Sliding wardrobe to the nursery

Features and benefits

Design a children's room is not easy to develop. Here not only harmonious appearance, functionality, but also safety is important. From a functional point of view, a wardrobe will perfectly fit into the nursery. This cabinet allows you to store a variety of things: clothes, toys, bedding, books, stationery. It will be easy for the child to cope with the design of the compartment doors.

A special criterion when choosing children's furniture is safety. The wardrobe design is the safest, since it has no open shelves and corners, drop-down doors that a child can hit.

The sliding front of the cabinet can be an interior decoration, just choose the appropriate design. Looks great designs of wood and plastic with a printed pattern. A great image of your favorite cartoon characters or colorful fantastic landscape will delight any kid.Not the best solution would be to install doors with glass or mirror inserts, especially in a room where a preschool child is growing up.


There are many variations of wardrobes on the market and choosing the right one for the child is not so easy.

  • With two, three or four sliding doors. When choosing the number of sliding doors, you should rely on the size of the room and the number of things that you plan to store in the closet. When choosing a facade with three or more panels, you can apply a combined design: a combination of wood panels with photo printing or mirror. Too large closet can greatly reduce the area of ​​the room, and too small will not be functional.
  • Fully mirrored facade or with inlays. For a teenage child, the mirror façade of the cabinet is no longer a big danger and can easily be used in the design of a room. Such design will suit any interior and visually expand the space of the room. Combining mirror inserts and inserts from another material will allow you to create a more interesting design.Additional inserts can be made in wood or plastic using photo printing.
  • Corner configuration. Corner wardrobe will be an interesting solution in rooms of small size, will save valuable space.
  • With a beveled facade or radial. Such models, with a facade in the shape of a semicircle, will be an interesting and unusual solution and are chosen for both spacious rooms and small ones. Inner space of such cabinets is more spacious, everything that a child needs can easily fit in it. In large structures, it is worth taking care of the interior lighting, a few built-in luminaires work well. Greater functionality can be achieved by placing a radial cupboard in the corner of a room. This design is ideal for a child's room, because there are no sharp corners at all.

The sliding wardrobe with a sloping facade fits perfectly into a small room. Thanks to this trick cabinet can be installed next to the door frame and save the necessary space.

  • With open side module. For a side module, it is better to choose shelves with a rounded shape, so the child will be less likely to get hurt or injured.On such shelves will look good various statues, letters, photos within.
  • Built in wardrobe. The built-in design will allow to get rid of the side walls of the cabinet and will allow the maximum use of the rest of the space of the room. It is worth considering that such a construction can be installed only in a solid wall, a plasterboard partition does not fit.

Color solutions

Of course, the color and stylistic decision of the facade should coincide with the general interior design. It does not have to be bright and flashy colors.

For the nursery, decorated in pastel colors, the facades of muted shades of pink, brown, beige are well suited. Monochrome panel can be supplemented with elegant ornament or mirror inserts.

Ideal for an early age consider colors: green, pale blue, yellow, pink. You can choose a picture of the corresponding colors or plain panels.

When making a bright room, you can use the facade with a pattern or photo printing. The child himself can choose the picture he likes, here the imagination is limitless: sea and air ships, cartoon characters, colorful butterflies, flower arrangements, etc.With printing, you can combine the design of mirrors or frosted glass, if the cabinet is wide enough.

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With a minimalist design, you can use the main colors of the interior and paint them in panels made of laminated chipboard, use colored glass or plastic. The sliding wardrobe can also become an accent of the interior, in which case the colors should be applied in contrast to the design of the room. For example, a room in blue colors will suit a closet with an orange or yellow door.

When choosing facades of light shades: white, light yellow, pink, etc., it is worth taking care of the quality of the material, it must be moisture resistant and easy to wash.


It is very important to choose the furniture according to the age of the child, but it should be remembered that the child develops quickly, and with it the available space grows. For very young children, it is worthwhile to specially equip the lower shelves, you can replace them with large drawers, it is convenient to fold toys into them.

The safety of the internal structure will give a special lock for sliding doors, it will not allow the door to hit the cabinet walls and save the baby's hands from damage. It is worth taking care of the safety of the shelves, let them be without protruding corners.

When choosing an internal structure, it is important to take into account the interests of the child: provide shelves for storing hockey equipment, ballet packs, books and encyclopedias. Over the years, the number of necessary and important things will only grow, and a large number of departments here come in handy. Clothing compartments should not be limited to shelves; only a wardrobe is suitable for an evening dress or suit. Top shelves can be used to store seasonal clothing.

If children of different ages live in the room, you can install locks on some of the drawers, so everything valuable will remain intact.

It is better to attach the shelves to the back wall of the cabinet and side walls, so the design will be more reliable. For internal shelving and shelves choose durable material: wood, high-quality chipboard. Such a regiment will sustain victorious cups and volumes of books.

How to choose for a boy

The room of the child, especially the boy, is filled with a large number of things, from toy locomotives to school textbooks, in which case the closet becomes the main spacious functional area.

The exterior design of the cabinet can be made in a rich color scheme, shades of green, orange, blue are suitable. You can offer your child to take part in the choice of design.Often in the nursery choose the option of photo printing, on the door you can put images of your favorite characters of comics or cartoons. The panoramas of the city and the fantastic landscapes look good. Do not forget that the look of the child should not be overstrained and tired.

A monochromatic surface can be decorated with various stickers, but you should only choose options that leave no trace on the panel. This option is more mobile, if the child does not like the image, he can unstick it and put a new one.

If the boy is actively involved in sports, it is worth making more compartments with barbells, equipping them with mesh baskets. Lovers of various toy cars and Lego fit spacious baskets or boxes, but they should not be heavy so that the child himself can get them. If a boy collects collections of cars or other toys, long shelves are great. The child himself can tell about their preferences and bring a new idea.

It is very important placement of a wardrobe, clothing area. If possible, do not install it too close to the bedroom, play or work areas.The main task of the wardrobe is to clean the rest of the useful space of the room, to make it more convenient.

For girl

Here it is better to choose light pastel colors: peach, turquoise, lavender, light pink. Warm and cold shades will do, depending on the wishes of the child. If you choose a photo print, then images of your favorite cartoon characters or fairy tales, flowers and landscapes will do.

For teens, mirror design is suitable, at this age children are very attentive to their person. The mirror can be supplemented with floral ornaments or colored stickers.

In the internal structure of the cabinet, special attention should be paid to the compartment with bars; you can make it more spacious for various dresses and skirts. You can choose a model with the ability to change the elements of filling, this option will last longer and will be convenient at any age. If there are empty spaces at the bottom of the cabinet, they can be made into wicker baskets of rectangular or square shape. It is necessary to take care of the arrangement of shoes. Below fit special hooks or lattices for shoes, sandals or shoes.In the wide drawers can be placed fabric modules for different jewelry, rubber bands and pins. Such a move will not keep all the decorations in one pile.

In the open side module, you can arrange photos, souvenirs or vases with shells and flowers.

Interesting solutions in interior design

An ordinary wardrobe in the children's room can be a very interesting detail if you creatively approach its installation.

  • Exclusive design. For teenage children, you can choose the external structure of stained glass. The drawing can be created by the customer or borrowed. This can also be attributed to sandblasted drawing.

For young children, the design of natural materials is well suited, modern panels are made of bamboo, rattan or covered with durable fabric.

  • Functionality. If two children grow in one room and the area is small, the functional zone of a written or computer desk can be installed in a closet. The remaining upper space can be filled with bookshelves, and above the working surface it is necessary to install lighting in the form of built-in lamps or a desk lamp.If necessary, this area can be hidden sliding panel.
  • Unusual shape of the facade. In the design of the children's room can not be afraid of bold decisions. The child will definitely appreciate the unusual form of the functional thing. An ordinary wardrobe will please the eye with an unusual facade design. For example, you can make its shape not straight, but curved. The smooth form will be safe for the child. Such a solution is more suitable for spacious rooms and smoothly fit into the design.
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