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In the modern world there are no problems with the purchase of furniture, there would be money. The choice is really huge, often near the shelves of customers just run up. However, to find high-quality, inexpensive, functional and practical, and most importantly, beautiful furniture you need to really try. A comfortable corner wardrobe in the bedroom will meet all your expectations!

Features and benefits

This furniture is indispensable in almost every home, it will significantly save space in the apartment. A huge selection of colors under the tree will organically fit into any interior and will delight you for a very long time, because the quality of this furniture is so high that its service life is almost eternal.

In the bedroom, this wardrobe will create a cozy atmosphere, next to it a soft armchair and a dim lamp perfectly fit.

It will suit both creative individuals and sophisticated pedants. To the pluses, you can add more and composite facades, which saves space in the room.


Versions and types of corner cabinets are many - there are radial, elegant and graceful, there are also semicircular - they look like furniture created specifically for perfectionists. Most often, such two-door wardrobes with a mirror either inside or outside. Everything is done so that such furniture was comfortable to use.

Despite its unusual shape, the corner wardrobe remains functional and roomy. For radius versions of this furniture there are two different planning systems: upper-hung and lower-fixed. In the first embodiment, the guide is attached to the wall, in the second - to the floor.

For the manufacture of such furniture is always used only high quality materials and quality fittings.

It is also convenient that such cabinets are always made together with a chest of drawers, which gives them even greater capacity.

Mirror doors will expand the space and help make the room brighter and more spacious. In practice, often in the manufacture of custom-made uses a variety of interior styles, which makes such cabinets special and even unique.


The variety does not end there. Corner wardrobes can be both small and very large.For medium-sized bedrooms, small models are recommended, such that only your casual clothing is included.

The maximum width of the cabinet should be up to 3000 mm, which will give it a neat appearance and external severity.

It also occupies relatively little space because it has sliding doors and does not need space for opening and closing.

Sliding wardrobes gradually become more and more popular among ordinary people. It is often terribly difficult to find the right size, but this is not the most important.

Color solutions

We suggest you to consider the main options of colors and shades for wardrobes. The choice of color depends on the purpose of the room. For classic options, plain solutions are better suited. For children's bedrooms very often use bright monochromatic colors in various combinations. Russian manufacturers provide a wide selection of chipboard decors, which are divided into three main categories: monochromatic, woody and fantasy. For an adult bedroom, calm shades of milk oak and white bronze are best suited.

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Furniture design is diverse, but so is the choice of materials. Chipboard - is the most common and at the same time inexpensive material, which is very important for the not very wealthy category of furniture buyers. Especially this type of wood is used in the manufacture of wardrobes. This choice is quite simple to explain, because there are a lot of advantages in using chipboard. These include durability, durability, easy maintenance, safety in operation, as well as resistance to moisture and very low temperature.

There are several types of laminated chipboard, which can be both familiar to everyone and made under wood, and glossy and even embossed.

How to choose

A very pressing problem today is the lack of space for furniture in the apartment. Then the corner wardrobe came to the rescue and it really saves space in your bedroom.

First you need to decide on the place where there will be a closet.

The best quality for children's furniture is, of course, a safe arrangement in the room. Also, the choice of what the ibebel for the baby will be made of should be taken very, very seriously.The cabinet should not be dangerous for allergy sufferers and should not emit absolutely any odors, otherwise it will have to be simply thrown away.

When choosing a closet to the parents' bedroom, the safety of its construction becomes an important detail. Make sure there are no sharp corners. All bulging particles, bumps and edges should be smoothed out. If you install a cabinet with mirrored doors, make sure that they are truly durable. We advise you to choose models on the surface of which a protective PVC film is used. It significantly increases the shock resistance of the glass and prevents the fragments from scattering if you accidentally break it.

In any case, the closet should be spacious and fit perfectly into your bedroom.

It should be a lot of departments, it should be functional and comfortable.

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Internal filling

Inside the closet, you can notice a reliable mounting shelves, aided by metal reinforced screed. Because of this, the shelves withstand a lot of weight and evenly distribute the load. The edging of details in such furniture really does not cause to doubt the quality of the whole structure.The shock-resistant edge 2 mm thick protects from blows and damages.

The internal module with drawers also allows you to fit into the closet a very large amount of clothing and other items needed by the owner of this valuable item.

They withstand loads of up to 50 kg, and the excellent installation and soft, silent closing will amaze you from the very first minutes of use.

How to do it yourself

First you need to conduct a preliminary measurement with an accuracy of one centimeter. Based on the data, draw a sketch of the future wardrobe. Measurements are made with an accuracy of three millimeters, here everything is not so conditional, so you need to round down. For doors, we measure the external height and width of the niche, as they may differ from the internal.

Assembly of the cabinet begins with one of the side sections.

Then the amplifier is installed for stability and rigidity of the structure. After that we put decorative caps on those screws that will be unavailable after the installation of subsequent parts. Then we put the shelves and gradually collect all the sections. After installation of the internal structure and frame, sliding doors are installed,which are responsible for the appearance and ergonomics of the cabinet.

Cost of

The price of cabinets can vary from a rather small to a very impressive amount. It depends on many factors, such as size, texture, material, delivery, individual / custom assembly.

These conditions need to be discussed in advance with the representative of the seller, from whom you purchase a corner wardrobe.

Modern ideas in interior design

If you wish to purchase a bright corner cabinet, then you should pay attention to the color "beech" or "milk oak". These shades are “warm” and will be an excellent alternative to create a tube atmosphere of comfort in your home. For lovers of all black fit "Italian nut" and "zebrano." Much, of course, depends on your personal tastes concerning the interior.

For example, you can decorate the cabinet doors with your own hands. This will be a truly creative and extraordinary approach to changing the situation of the apartment. Also, the Decoupage technique will look great with furniture of this kind. It will organically fit into the design of the room.

Bright cabinets always look great in a bright interior, decorate it, make the room more spacious and brighter.The red wardrobe is perfect for the colors of dark wood, located on the walls. Remember that the most natural colors of wood are relevant now, as, indeed, everything in general is natural and natural.

When the apartment is small and the issue of storage rises, the corner wardrobe helps a lot in such seemingly hopeless situations. Such a model will save a decent amount of space, located in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, there is one significantly BUT: you need to find a suitable angle without heating devices.

Also in the bedrooms look great radius vintage models that give the room some kind of mystery and even a romantic atmosphere. Large cabinet doors visually expand the room. Popular is also popular furniture with a niche for the TV.

Corner furniture options have virtually no drawbacks.

They allow you to beautifully equip a room with any layout and the most unusual and even ridiculous design.

In addition to the cabinet itself, you can use additional elements that will decorate your new furniture. Many happy owners of a sliding-door wardrobe are advised to hang small lanterns on it, which are attached to a special ledge.

Buying a corner wardrobe is an excellent reason to review the whole bedroom layout and come up with something new and incredibly interesting.

Since in the bedroom a person spends most of his life, the atmosphere there must be appropriate. This room should be not only comfortable, but also correspond to the status and taste of its owner.

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