Wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom

The looking glass in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and recuperation. Because the interior here must combine beauty and convenience. A wardrobe with a mirror does a great job with these tasks.

Permanent pluses

From a practical point of view, such a coupe has the main advantage - functionality. And from the aesthetic - attractiveness. After all, the mirror can not only reflect, but also transform the bedroom, creating a unique style. So you need to pay special attention to what will become the facade of the wardrobe. Use the mirror in the bedroom need skillfully.

The mirror can be in its natural form or with decorative processing. There are many ways to diversify the mirror surface - create a stained glass window, apply a sandblast pattern, tint, make a photo printing or laser engraving.

With great reflection

It is interesting to look in the bedroom built-in wardrobes, which look like a mirror wall. All sliding doors are fully mirrored.Or a coupe with a mirror of a standard type - high and strict. Another option - a few large mirror elements on the entire surface of the cabinet are connected into a single canvas.

Small cabinets also look good at the expense of a large mirror. Corner cabinets are advantageous especially in small bedrooms.

But no matter how the mirror is located, thanks to the reflective effect, it blurs the edges of the room and it looks more spacious. The windows will also be reflected, which means there will be more daylight. And even a small bedroom will gain some depth and freedom. Psychologically, in such a room mood rises.

Built-in lighting in the cabinet is always appropriate. Both in the evening and in the afternoon, her soft light will give the bedroom some silence and mystery.

With mirrors of different shapes

The sliding wardrobe is not necessarily fully mirroring. Looks great when only one or two doors with a mirror. It can be issued in the profile frame. The shape of the mirror in this case can be any - square, oval or even irregular. The cabinet will look beautiful, but it will not expand the visual space, as in the previous case.

The situation can be corrected if, for example, a cabinet with a mirror on one door is located opposite a window. Then the light from the window will also double.

With stained glass windows

But always see yourself in the mirror of the rest room, not to everyone's taste. In this case, there are other solutions. Add luxury to the interior bedroom coupe with multi-colored stained glass. The main thing is to choose the color scheme for the overall look of the room.

A peculiar stained glass window is obtained from small pieces of a mirror of various geometric shapes. Thanks to them, you can create some kind of mirror mosaic. In the light, it will create fabulously playful highlights.

In addition, on the facade of the closet compartment mirror part can be combined with glass.


Effectively look tinted mirrors. Lighting will be unusual, depending on the color of tinting. It will be very pleasant to fall asleep in a room with a favorite shade. Color tinting will set the lead to the atmosphere of the bedroom.

With an image

Sandblasting coupes are very popular. It gives the room individuality. By means of the sanding machine the mirror sites are matted. It turns out matte drawings for every taste. Or on the contrary to make a matte background, and leave the patterns glossy.

The drawing is also applied to the back side of the mirror under the amalgam. As a result, the drawing will not be reflected in the mirror, and its surface will be rid of roughness.The image is applied using a stencil. It can be patterns, ornaments, butterflies, flowers, architecture. Or customized.

With photo printing

Original looks photo printing. For example, on a two-door wardrobe there are different pictures - cars of different brands or a raging and calm sea. Or on the whole cabinet sprawled branches of a spreading tree. It turns out quite realistic picture. You can own favorite pictures.

Photo printing is an alternative to stained glass. And more affordable.

With laser engraving

Decorating a mirror with a laser can even be created in a 3D image or inscription. This method is now the most new, applied manually. But it is laser engraving that is now the most expensive.

Regardless of the choice of wardrobe in the bedroom, he will undoubtedly add to the room nobility and singularity. In addition, the room will become brighter and will play a new way in the reflection of the mirror.

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