Corner built-in wardrobe

Features and benefits

One of the most popular models of cabinets for the home is a corner built-in wardrobe, because it takes up very little space, so it can perfectly fit even into the atmosphere of a very small room. In addition, this design allows you to save space in the room, and, thanks to the installation of a corner built-in closet, you can very functionally take the free corners of your room.

It fits perfectly both in the corner of the children's room or the hallway, and in another, more spacious room, for example, in the bedroom or in the living room. Having correctly selected the filling of the corner built-in closet, you can easily put most of your wardrobe into it, and the cabinet itself will occupy the minimum floor space.

In addition, corner wardrobes are quite small, compared to other, classical models for the entire wall.Built-in corner wardrobe can be placed in absolutely any room where there is a niche. With such an arrangement of the cabinet in the room, you will not see its side walls, since it is fully embedded in the wall, only its doors and other parts of the facade will be visible. Such a cabinet is built in the wall in the simplest way, and then the necessary shelves are placed in it. Then this device is covered with a decorative facade.

This model is very convenient and its installation is very economical, since there are no costs for the side, top and bottom parts of the wardrobe. In addition to the niche, such a wardrobe can be built into the free corner of the room. The only drawback of the device of such a cabinet is that it can be completely devoid of mobility, since such a cabinet is securely installed and therefore it cannot be moved or changed during the repair of the room, the maximum that can be done is to replay the design or change its decor doors.

A feature that distinguishes such a wardrobe from the usual cabinet, in addition to the unusual built-in design, is how its doors are designed. The doors of such a product open to the sides, inside the cabinet itself, so they do not require additional space, unlike the doors of ordinary cabinets.That is why the corner wardrobe can be installed both in a large room and in a small one, in which it will not hide space.

The doors of such a locker, like the ordinary ones, have a rectangular shape and are designed like a canvas, but they move when opened on special rails. The built-in corner wardrobe thanks to the unusual installation of the structure, the angular location and the convenient door arrangement is an excellent design solution, it doesn’t look cumbersome, but it is very spacious and functional.



One of the most voluminous, but popular models is the L-shaped built-in corner wardrobe. This model takes both the walls adjacent to the corner and the corner itself. In such a cabinet, it is better not to install partitions between the edema of the cabinet, because in this case things lying inside will be difficult to access.


Another form variation is the diagonal corner built-in wardrobe. Such a model has the shape of a triangle and therefore occupies the most functional angle and fits very comfortably into it. Such a cabinet provides an opportunity to use the space between the doors or between the windows on the walls adjacent to the corner where the cabinet is located.This model can be installed in any small room, such as a hallway or bathroom. The only disadvantage of such a wardrobe is that in it you will need to install triangular shelves on both sides of the cabinet, as a rule, such shelves are not very spacious.

Trapezoid model

A little more space will be occupied by the trapezoidal model of the built-in corner wardrobe. Having added such a cabinet with mirrors installed on its edges, you can visually expand the space of the room. This is a very interesting solution, which is often used by the owners of small apartments. This cabinet is perfect for installation in the hallway.

Five wall

The most massive model of the corner built-in wardrobe is the five-walled wardrobe. It has a convex shape and therefore protrudes very much from the corner into the room of the room. Such a model of the built-in wardrobe will take up quite a lot of space, therefore it is suitable only for a spacious room with a large area.

Radius cabinet

This kind of corner wardrobe looks very elegant, beautiful and original. Their difference from the usual models of wardrobes is in the original design of the doors.They are called radius due to the curved shape. The flexible lines of the built-in wardrobe look luxurious and therefore such a wardrobe can be a highlight of your living room.

The shape of such an original locker can be very diverse, even rounded. And the shape of the doors can be curved or, conversely, concave inward, curved doors - a very fashionable and unusual design solution for the interior of your home. Radial corner wardrobe can be not just a piece of furniture, but a whole work of art. Due to its rounded shape, this wardrobe has a greater capacity and functionality, compared with other models of corner wardrobes. Due to the convenience and originality of the design of such a cabinet, it would be better to place it in the living room, where it would attract the attention of guests and perfectly decorate the interior of the living room.

Internal filling

Manufacturers of wardrobes provide for a lot of different options for the internal filling of such wardrobes. If you are planning to purchase a ready-made wardrobe, then you can easily choose the necessary filling for you in the form of shelves, depending on the functional purpose of the wardrobe, and also depending on what room you plan to put it.If you purchase such a cabinet to order, you can choose the right number of shelves that you can make individually for you.

The hardest thing is to choose the content for the trapezoidal and diagonal corner wardrobes, since the shape and location of the shelves inside them must match the shape of the cabinet. In such models of the closet compartment shelves are usually installed on the sides. But then, thanks to this unusual form of a built-in criminal case, you can equip it with shelves for long narrow things, for example, for reeds or umbrellas. It is also necessary to provide a cross bar for hangers.

When choosing the filling, it is important to consider in which room the corner built-in closet will be located.

When purchasing such a model of a wardrobe for location in the hallway, please note that, first of all, it will be designed for storing outerwear and shoes in it, shelves and hangers for which you better provide in the required quantity. If you plan to place a built-in wardrobe in the corner of the living room or bedroom, it will not need to do a lot of hangers for outerwear, you must place the shelves for the necessary things in everyday life.Filling a built-in corner wardrobe can include, in addition to shelves, various drawers for small items, large drawers for bedding and other linen or a basket for things.

For living room

It is very important to choose an angular built-in wardrobe for the living room, because, unlike such a wardrobe for a hallway or dressing room, this interior item should not contain clothes and shoes, but completely different objects. Such a wardrobe model should have special open shelves and compartments for TV, audio devices, as well as closed compartments for books, souvenirs or crystal glassware. Corner built-in closet is a very indispensable thing for the living room, because thanks to the sliding doors you can hide your personal belongings from prying eyes and open the shelves with beautiful statuettes and dishes for viewing.

The angular location and the built-in design are especially convenient for the living room, because, as a rule, the living room is the largest room in the house, so the closet for it should also be quite large, and this model can be very functional with its size and not take up extra space in living room.Corner built-in wardrobe for the living room is best to choose a symmetrical design, since it will look lazy harmoniously. You can dim and stylishly decorate it depending on the interior of the hall where it is located.

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