Sliding wardrobe in the nursery for girls

The wardrobe in the nursery is a necessary piece of furniture. As early as possible, children need to be accustomed to order, independently clean the room and fold things. First of all it concerns girls, as they are future mothers, guardians of the family hearth. As a rule, girls always have more things than boys, therefore, the girl's room needs a convenient, compact storage system. Ideal for this suitable wardrobe.

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How to choose

This piece of furniture should be multifunctional, so that it can fit not only clothes, but also toys, books, board games. When choosing a wardrobe, you need to pay special attention to the fact that the child has access to those compartments of the wardrobe in which clothes and toys are placed for everyday use. Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the wardrobe for the children's room is made:

  • Plastic and fabric structures are not convenient for small children to use, and such cabinets are easily injured. Plastic models quickly break down as children use the wardrobe as games.Fabric models also often have to be repaired, since the material is torn off, easily torn and cut.
  • wardrobe from MDF - the most optimal solution in the nursery. This is an affordable material of good quality, it can be made of various sizes, shapes and any color solutions.
  • Natural materials are the safest and most environmentally friendly. Therefore, for the children's room, they fit perfectly. But the cost of such cabinets is much higher than that of MDF.

In addition, when choosing a closet for the nursery, give up mirror fronts. In the first place it may be unsafe for the child. And also, there will be permanent fingerprints on the glass, it will have to be washed every day, which is not very convenient for a mother who has so many chores. In addition, give preference to models of the cabinet with a streamlined shape, without the absence of sharp corners, which the child may get hurt about.

Angular models of wardrobes are perfect for a small children's room. Such designs are very roomy, despite the fact that they do not take up much space. It should be noted that the angular designs come with a built-in folding bed, open shelves, sliding desks.It remains for you to choose the model that is suitable for your child and, of course, for the size of the room.


Equally important is the design of the wardrobe, it must be in harmony with the interior of the room itself. For a little girl, bright, saturated tones are most suitable. The wardrobe should please the child and become the main focus in the interior of the room. If the girl really likes fairy tales, princesses, then it is quite possible to choose a model with the image of cartoon characters. Also in the girl's room will look good closet with butterflies and flowers.

One more excellent option for a nursery will become a case with a photo printing. In this case, even your child will be able to participate in the choice of drawing for his room. The sliding wardrobe with a photo printing can be ordered taking into account all your wishes. You can not limit either yourself or the child in fantasy, and the creative approach will make the model not only individual, but also convenient for your room.

When a girl gets older, her preferences naturally change, she wants to feel like an adult, and in this case, the design of the wardrobe with cartoon characters no longer fits.You'd better opt for pastel colors. Perhaps the girl will like models with sophisticated accessories, with unusual geometric patterns. Here you have to make a joint decision with your child. You can choose a wardrobe with lighting, it will become an additional element of lighting when reading and preparing homework.

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