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Are there many people who can boast a spacious corridor in the apartment? Most likely, this can be done only by those whose houses were built recently. Owners of apartments in old buildings have to be content with few and convulsively think over where to place all the outerwear so that even a small space does not look cluttered. One of the successful solutions is to install a narrow wardrobe.

Advantages and disadvantages

The wardrobe has long become a familiar and classic furniture for Americans, but in Russia the popularity peak was only in 2000. Nevertheless, the design quickly settled in living rooms, children's rooms and hallways, because the advantages of wardrobes are undeniable:

  • functionality;
  • availability of filling in the form of various storage systems;
  • saving space due to the absence of swing doors;
  • species diversity of hull and embedded models;
  • esthetic look;
  • the ability to visually expand the room with mirrored doors.

Behind the light and graceful doors of the wardrobe, it is easy to hide a large amount of outer clothing and footwear that previously fit on several hooks in a narrow hallway. Agree that behind closed doors wardrobe looks much more attractive, is not it?

However, there is a narrow closet and some drawbacks. So, with an average depth of the cabinet for a small hallway from 40 to 60 cm, 8-10 centimeters of them are occupied by the sliding door mechanism. Accordingly, when planning the filling, it is important to consider that the shelves of a cabinet with a depth of 40 cm are only 30 cm. Another feature that impedes the purchase may be the high cost of the product, especially when the cabinet is custom-made. However, the designers claim that only a cabinet according to individual measures will allow maximum use of every inch of usable space.

Continuing the theme of the cost of a narrow wardrobe, it should be noted that competition among manufacturers is growing today, which means that there are numerous promotional programs and flexible price systems. Thus, to equip your hallway stylishly, today has become a reality accessible to many.


The material for the manufacture of wardrobe in most cases is chipboard or chipboard. Its features include aesthetic appearance, good strength, as well as affordable cost. Mention is also made of the presence of formaldehydes in the composition, which are present in greater quantities in materials with the marking E2.

Speaking of markings, it will be useful to indicate the letter “B”, denoting moisture resistance. The fact is that outerwear and shoes can damage the unprotected surface. In addition, the chipboard surface can be laminated and laminated. The first type is resistant to mechanical damage and retains an attractive appearance for a long time, the second - on the contrary, begins to crumble.

Another material for the production is MDF. The difference with particleboard is the absence of harmful substances in the composition, and consequently, a higher price. There are also wardrobes made of natural wood, however, its cost is much higher than its competitors.

Frames for wardrobes are aluminum and steel. The first option belongs to the category of "luxury", its attachments are invisible, and the weight of the structure is very small, however, this does not prevent it from being durable.Steel also has high strength, but in combination with high weight. Steel rollers are visible to the naked eye and, according to some designers, somewhat rude. On the other hand, steel is inexpensive, and therefore remains a very common material.

The sliding mechanism includes the presence of rollers and rails. They can be fixed below and above. The option that provides long cabinet service is a model with rollers located below. In addition, in high-end cabinets, rollers have ball bearings, which ensures silent opening of doors even in the early morning when leaving for work.

Popular sizes

From the depth and size of the wardrobe depends not only on the spacious space in the hallway, but also the internal content. So, as mentioned earlier, the shelves of today's popular 40 cm deep cabinet are only 30 cm. It is in this area that you must locate:

  • mezzanine;
  • hangers and shelves for clothes;
  • shoe storage system.

It is worth saying that the classic coat hanger for outerwear does not fit on the rod, located along. The best solution will be the end of the rod.The footwear also does not fit strictly in the direction perpendicular to the back wall of the cabinet, therefore, on each shelf there will be 2-3 pairs in a diagonal position. The rest of the seasonal shoes will have to be stored on the mezzanine.

There are more compact versions of the wardrobe with a depth of only 35 cm. Even 5 cm play a great role in a narrow hallway, because here every centimeter is gold-weight. Filling a cabinet of this depth is made up of hooks and small open shelves for shoes and hats. In general, the interior of the cabinet resembles an open hallway, though behind closed doors, its appearance becomes neat and aesthetic.

Today, manufacturers create wardrobes of different depths in accordance with customer requirements. Here you can meet both 45 and 50 cm, however, they will still be considered narrow. The minimum depth of the narrowest cabinet is approved by experts as 35 cm, however, more compact models can also be found. Their functionality is low, because in addition to hooks, nothing can be placed in them.

Leaving for some time the care of saving space, it is important to understand what depth is optimal for the closet with outerwear.So, the standard cabinet depth in the hallway is 60 cm, provided that the hanger width is 44-56 cm. This, at first glance, the optimal depth is refuted by experts, because outerwear adds up to 10 cm to the hanger, which means that the clothes will have to constantly refuel in the closet. The depth of 68 cm is the golden mean of a narrow cabinet in the hallway.


Sliding wardrobe can be:

  • built-in;
  • corps.

Cabinet model practically does not differ from standard cabinets with hinged doors. The difference here is only in the door opening mechanisms. Such a cabinet can be made to order by individual measurements, or already be available in a popular size. It is worth saying that discounts and promotions are more often applied to ready-made models. The advantage of the cabinet is the ability to move it when re-planning the apartment.

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Built-in closet can be in a certain niche in the wall. In some apartments such a place has already been designed during the construction process. If the niche is deep enough closet has no back and side walls. Instead, various shelves are attached to the wall.This model perfectly saves free space and even expands it if the sliding doors are mirrored.

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There is also a half-built wardrobe. This is the name of a model in which there is not at least one wall, for example, the back. The design of such cabinets is exclusively individual, and the cost is not too high, especially if you are engaged in filling yourself.

Departing from the topic of cabinet design, it is necessary to elaborate on the designs. The type and shape of the cabinet is directly dependent on the shape of the corridor, its length, the presence of free corners. So, if the hall has a corner, be sure to fill this space, because corner cabinets are very spacious, and they look very modern and aesthetically pleasing. Among the forms stand out L-shaped and trapezoidal cabinet. The latter has a unique spaciousness.

Luxury corner cabinet can have smooth shapes, be concave and convex. This design transforms the hallway, smoothing the corners and visually expanding the space.

If the corner of the hallway is very small and it is impossible to build a corner wardrobe, pay attention to the wall-to-wall wardrobes. This option is ideal in a narrow long hallway.Even if the depth of the structure will be equal to 40 cm, there will still be a mass of useful things.

Color solutions

The color of the wardrobe plays an important role in creating a harmonious interior. So, it is important to remember the rule of three possible colors in the hallway. For example, if the walls are covered with wallpaper, the ceiling has any shade, and the floor is made of laminate, the best solution would be to combine the cabinet in color and texture with the laminate. If you want to achieve the expansion of space, the closet should be in the tone of light wallpaper.

Light colors, it is worth saying, is very popular for narrow cabinets. It's all in a small hallway, because it is unlikely that people with large spaces will consider the idea of ​​a narrow cabinet.

It is important to combine the design and color of the cabinet with the overall interior, especially if it is made in a distinctive style. For the style of "high-tech" fit white or beige cabinet with mirrored doors. Perhaps here, the use of red with black, however, according to psychologists, they should be combined with more light and calm shades, for example, white. Romantic "Provence" accepts a wardrobe of white and light green hue, the closet that matches the tone of the walls would fit best.

It is not necessary to buy a solid light cabinet, if you find it boring.Look at the bright blotches, today designers use them for the outlines of a specific section and block. Yellow, lilac, gold - all these tones are organic in the hallway, provided that they are supported by color accessories in the general interior.

Pay attention to the sliding doors with a pattern. Flower motifs and animal prints are considered the classic solution here.

Tips for choosing

Having a non-standard narrow or very small hallway, you can not find the best option in the shops. However, today it is not required, because the designers will be happy to complete the wardrobe according to individual orders. It will probably cost a little more, but its entire exterior and interior will match you. Deciding on an individual order, draw a future cabinet, think about what can be stored on the shelves. Such a project will help to determine the shelves of the desired size.

When choosing colors and overall style, do not forget about the mirrored doors. They really work wonders in small squares, visually increasing the space at times.

If possible, it is important to select the cabinet at the same time as changing the interior.Then the organic existence of the model will be guaranteed. If the repair is not planned, update the hallway in the style of the closet you like, adding to it with characteristic accessories, lamps and other elements that do not affect the family budget.

And, of course, do not rush to choose. Reviews of manufacturers, price monitoring, search for quality materials - all this will help you find your ideal option, which will certainly please for a long time, accommodate a lot of necessary things and save you from the clutter of a small hallway.

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