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When planning the interior of the living room, we always strive to leave as much free space as possible, because this room is intended for rest and reception of guests. But in a studio apartment or small apartment can not do without a spacious cabinet. Nowadays, more and more people prefer not a traditional wardrobe, but a wardrobe, which is not surprising, because it is much more spacious and always looks very stylish.

Features and benefits

Despite the impressive dimensions, the right wardrobe can organically fit into the space of even a small living room and be not only a convenient storage of things, but also a great addition to the interior. Beautiful decor, the original design of the door photo printing or mirror stained glass will not remain without attention of guests and will be the highlight of your home.

Depending on the internal structure, everything can be stored in the closet at the same time - from vacuum cleaner and skis to ties and jewelery.The functionality of this cabinet is difficult to overestimate, because it can simultaneously combine in itself a dressing room, and a storage room, and a library, and have a niche for a home theater or computer.


According to the type of construction, wardrobes are divided into two types: cabinet (freestanding) and built-in (or semi-recessed). The cabinet, unlike the built-in cabinet, has side walls, a heel, a bottom and a ceiling, it can be installed in any place and later rearranged. Built-in closet is usually installed in a niche from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. It is a shelf, fenced off by sliding doors. Semi-built-in wardrobe can have one side wall.

The shape of the wardrobes are:

  • Straight lines. The simplest and most common two-and three-door models.
  • Trapezoidal. These side walls of different widths and, as a consequence, a sloping facade. Great for installation in the hallway.
  • Angle L-shaped. Represent, in fact, two cabinets, standing at an angle of 90 degrees with one adjacent wall. Each cabinet has its own sliding door.
  • Corner trapezoid. The most capacious and at the same time compact model.It has two sliding doors located on a diagonal and four sloping walls.
  • Angular diagonal. It differs from the trapezoidal one in that the doors are located from wall to wall and near the cabinet there is a triangle shape.

Also, wardrobes can have external side shelves on one or two sides, and also come complete with slides of various configurations. The last option is set in the living room.

Despite the standard forms, wardrobes are made in a variety of styles - in the classical style, in the style of Provence, minimalism, high tech and many others, so you can choose them for almost any living room interior.


For the manufacture of cabinets wardrobes are usually used chipboard Russian or German production. In the case of the manufacture of the cabinet from solid wood, mainly pine is used, less often oak, birch or beech.

For decorating the doors using plain matte glass or patterned, with plant or animal ornaments. Often, for individual orders create mirrors with drawings or glass with photo printing.

A color scheme

To closet harmoniously fit into the living room, you need to select a model in which there are colors that are already available in the room. Due to its size, a contrast cabinet will look inappropriate.Usually in the design using no more than two colors. The exceptions are models with photo printing or stained glass.

Organically looks like a wardrobe in which two contrasting colors are combined. For example, a white wardrobe with narrow or one large horizontal inlays of terracotta color or fuchsia. Or a dark wood wardrobe with narrow white or gray slats dividing the facade into squares or rectangles. Or when the facade of the cabinet is made of a large mosaic of dark and light shades of the same color.

You should not choose a plain wardrobe or one color with the walls. It will make your interior faceless and monotonous.


The main advantage of wardrobes is their spaciousness and practicality. This is achieved largely due to the proper organization of the internal structure and proper placement of the "stuffing". To maintain order and convenient storage of things, there are several types of built-in fittings.

  • Shelves and floor baskets. It is convenient to put bedclothes, towels and not creasing things on them.
  • Brunette women and holders for belts and ties.
  • Coasters for shoes.
  • Bar for hangers.A very convenient device is a pantograph rod, which goes down by the handle, which makes it possible to effectively use the upper space.
  • Hooks for outerwear.
  • Multi-level drawers for underwear and other small things.

When planning the internal structure of the cabinet, you should remember some points:

  • convenient to use when two sections are placed in a two-door cabinet, and three sections in a three-door one;
  • the most convenient length of the holder for hangers is 90 cm, shelves - 60 cm;
  • convenient height of shelves for clothes - 40-45 cm, for books - 25-30;
  • the height of the department for long clothes should be at least 150 cm, for short - about 80 cm;
  • the height of the upper compartments, designed for under-used items, 45-65 cm;
  • The optimal depth of the cabinet itself is 60 cm, in a deeper cabinet it will be very inconvenient to fold and take things on the shelves.

How to place

Ergonomic placement wardrobe in the living room just a few.

  • If the living room is elongated or walk-through, then the best option would be to enter the cabinet along the short end wall, provided that the doorway is located 70-80 cm from the beginning of the wall.
  • In the spacious living room, 18 sq.m. and more closet compartment looks good, located along the long wall. If the cabinet doors are mirrored, then this will visually expand the space.
  • If it is impossible to place the cabinet from wall to wall, the remaining free space can be occupied by shelves or a slide, made in the same style as the cabinet.
  • A corner wardrobe, especially triangular, is also suitable for a small living room. It will save space without losing its functionality.

How to choose

Choosing a closet, you first need to decide on the size and location of its installation, but that the new purchase pleased you as long as possible, you should not lose sight of several important details.

  • If space permits and financial opportunity, immediately purchase a more capacious model, because the number of things will increase from year to year.
  • Do not install the wardrobe near the walls, finished with plasterboard. It is too soft material, not intended for such a load.
  • Pay attention to the door mechanism. There are two types of it: in the first, cheaper version, the door moves on rollers mounted inside a metal frame. Such a device is inconvenient in that small objects can often get into the grooves or the door can slip off from a strong impact.In the second, more expensive version, the rollers move along the monorail and are equipped with a device that does not allow them to slide.
  • Profile material is also a very important element. It is usually made of aluminum or steel. Despite the fact that the aluminum profile is more expensive, the steel is more durable.
  • The wheels of the undercarriage system must be made of either metal or plastic with Teflon coating. Pure plastic wheels will last you no more than a year.
  • The width of each door should not be more than 1 meter. Too wide a door is not only hard to move, but it will also lead to rapid wear of the roller mechanism.

Cost of

The cost of the wardrobe consists of several parameters:

  • dimensions (two- or three-door, angular);
  • filling;
  • material;
  • manufacturer;
  • design decoration.

So, the price for a two-door IKEA cabinet can be from 14,600 to 46,000 rubles. Prices for three-door wardrobe range from 19,000 to 54,000 rubles.

For elite designer models prices may be several times higher. So, on a three-door wardrobe of the Italian factory La Falegmani or the German factory InCasa the price may be about 500,000 rubles. and more.

If you decide to make a wardrobe for an individual order from the master, then, to determine the approximate price, find a similar model in the online store and increase the specified cost by 1.5-2 times. It will cost so much manual labor, but the result will be appropriate.

Beautiful and stylish interior design solutions

A well-chosen wardrobe, depending on the wishes of the owner, can be both the main accent of the interior and its inconspicuous addition.

The wardrobe can better emphasize the overall style of the room. For example, if the room is made in the Japanese style, then stained glass windows with cherry blossoms on the cabinet doors will enhance the atmosphere. The same effect can be achieved if the living room in the style of ethno cabinet doors are made of bamboo or rattan.

For the living room in the style of minimalism wardrobe compartment is the perfect purchase. Particularly stylish will look built into it a flat TV.

Often, wardrobes are used for zoning space, which is especially important for studio apartments. In this case, the back wall of the cabinet can be equipped with shelves for books or photos.

Sliding wardrobes with a slide can completely divide the room, hiding behind a closet a sleeping place or a small office.

Special attention should be paid to transformer cabinets, in which a folding bed can be built in, a table top or equipped with a workplace with a computer (the latter is relevant for built-in cabinets).

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