Sliding wardrobes in the interior

Today, wardrobes in the interior of the room - not only a fad, but also practicality and comfort. The main feature of such a cabinet is that it has sliding doors. The history of the creation of this object has its roots in the days of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Calling on the idle officers to keep order, he ordered to hide uniforms and other attributes behind a screen. Later, in California, in the 50s of the 20th century, instead of a screen, a door was used and plastic wheels were attached to it, from that moment the door began to open to the side.

Gradually, the doors change their appearance, become a mirror, the use of a protective film begins. Improves and roller mechanism. In our country, wardrobes appeared in the 90s.


  • A rich variety of forms and models.
  • Large capacity. They are designed so that the space inside is used with maximum benefit, all things are separate from each other.
  • Economical for the price.This advantage is due to the fact that no material is needed on the bottom, top and side walls of the cabinet. The buyer pays only for sliding doors, fittings and decoration.
  • It is easy to design the interior of the cabinet. The space can be equipped under the dressing room, as well as not only fit there shoes and clothing, but also arrange household appliances.
  • Looks great in any interior.


By design distinguish the following types of wardrobes:


It is a free-standing wardrobe, which is not difficult to move from place to place.


This kind of cabinet is characterized by the absence of a roof, walls and bottom, they are successfully replaced by the floor, walls and ceiling of the room. Hangers and shelves are wall-to-wall mounted.

Semi built

Unlike the built-in view, it has any of the elements of the body, for example, a roof, a bottom, or a wall.


It is understood that the cabinet door is placed at an angle.

The form can be distinguished:

  • Straight lines The most common model. As a rule, it is rectangular in shape.
  • Trapezoid. The side walls of the cabinet are different in width, it is the main feature of this type.This species is not very popular.
  • Angle g-shaped. As usual, includes two sections of rectangular shape, located at a right angle to each other.
  • Angular diagonal. Such a cabinet occupies the entire angle, cutting it off diagonally.

Combination with design

Youth interior

People 25-35 years old are mature individuals with a well-established taste and lifestyle. In modern youth interior neutral neutral colors prevail: blue, black, gray, brown, beige, brick, pale green. To make the situation more lively and joyful, they can be supplemented with details of rich shades. However, active people with a cheerful disposition often prefer bright colors: orange, red, pink, lilac, light green.

Design studio apartments

In our time, young people warmly fell in love with studio apartments. The term "studio apartment" is European, it is a room in which there are no partitions. The wardrobe is a great solution for the design of such a home. The most profitable here will look like a built-in model. For very small rooms, the choice of a corner wardrobe with mirrored doors would be a good choice.

In addition, you can arrange a closet along the smallest length of the wall, the room in this case becomes a cozy square shape. Fans of the Russian merchant style, which absorbed the individual features of the classics and the Victorian era, can get an ornate wardrobe of white color.

Loft Design

Another passion of modern youth. The word "loft" in translation from English into Russian means "attic". This style implies a room without partitions, with bright lighting, lighting stone or brick walls, and a lot of details made of metal and chrome. A concise wardrobe will wonderfully fit here, its facades should be smooth. If it fills the entire wall, then merged with the interior, it will look very harmonious. When there is a task to make the room as bright as possible, you should think about purchasing a wardrobe with mirror facades, it should be installed opposite the window.

In the interior of the kitchen

It would seem that it is impossible to combine the kitchen and the wardrobe, nevertheless, the designers from Italy succeeded. They broke the stereotype that the only way to decorate a kitchen is cabinets and wall cabinets.You can plan your space with maximum benefit, hiding from all eyes the kitchen utensils and appliances in the built-in or wall-mounted closet. Cabinet doors can be made in any style. Here are suitable and Japanese patterns, and frosted glass with backlight function, high-tech or Versailles mirrors.

In the living room

Here the ideal option would be to purchase a wardrobe, which includes a system of shelving. It should alternate between open and closed glass shelves.

In the bedroom

It is best to decline your choice in favor of the closet with mirrored doors. He visually makes the bedroom more spacious.

In the interior of the children's room

Choose a model of a modular built-in cabinet or one that can be transformed by swapping shelves.

Color selection

Choosing the color of the wardrobe, should focus on the size of the room. If the room is of a modest size, it is better to give preference to a cabinet with mirrored fragments of doors and close in color to the color of the walls. For a spacious room the best option would be a wardrobe that is in harmony in color with furniture.

Very popular wardrobes color "under the tree."The palette of colors here is extensive: wenge, bleached oak, maple, Italian walnut, beech.


This is a dark color, a wardrobe of this color should be installed in a room with bright lighting and selected for decoration in white and beige tones.

Bleached Oak

The color has a wide range of light shades from yellowish gray to smoky pink. The wardrobe of such a color looks favorably in the room where there is little sun. In the interior it goes well with colors such as wenge, chocolate, emerald, mahogany, as well as cream and coffee.


It is a warm yellowish shade. The cabinet of this color will perfectly fit into the interior where there is already a light emerald green, white-gray and red-violet tones.

Italian walnut

The color gamut of this color is large: from light honey to dark shade of mahogany. The wardrobe of this color is well combined in the interior with white and golden flowers.


Universal sunny color. The cabinet, which has such a color, harmoniously harmonizes with the blue, brown, lilac, orange, marsh-green decoration of the room.



Lacobel is an opaque glossy glass, the outer side of which is colored and covered with a protective film. It is often used as a material for sliding doors of the wardrobe.Such glass, thanks to shimmering reflection and light shades, is able to visually make the room more spacious and create the appearance of a simple stained glass window. It is worth noting that this glass is produced only in Belgium by the company AGC. If you received an offer to purchase Lacobel glass from another company, then it is a fraud.


This is a model of a cabinet with a mirror and side shelves. Very comfortable and cute. For the first time, the Versailles model was presented at one of the Moscow exhibitions, Aristo demonstrated its luxurious collection of cabinets. Deeply engraved mirrors, glass crystal ornaments adorning the heart of a stained glass window, such a truly wonderful design of the cabinet impressed all the guests of the exhibition.

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