Sliding wardrobe with a mirror

Features and configurations

For several decades now, the demand for wardrobes on the market has remained steadily high. This is due to the convenience of such a design.

She will easily fit into any room of the house, from a hall to the nursery. Particularly popular are wardrobes with a mirrored facade. Such a design will visually increase the space of the room, “multiply” its lighting, and simply eliminate the purchase of additional mirrors.

Before you approach the design of the facade of the cabinet, you should understand its design. The crucial role here is played by the size of the room and its function.

For example, in the bedroom can be stored clothes, bedding, books, towels, etc., to combine everything in one ordinary closet is not possible.

If the living and sleeping areas are combined, the wardrobe becomes indispensable, such a model will save the maximum useful space with a minimum area and organically fit into any interior.

  • Conventional rectilinear models can have two, three or even four doors, it all depends on the area of ​​the cabinet.

Most often it is installed against the wall, but if necessary it can be an excellent partition between the two zones of the room.

  • Built-in closet feature in a niche wall. Such placement will save the space of the room. Often, built-in wardrobes do not have a floor and roof, and the back and side walls also do not have to be installed. Shelves and other internal structures are attached to a niche wall.
  • With a small room space, you can install a corner mirror cabinet. Such a model can be given a different shape, from triangular to L-shaped.

Look good in mirror design radial corner cabinets.

Furniture of unusual shape always looks extravagant and modern.

The advantage of this design is a special silent mechanism for the movement of external panels and the absence of sharp corners.

  • The sliding-door wardrobe Basia with mirror design is a rather spacious, but compact model with three doors. Usually filled with four shelves and a compartment with a rod. The mirror is located on the central flap and can have a different shape.This model is most often installed in hallways and corridors.

The internal space of the wardrobe is conveniently divided into several zones: for clothes, bedding, documents, books and magazines, etc. The combinations of shelves, drawer cabinets and drawers are endless. Filling and design wardrobe can be standard, and can be supplemented or changed by the customer, this is an additional advantage of this model.

Some internal structures are under great pressure, so you should not save on the material from which they are made. Suitable MDF panels or wood. The bar in the wardrobe compartment and the shelves are attached to the side walls, and if the cabinet is built in - to the walls of the niche.

A wardrobe with a barbell and several shelves for gloves, hats and scarves is perfect for the hallway. You can provide a place in the bottom of the cabinet for storing shoes, so it will not interfere at the entrance. This filling will fit in a compact corner or a conventional 2-leaf, or 3-leaf cupboard with one mirror. Mirror design here can be very useful. You can additionally decorate the mirror with a simple engraved ornament or pattern.

In the living room, a mirror wardrobe can be filled with a compartment with spacious shelves, several compartments with a rod. Drawers are very convenient, in them various documents, linen or jewelry will be located. It is necessary to provide a special department for home appliances and uvari: iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner.

If the ceilings of the room are high enough, it will not be an easy task to install the cabinet to the full height of the wall. Such models are made to order, the maximum height and width of the cabinet are set by the customer. The top shelves of very tall cabinets can be reserved for storing seasonal clothing, tents or other hiking gear.

In a fairly spacious room it is possible to install 3 or 4-wing wardrobes with different panels. The central place is better to take mirrors, and the side - wood or MDF panels.

There are many configurations of design, if you wish, you can fill the entire facade with mirrors, but such a move would not look appropriate in too small rooms. The fact is that mirrors attract a lot of attention, and a large number of them can put pressure on the psyche.

In the nursery, it is also not necessary to install mirrored wardrobes, it can be dangerous for a little restless.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using a wardrobe with mirrors in the room design will visually enlarge the space, make it lighter. Let it be only a visual effect, but the most real causes a sensation.

Mirror and reflective surfaces always add modernity to the interior. It is difficult to even imagine the modern world without such design items as glass, plastic, mirrors and metal.

In addition, the mirror coating is a wide field for imagination. Decorative engraving, sandblasted drawing, mosaic, toning, various figured combinations of mirrors will complement the interior, make a piece of furniture a real work of art. In addition to simple mirrors, you can use a mirrored surface with a beautiful acrylic pattern or stained glass.

A large mirror on the cabinet panel allows you to look at yourself in full growth and eliminates the need to purchase additional mirrors.

The disadvantage of this design may be the fragility of the material. This problem can be avoided by sticking a special film on the reverse side of the mirror. If damaged, the mirror will split, but will not crumble.

Mirror and glass, unlike other materials, leave traces of fingerprints. In order for the surface to always look beautiful, you should regularly wipe it with a fleece rag and use a special spray to clean glossy surfaces when cleaning.

Carefully approach the choice of the manufacturer of mirror panels. A mirror with defects can spoil any interior. Distorted reflection will look strange and will not give such an effect of expansion of space.

What materials are combined with

The mirror facade of the cabinet may be the most common, but now many companies offer various design options. For example, darkened mirrors look great in the interior. This option is more restrained and in the 3-leaf solution can be supplemented with a conventional mirror or a metallized wood panel. Especially well tinted mirrors with a bronze tint look with noble varieties of wood or leather. Such a combined facade is suitable for a living room, bedroom or office.

The classic combination of wenge cabinets and mirror surface. Wenge - tropical wood.The value of this breed in a beautiful texture and rich dark color. Now, when making facades of wardrobes, often imitation of wenge wood is used with the help of MDF panels.

Looks luxurious closet, the facade of which is covered with leather or expensive fabric, and the combination with mirrors makes it even more attractive.

The built-in top light complements this model well, it will accentuate the shine of the skin and, thanks to the mirrors, will add to the room illumination. In this combination, you can additionally decorate the mirror with engraving.

A frosted mirror will give the interior rigor, but you should not give him the entire facade of the cabinet. You can choose a 3-fold model and perform 2 doors in a matte version and one in a regular mirror. A combination of frosted mirror and wood of bleached oak or wenge will look good. In some interiors, this option looks too simple and it is complemented by sandblast pattern.

The combination of a mirror with a frosted glass looks easy enough. Light transparency will not allow to see specific details of the internal content, but it will look interesting and mysterious.Designers recommend this model to be installed in the bedroom, this will give the interior a calm and concise look.

The combination of a mirror and tinted glass will fit into any interior, if you choose the desired shade of the film. Its application will make the glass opaque.

It will look good facades with panels of mirrors. Pieces of mirrors are laid out in a geometric pattern, but you can use smooth lines. For a geometric pattern often choose mirror plates with fatsety, a special bevel on the edge. Such a "cut" reflects the incoming light and, thus, creates an unusual effect.

Sufficient attention should be paid to the details of the external design. The modules in which the mirrors are inserted should correspond to the interior and not visually weigh down the external structure. In combination of mirrors with light wood and imitation of them, you can choose modules of a light metallic shade.

A brave solution would be bronze, this option looks advantageous in combination with a mirror and frosted glass in green, turquoise and peach shades. In some embodiments, wooden modules look good.

Interior Design Examples

Mirrored wardrobe can be chosen for any interior, it is important only to observe the stylistic features of the room design.

The last few years in the design observed a predominance of style Minimalism. Laconic forms and structures, simplicity of lines and designs make the space more spacious and useful.

The functionality of this style makes it indispensable in modern conditions of a fast flow of life. The closet here is just a necessary detail, it will hide everything that was in sight before, save you from excess and keep your wardrobe items in perfect condition.

The ideal option would be a built-in wardrobe, it will leave room spacious and practically merge with the wall.

In Minimalism, dim and local colors prevail, the palette itself is rather restrained. Materials are selected the most simple and natural, there is no obvious decor.

If the interior is made in bright colors, do not be afraid to choose a dark or even black wardrobe.

A good combination is a mirror surface with frosted glass, a graphite-colored mirror, and noble wood species. As an addition, dividing facades in wooden or metal design will be appropriate.

If you choose tinted glass in addition to mirror surfaces, then shades of light brown, gray, beige and white are suitable, black gloss in combination with a bronze mirror looks great.

For spacious rooms, classic design is perfect. Characteristic features: harmony, symmetry, high-quality materials, a large number of decorative elements, lights and mirrors. Quiet colors prevail: shades of beige, cream perfectly complemented by noble burgundy and brown colors.

The front of the sliding-door wardrobe with mirrors can be supplemented with lacquered wooden panels, and the mirror itself can be decorated with engraving or sandblasting. Vegetative ornaments with round curls perfectly will approach.

A good solution for a closet in the living room with a classic look will be a mirror panel with faceted tiles. Plates with rhombuses or squares of large sizes will do, so the mirror will not break up much and distort the reflection.

Making a modern room in the Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau style is not an easy task. The style is characterized by an abundance of smooth lines, wooden surfaces, stained glass inserts and panels.

Here it is better to choose a small 3-folding wardrobe with one mirrored sash. The remaining two panels can be supplemented with glass stained glass windows or wooden lacquered panels. The central mirror is better to choose a wooden carved frame of smooth oval shape. Colors for stained glass is better to choose pastel: turquoise, peach, shades of blue and pink. For the image fit flowers and trees with ripe fruits. This wardrobe will look like a real work of art, and please the eye of the owners and guests of the house.

New York style or loft has become very popular in our time. There are large studio rooms, combined areas: living room + kitchen, outdoor wall decoration.

The wardrobe in such a room can be a functional zone separator. The mirror panel will complement the wooden sash, carelessly painted in the colors of the surrounding interior. Here shades of brick, violet, bright turquoise will do.

The built-in and case models will look equally good, and the layout is better to choose a simple linear one. It is better to refuse the design and mirrors with engraving and replace them with decorative inscriptions on the painted facade.

The next style of advanced technology is Hi-Tech. The design here is replete with plastic, chrome-plated metal, mirrors and glass.

Interior items most often retain the color of the material from which they are made. Glossy floors and furniture surface, metal structures, stretch ceilings, unusual and fancy shape of furniture.

This style also implies the preservation of free space and a closet compartment is needed here.

An excellent solution would be a glossy surface and glass graphite tinting.

Tinted translucent glass with dividing stripes will look modern.

As in Minimalism, in Hi-Tech, any patterns and engravings are excluded.

You can experiment with the shape of the facade, curved lines look very unusual.

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