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The first impression remains forever, so it is important to correctly and beautifully arrange the hallway. The sliding-door wardrobe is exactly that part of the interior, which from the threshold will attract the eyes of the guests. It is very important that the furniture in the hallway takes up as little space as possible, but at the same time it can hold a large number of things. Both of these features has a corner wardrobe.

Types of designs

Currently, choosing a spacious wardrobe for the hallway is very simple. There are a lot of variants of corner designs, they have only a few differences, but they cope equally well with their purpose.

Angles. Internal or external?

Mostly in apartments there is a standard layout, therefore in the hallway the near angle to the door is always internal. There are only a few exceptions that are found in private homes or luxury apartments.

In the "Khrushchev" with an internal angle can be installed as a regular corner cabinet, and an open rack.If the corner is internal, then the wardrobe is swept away immediately, although it is quite possible to make something similar to order. But more often in such cases open shelves and stands with hangers are installed.

Module types

There are several designs of corner wardrobe:

  • Triangular wardrobe. Very rarely used because of its bulkiness. Effectively fill the internal space of such a structure is very difficult.
  • Pyatistenok. The back wall is as close as possible to the shape of the corner, and the side panels are perpendicular to the wall. This form is considered the most convenient, because the inner space of such a module is filled fairly easily.
  • Trapezoid module, can be either with a beveled corner or with a rounded corner. It is an original independent design. Due to the fact that the side models have a non-standard position, to place next to other furniture is inefficient.
  • Corner hall in the shape of the letter "G". Fits very well into the corner. Very convenient model in terms of filling, but the capacity is much lower than the previous models.
  • Radial wardrobe. This option has rather complicated forms, as it can combine a variety of details: a chest of drawers, a banquette, etc.The radial design can be both convex and curved, and the first and second versions look quite stylish. Such a construction should not be put into a small hallway, therefore it is used quite rarely in standard apartments.


The main advantages of corner structures are as follows:

  • Spaciousness. Corner cabinets have a variety of dimensions, from small to large enough, so you can “stuff” into the hallway a lot of things.
  • Ergonomic. Despite the large dimensions, the corner wardrobes fit even into small sizes, leaving space around them. Visually increase the space helps design with a mirror inside or outside.
  • Multifunctional. Due to the various filling corner wardrobes allow you to place inside yourself a variety of things. Shelves, drawers, hangers - the main parts of the internal space of the corner design. Also, some models have open shelves on which you can arrange a variety of items not related to the wardrobe: hairbrushes, cosmetics, flowers, etc.
  • Versatility.The diverse design of the corner cabinets allows you to place designs in any room, regardless of the stylistic solution of the interior. As for the hallway, then pick up the closet for her is very simple, since the main thing is to choose a closet to match the walls and floor covering.

How to choose

Corner wardrobe - the perfect solution for any hallway. With its help, an uncomfortable corner is hidden, but in its place a maximum of space appears that can be filled with a variety of things from a family wardrobe. The choice of angular structures is quite large, so it is very important to decide before buying exactly which model is suitable for your hallway.

Basic requirements that must be met by the purchased design:

  • The form. The corner cabinet has an angle in any case, but each design has its own nuances, for example, height and depth.
  • Dimensions. Be sure to measure the height before purchase, as well as the distance of both walls to the angle in which you plan to put a wardrobe.
  • Spaciousness. Sometimes too large cabinets can hold much smaller things than compact modules, due to improper occupancy with storage accessories. Carefully review the cabinet for the presence of drawers, hangers and shelves. It is not very convenient to store things in one heap.

Versatility is the main feature of the corner structures, due to which wardrobes fit into a variety of interiors.

The model range of modules, made in the form of an angle, is quite wide. Want to find something original? Then feel free to study the options for internal and external design.


There are several options for the exterior of the wardrobe for the hallway:

  • Mirror. A simple and practical way to decorate the hallway and visually expand a small room. There are options both with fully mirrored doors, and with a separate built-in mirror inside or outside the module.
  • Stained glass window. With the help of the original glass cloth, the room acquires its own zest. With the help of multi-colored pieces on the surface of the closet you can put the whole picture.
  • Photo printing. With this modern technology, you can draw absolutely any pattern on the mirror surface. The original radial corner wardrobe with photo printing creates a unique style and comfort in the hallway.
  • Sandblast drawing. Like the previous version, this design method allows you to draw on the glass a variety of images. Only in this case the reflectivity of the glass is almost always preserved, with the exception of matte surfaces.
  • Finishing with natural materials. Modern designers adorn the facade of corner wardrobes with various materials: leather, bamboo, rattan, etc. With the help of such decorations in the room reigns unique comfort and homely warmth.

Internal equipment

From the internal filling depends on how much and what can be put in the closet. Corner wardrobes are usually put in the hallway in order to lay out seasonal shoes, outerwear and hats. Therefore, the inside of the corner module should have boxes, pantographs and shelves, respectively. Additional drawers will be useful, in which you can put gloves and mittens.

10 a photo


Corner wardrobe - not a cheap pleasure. The main indicators of pricing - material and size. In second place is the design and manufacturer (domestic or foreign).

Relatively small designs with a classic design can be purchased for quitereasonable price not exceeding 10-12 thousand. The model from this category will perfectly fit into a small or narrow hallway. Larger designs are an order or two higher. If we give preference to the original corner cabinets with mirrored doors or with stained glass, the cost will differ significantly from the first category.

If the dimensions of your hallway differ from the standard sizes, or you want to realize your ideas, you can make a corner cabinet according to individual parameters.

This option is not for everyone, as it will hit your wallet a lot, but the result will definitely please you.


Even before the purchase, many are thinking, but will one or another corner cabinet enter their hallway?

Solving this problem is quite simple, knowing the sizes of the most popular corner structures:

  • Height. From 200 to 240 cm.
  • The length of the upper shelves ranges from 120 cm to 135 cm.
  • Cabinet depth reaches 60 cm.

If you order a wardrobe according to your own sketches, then its dimensions can be completely different.

What are wardrobes made of?

The most common materials for furniture in the hallway:

  • Chipboard. The most popular material in the production of very different furniture, including corner cabinets for the hallway.Without decor, chipboard sheets have an unpresentable appearance; therefore, they are usually sealed with a special film or veneer made of natural wood. The most affordable and cheap material for the corner wardrobe.
  • Wood; The most environmentally friendly natural material for the production of safe corner structures. Wardrobes made of wood fit into different interiors, but most often they are installed in classically decorated apartments. Natural wood in the composition of the furniture emphasizes the consistency and good taste of the owners, since the angular structures of it are quite expensive for the average resident.
  • MDF. Fiber boards are much cheaper than natural wood, as they have fine pressed chips in their composition. Angular structures of all kinds are made of cheap material. MDF does not need a special decor: you can simply paint the slab in the desired color to get quite beautiful furniture.

Do it yourself

You can collect anything yourself, if you do not have patience and diligence, and you have the right instruction at hand. Corner wardrobe is no exception.

First you need to find the most convenient place for future construction. Then you can take the necessary measurements. The following actions are the purchase of materials, the most accessible of which is the sawn chipboard. You will also need to buy bolts, screws and other accessories for fastening wooden panels and shelves among themselves.

Alone, it is possible to assemble a full-fledged corner structure, but this will take a lot of time. In addition, the wardrobe for the hallway is large-sized furniture, so it’s better to assemble with a friend.

The work process is not particularly time consuming and consists of three stages:

  • The primary assembly, which is to mount the panels to the walls and the floor with metal guides, as well as the installation of doors. It is very important to make the right measurements so that nothing falls off and creaks.
  • Internal filling. This stage consists in fixing shelves or drawers. Depending on what you want to put in the closet, you will need shelves or drawers. Shoe shelf is located on the entire length of the cabinet at the bottom. And before the very top panel, you can measure 30 centimeters and install another shelf, but already designed for headgear.The boxes can be located both at the bottom and at the top, if you plan to put a variety of small things in them.
  • Fittings fasteners. At this stage, you need to fasten hangers and hooks, on which you can later hang outerwear, scarves and scarves. If desired, you can fasten decorative handles.

If you do everything carefully, you can build a good corner wardrobe without extra costs. In addition to self-installation, you can decorate the corner structure in any way, without the help of experts: paint, self-adhesive decorative film, mirror, etc.

Corner wardrobe - an original and multifunctional element of the interior. Most often, a similar design is ordered for placement in the hallway. A variety of models is such that you can purchase an angular module for a room with a variety of dimensions. It does not matter what form your hallway is: narrow, rectangular, non-standard, etc., it is easy to find a suitable model for your apartment in the modern furniture market.

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