Three-folding wardrobe

Cabinets with three doors have become commonplace. Meanwhile, in the XVIII century (it was then that they began to make such constructions for the first time) only people with wealth could afford them. For the manufacture of such furniture used wood elite varieties. As an ornament, wood carving, ivory and even precious stones were used.

However, progress, as is known, does not stand still, and for the production of modern furniture using various materials. In addition to wood, it can be metal, plastic, and glass - a list of them can be very long.

As a storage system for clothes and other things a three-folding wardrobe is a perfect fit. It can be placed anywhere. At the entrance to the house with, he will take your coat into his hospitable arms, and hide skis and sledges from prying eyes. In the closet located in the bedroom, in addition to clothes and shoes, you can store bedding. Order a three-fold wardrobe with a niche for TV, and it will decorate your living room.And if you have a studio apartment, put a mirror cabinet in the entire height of the room and divide the space into zones using it.

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  • Having a large capacity, three-folding wardrobes of the coupe system do not seem huge and awkward.
  • Such a cabinet can be ordered by an individual design, and you can pick up all the components and make a storage system with your own hands. In this case, the assembly and manufacture will cost less to order.
  • a cabinet with a mirror on the door visually expands the boundaries of the room, which is important in the case of its small size.

Built-in wardrobe

The wardrobe, which is part of the wall, looks elegant and natural. It is a continuation of the room and makes the space cozy. At will doors of a case can be made in the same design, as interroom doors.

Corner cabinets should be made according to individual sizes. In this case, the furniture will take place exactly as much as it was planned and not a centimeter more. The forms of such cabinets can be triangular, trapezoidal, having 5 walls, or in the shape of the letter “G”. Rarely and by individual orders, three-door wardrobes perform radius type.This is due to the complexity of manufacturing, high cost of the project and the unreliability of such a design. But the corner wardrobe with standard forms will be a good find for small spaces.

Three-door roller door system is often installed in the wardrobe. Most often, these cabinets are u-shaped and occupy the entire part of the room - from wall to wall.

Mansard wardrobes are made to order for rooms where there are beveled corners between the walls and the ceiling, protruding beams, non-standard window openings and other spaces from the traditional geometry of the room. As an option, in such rooms, a wardrobe with a mezzanine, storage shelves, separated from the main cabinet space by doors, will fit very well. For the attic room, you can also buy a ready-made wardrobe, and you can make or order the mezzanine yourself. It will cost much less than an individual cabinet project.

The length of the three-door cabinets - coupe is usually 1.5 -2.5 meters. As for the depth or width of the cabinet, there are no standards here - it can be anything. The design of the cabinet with three sliding facades is such that only one door can be opened at a time.In various models of cabinets, the filling system can only be internal or with attached external modules. Cabinet cabinets can be a single whole, divided by partitions, or consist of several modules, each of which has a sliding facade. Prefab cabinet model is more expensive, because the consumption of materials for it increases, and a solid cabinet will be less costly for materials, and, consequently, for the price. If the floor in the room where the cabinet will be installed is uneven, it is installed on an adjustable podium. Also, the cabinet can be located on its own basis.


There are two types of furniture lighting. The first type is independent light sources. They can be selected after purchase and installation of the cabinet. This may be, for example, one or more table lamps, located at the top. If the cabinet has a cornice, you can attach lamps to the clothespins to it. And you can just put a garland on top or LED strip.

The second type of lighting for cabinets is built-in. It is envisaged at the design stage of the cabinet. The kit may include up to several copies.As a rule, this is a whole lighting system with its switches, light elements, sockets and often even control panels.

If the depth of the cabinet is large enough, then additional lighting can be installed inside the cabinet. To save electricity and increase the life of the light bulb, you can put lights with motion sensors.

Looks very impressive wardrobe with a mirror on the door, equipped with a top light. Reflected in the mirror surface of the cabinet light bulbs give twice as much light.

How to choose

Internally, the contents of cabinets with three doors consists in part of shelves, withdrawable and (or) retractable whole drawers and separate storage boxes, as well as a compartment for a bar on which hangers for clothes are hung. You can add functionality to the cabinet by filling it with additional accessories - mesh baskets, holders for ties and belts, etc.

Depending on where the cabinet will be installed, it is necessary to plan and fill it. For the closet in the hallway, playing the role of a locker room, it is important that there is enough space for outerwear.

If you are planning a wardrobe in the bedroom, consider where the bedding will be stored, and also determine the place for underwear and light clothing. Three-fold wardrobes are indispensable for the matrimonial bedroom - they can be divided into male and female halves.

In the closet for the living room must provide boxes for every small things. Also, cabinets for this part of the housing can have a niche for a TV or home theater, built-in table for a laptop and shelves for CDs and books.

For the wardrobe in the nursery it is important that the child can independently get the thing he needs. This means that it is important to locate the internal content at an accessible level.

As for the materials of the wardrobes, there are also options for reflection. The most budget cabinets are made of chipboard. For models more expensive use MDF and plastic. Furniture made of solid wood is still in fashion and still in value. However, in mass production such cabinets are not common. As a rule, these are exclusive options to order.

Tinted glass, bamboo, eco-leather, and various types of printing are used as decoration for modern cabinets with sliding facades.

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