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The versatility of such furniture as a wardrobe, in its versatility: it is a dressing room, and a closet, and if desired - and a study. The dimensions of the wardrobe and its configuration will depend on its purpose. The most in demand in the furniture market today, thanks to its maximum capacity and functionality, is an angular wardrobe.

Features and benefits

The peculiarity of the corner wardrobe is that it has quite impressive dimensions, but at the same time it is very compact. It occupies one corner in the room without cluttering the room and completely coping with its purpose.

On sale today, you can choose a model of any size, depending on what dimensions of the room they are designed. There are, for example, cabinets of this type for a spacious living room, and there is - for a close hallway.

The corner cabinet is designed in such a way that the space turns out to be equipped in the best way, there are no sharp corners, and there is a lot of space for other needs.This is very valuable for the children's room, there the corner wardrobe will be simply irreplaceable furniture.

The advantages of a corner wardrobe include its ability to improve the aesthetic perception of the interior, soften the room's length and give it the usual comfortable outlines.

About design features

First of all, such furniture is divided into built-in and cabinet. Cabinet furniture - the one that is sold in the store, and built-in furniture ordered exactly the size of a particular room. The built-in closet has no ceiling, no walls, or rather, its roof and side racks serve as the ceiling of the room and its walls. In this case, everything is done in full accordance with the wishes of the customer.

And the cabinet model is a complete wardrobe and all the set relying for its assembly. If such furniture is suitable for your room, then you can buy and ready, but not - then only by individual order. The shape of the facade angular wardrobes differ not only standard rectangular, but there are also semi-circular, concave and convex - for any style of the room.


Built-in wardrobe, the facade of which is attached to the structures of the room, is a stationary structure and is distinguished by its cost-effectiveness.Its only drawback is that it cannot be moved anywhere. And another thing: for the built-in structure it is very important that all surfaces of the room to which it is attached are even. Otherwise, the whole structure will skew and the sliding doors will not be able to work normally.

The corner terminal, as well as the cabinet furniture, has all its own: the ceiling, walls and floor. If the corner wardrobe is with a mirror, it will not only serve in its intended purpose, but also expand the space. Cabinet furniture of this kind differs from the usual one in that it has sliding doors and occupies its entire height in the room, and therefore it is assembled at home, because assembled it simply would not pass through the front door.

Structure and types

There are several such types:

The L-shaped cabinet is located between the two walls and occupies an angle between them.

Modern wardrobes, diagonally made, resemble a triangle in their shape. Suitable for a small room and "eat up" part of the space bounded by two doors or windows of adjacent walls.

The round corner wardrobe, and in another way, radial, has a non-standard concave shape of the flaps or convex.Usually in the convex models provided mirror wardrobe, unless of course, it is obtained by the size of the room and closet.

Trapezoidal. Corner wardrobe-trapezoid on the area slightly larger than the diagonal.

In the five-wall cabinets it is much more convenient than in other types to use the internal space.

Ordinary straight designs already surprise no one, and today there are models that have a semicircular design (radius). In this case, the space of the room can be used most efficiently. Differ in convenience of use and the L-shaped case, and trapezoid. And the most inconvenient of all is the triangular wardrobe.

Shelves in it are located on both sides, and their capacity is small. The middle of such a cabinet will remain empty, because the content in this case will be arranged along the walls.

Corner wardrobe can be both with a closed corner element and open. And if your facades are open, you should always take care that there is no clutter, because it will spoil the appearance of the room.

If the corner wardrobe is in the nursery, in which several children live, then it should be with a section for each of them.A model with a computer desk will also be relevant here.

The modular corner wardrobe will allow you to show your design skills when you install a separate module at your discretion.

Today, developers are encouraged to move away from the usual 90 degrees in the design of corner wardrobes and order asymmetric models. Such a cabinet will have a fresh and interesting look, will change the shape of the room itself and “break” its corners. Due to the different size of the angles in such an asymmetrical cabinet, designers have ample opportunities for each room to have a unique look.


The production material is traditional - wood, chipboard and MDF. The percentage of use of wood is small due to its large weight and high cost. Basically, they use laminated chipboard, its price is more democratic, and the colors are presented in many variants.

Such a material can be an imitation of a wooden coating, rattan and so on, or it can be simply a one-colored surface - glossy or matte. In addition, the lamination of chipboard can occur with the help of films with a graphic image or plant.

Radial technology is always possible - rounded corners. Make such a wardrobe of MDF, which are best suited for this purpose. MDF can also be laminated and the colors have the same large selection.

Color solutions

When choosing a color, you should keep in mind the overall picture of the interior of the room, and the furniture should be in harmony with a hint of wallpaper in it, with the ceiling and with textile products. Decide on the place where the corner wardrobe will be located and decide whether it should be the center of attention or vice versa, disguised as the general tone of the room.

A universal color that suits any home environment is considered white. This, above all, is guaranteed to expand the visual space, and then - pure white, like a white sheet of paper, will allow you to create design ideas in interior design without any restrictions. A white matt wardrobe is an ideal place in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the living room and even in the kitchen.

Assembly and dimensions

The simplest when assembling a corner wardrobe is the height of the product - under the ceiling. But as for the other parameters, they will have to be calculated.For example, for a diagonal cabinet with a triangular cross section, the minimum for the length of the sides of the right angle will be 110x110 cm. If you take less, the volume will be too small, but some are satisfied and the wall can take 100 cm, or even less.

From such dimensions (see drawing), mass projects originate, although they have the right to life and calculations with small dimensions (80 cm on one side):

In the case of a small length of the walls, which are adjacent to the corner, the L-shaped construction will suit, at least one of the walls should be at least 120 cm, the second one is allowed less.

For a small room, the L-shaped model will also be the best option. It is not too massive, and takes up little space. To assess the future of the interior, make sketches of all cabinets in the room diagram, and then calculate the area that remained.

Corner wardrobe optimal size will have dimensions of 1000x1000 (450) x2400.

On the depth of wardrobes

Two sizes are considered normal: 60 cm and 45 cm, at least 40 cm in depth. If the cabinet is 60 cm wide or more, a crossbar is installed in the cabinet, and then the entire height will be used - up to the ceiling itself. If the model is smaller, then you will have to use a special bar, on which the clothes will hang parallel to the door.After all, the width of the hangers is standard - 55 cm and they simply won't fit in a narrow closet.

How to choose

In the room of a small square, you can install two corner wardrobes at once and thus visually expand its space. And even more original than it will make cabinets with a concave facade. The lighting solution is also of considerable importance for close spaces. With this question can help LEDs on the cabinet in the form of overhead lights and light bulbs.

In the hall the best choice would be a wardrobe with a round shape. It looks beautiful, and is roomy and large, and multi-functional. And its smooth outlines will create an original design in the hall. They will fit into a large room and models of the concave-convex type - combined.

An excellent choice for the room in which the baby grows, will be a corner closet. There is a place on the shelves to accommodate all the toys, and if you try, then from this corner you can even make something like a toy town. And the upper shelf, inaccessible to children, is always at the disposal of parents who can identify there those items that are rarely used.

For the nursery, you can pick up a variety of models: facadeCorner wardrobe in the nursery can be painted in different colors or decorated with pictures from your favorite cartoons.

Cabinets for an attic with compartments that have sloping doors, although very aesthetic, but their manufacturers offer infrequently - it is likely that the bevel angle on the cabinet elements will turn out to be wrong.

In this regard, for the attic, usually the doors are made ordinary - rectangular, and all the bevels are already in place, the fitters adjust on large sheets of chipboard, covering all the bevels on the elements.

The wardrobe for the attic is most often straight doors and a sloping frame, that is, the wardrobe, which narrows in depth.

For a one-room apartment, an excellent choice would be to buy a cabinet sliding-door wardrobe, which is placed on one or two adjacent walls. It can be placed on the shelves of the equipment of the music center, the plasma, add to the situation a small table and two chairs - and so the wardrobe will become the main place to rest.

Ergonomic filling

When you choose a wardrobe and see that it fits nicely into your interior, do not forget also about its practical purpose.This means that it must be with shelves inside and all the necessary wardrobe accessories.

Modern manufacturers of cabinet furniture offer models of corner cabinets, taking into account the dimensions of the room. So, you with equal success will be able to choose both a spacious corner wardrobe for a large living room, and an option for a small hallway.

The features of corner cabinets can be attributed to their shape, and because of it there are places with inconvenient access, and you still need to use them. There are such places in each model, in one - more, in the other - less, but their competent filling is the skill of internal filling.

Fill the corners

It is difficult to fill in narrow triangles in a diagonal and trapezoidal cabinet. This is a place for shelves, and small things that can be hidden there, there will always be.

Whatever options for filling the corner wardrobe are not thought out by the designer, in the standard layouts shelves are almost always installed. But there are other options such as offices, which fit only something narrow and long: an umbrella or a ski with ski poles. Or there you can nail hooks and hang ties, belts,and also to collect and other trifle.

The rest of the content

When complex places are filled, it will be easier to sort out the remaining space. The main thing is to figure out how many things you have and what places will be placed.

The interior of the wardrobe is usually a three types of filling: shelves, drawers and rails for hangers. It seems that everything is more or less clear with shelves and crossbars, why do we need drawers and do we need them at all, and if so, how many do we need and which ones in terms of volume?

If we are talking about the closet in the bedroom, then the drawers will be needed under the linen. Optimally - three boxes, but you can and more. But in the hallway and in the corridor the boxes are not really needed, except for gloves, keys, a spoon for shoes ... One is enough.

Ideas and models

Conventionally, all variants of wardrobes are divided into ready-made models (those from the store) and built-in (custom). In any case, a custom model will always be better. A purchased wardrobe may not reach the ceiling a little, and a customized one will be built in right under the ceiling itself, and it looks much more attractive. Great idea - beautiful built-in wardrobes, if desired, they can be completely invisible, for this, their design should merge with the interior of the room.

The interiors of the corner wardrobe can be arranged differently, again, it depends on the idea that the customer will offer the manufacturers: how many shelves there should be, what type, how many and which rods (stationary or retractable), a place for trousers, for boxes and etc. Special ideas can also be about internal fittings and mechanisms that also affect how effectively and conveniently the cabinet will be used.

Cost of

How much this or that model of the corner wardrobe will cost depends on the choice of material for the facade, on the chosen profile color and on what additional components are present.

Before placing an order, you should consider all the factors that as a result will affect the cost of a particular cabinet model:

  • how difficult it will be to manufacture;
  • how long the wardrobe will be made;
  • what material;
  • cabinet dimensions;
  • what company will be engaged in manufacturing;
  • will there be a wardrobe with lighting or without it;
  • selection of accessories.

As for orders, it is worth noting that it is most convenient to do this online. This saves you time and money.

Review of the best models

Corner wardrobes from the company "Ronikon" make the house spacious and comfortable. This company has been on the furniture market for more than ten years, the furniture is very high quality, comfortable, functional and will last for a long time. All this applies to the corner wardrobe from "Ronikon". The demand for them is constantly growing, and this is understandable, because consumers appreciate the comfort and coziness that they create in the house.

The company has offers in the form of standard models of corner-type wardrobes and those that are made to individual orders.

The furniture company "Amati" in the furniture market for the past five years, they know how quite successful. The company produces cabinet furniture and is ready to provide its customers with the opportunity to choose a complete set of furniture for both office space and home furnishing.

Corner cabinets of the Amati company are sold in many Russian stores, and orders are regularly accepted for individual models.

The work experience of the furniture company "Anna" began in February 1992. The quality of the furniture is ensured by the high quality of the equipment working on new technologies. The range of furniture, as well as modern materials,constantly updated and updated.

The process of manufacturing individual models takes place with the constant interaction of designers and customers. In the assortment of the company "Anna": hotel furniture, sanatorium, store, banking, office, kitchen, bedroom sets, furniture for children, for the hallway. Also in a large assortment here are the corner wardrobes of different shapes, different colors and different in size.

In the company "Elena" make kitchen furniture, children's, cabinet furniture for individual orders. In the assortment of corner wardrobes, furniture for the hallway, for the living room, the choice of lifting mechanisms, NDH, particleboard, cut

In this company, furniture is made only from environmentally friendly materials, and components are necessarily fittings that are notable for reliability and durability, which is why “Elena” furniture is always high quality.

The company "Baikal" furniture is made from natural wood. Basically, it is Angara pine and ash. If you talk from the financial side, furniture made from combined materials will be more accessible. The frame, for example, may be Angara pine, and the facade - ash.

"Baikal" undertakes to develop future furniture from arrays of trees, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of its customers.

The company Ramir, which produces modern and high-quality furniture, has been working for more than five years on the furniture market. These are bedroom sets, furniture in a hall, sets for living rooms, kitchen, children's furniture. For the production of furniture, the company uses high quality fittings, as well as the latest imported equipment, thanks to which all operations can be performed accurately and efficiently.

At the head of everything in the company put the joint development of products with customers, taking into account all their wishes and short production time.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Due to the fact that corner wardrobes are mainly made by individual orders, you can come up with a unique design yourself, taking into account all the nuances related specifically to your room.

The whole process consists of choosing a corner for the cabinet, choosing a design and understanding what the cabinet will be made of.

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The corner cabinet is a simultaneous solution to two problems: roominess and compactness.Interesting is the mirror design of the cabinet, glass, with a plot or mixed.

A mirrored corner wardrobe can be an interesting solution for an entrance hall, and for a bedroom with a printed pattern or with frosted glass. In general, frosted glass will decorate any interior, but the drawing should not be too saturated. Interesting solutions are great, but you shouldn’t overload the décor either.

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