeking adventure. A French Avenue, a panorama of Tokyo Street or a piece of the native city will bring into the entourage of the bedroom, living room its “note”.

Tribal or Aztec print is still fashionable. You can “decorate” mirror furniture with various zigzags, waves, circles and sharp triangles. The same geometric definition will give an African pattern. On the mirror, it's time to paint a fiery red sunset or blue-lilac twilight in the savannah. It is possible to add an exposition with large flowers, a small strip.

Unusually in the apartments, made in the Scandinavian style will look Fair isle print, especially if the closet will be neatly folded clothes in the same style and with the same drawings.This is a real perfectionist paradise! For Eastern themes, you can draw stylized images of dragons, fish or tiger. To make the interior of the living room more expensive and fashionable, refer to the Arabic style and its figured “applications”, even if they are executed with a haze effect. You can always "decorate" the Arabic ornament in sand, cream or beige tones.

For lovers of the exotic, animalistic variants, prints with leopard, zebra, giraffe, reptiles are suitable. If we are talking about the design of the gym, training room, you can use the camouflage colors of the furniture. Any mirror glass surface will become a reliable canvas for creating incredible artistic compositions.

Interesting solutions in interior design

An excellent solution to transform your square meters will be the original quotes, phrases or slogans. Initially, they were used in modern interior styles, and now they have “moved” to kitsch, eclectic, pin-up, techno, avant-garde, vintage, etc. With this approach, you can control your words, and the house itself will be filled with meaning. Psychologists say that this approach favorably affects the mood of the household, motivates and can even influence the course of events.

Most often sandblasting the mirror surface imitates man-made. Let it look in your individual style as if painted by hand, decorated in batik style. Add a contrasting palette to such an ensemble - and you will receive an original solution for decorating a room.

If you aspire to self-expression, you can use your own sketches, interesting panels that harmoniously decorate the bedroom. It can also be a quality illusion on any material with a smooth surface. The picture can imitate painting on metal, paper, texture of fabric, giving mystery and intrigue. Many people prefer an unusual version of the design of the doors of the wardrobe: creating a stylish portrait in the spirit of the 40s. past era. It can be your silhouettes, successfully “disguised” with the help of quartz sand, effective work of the master.

What are the pictures of sandblasting?

Well on the facade of the furniture set looks marine theme. Stars, shells, reefs, fish and other representatives of the underwater world will "take root" in the seaside, exotic, oriental interiors. The matte texture of the mirror with an individually selected pattern is complemented by discreet and concise rooms, where the finishing is ceramic tiles, vinyl wallpaper.

Sand blasting perfectly combined with any draperies, antique decor elements and materials. Since he “deserved” his popularity against the background of a chipboard, solid wood, then, accordingly, an overabundance of wooden structures in the nursery, living room, in the kitchen will not be in discord with the mirror processing technique.

To achieve intimacy, it is enough to use graphic elements, such as rhombuses, circles or stripes. Such forms to perfection are simple, elegant. They are characterized by monochrome, different textures, the degree of haze. This technique brings peace and aristocracy in any style of interior.

It is not necessary to adhere to exact symmetry, especially when it comes to subjects. Deep semantic load should not “overhang” the room decor. The newspaper style in this case is a neutral solution to the design of cabinet doors.Not only does it fit into the surroundings of the bedrooms, it also brings individuality to the whole room. The same effect is given by all sorts of paintings, photographs, posters, hung on the walls, ceilings or facades of other furniture.

This mirror design technique is combined with parquet flooring, stucco elements. Not worth it will be a potted floor plant next to the closet. Also pay special attention to lighting, which is able to transform the finished drawing on glass.

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