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Features and benefits

The sliding wardrobe is very convenient and irreplaceable furniture which, besides, can perfectly decorate an interior of your house. This model of the cabinet, as a rule, is rather large in size, and therefore it will help to place accents in the home interior and even become its highlight, attracting admiring glances from guests to itself. Designers offer a lot of interesting and unusual design solutions wardrobe closet. Moreover, its appearance will directly depend on exactly which room you plan to place it: if such a locker is meant for a teenager and is in his room, then his design will be quite bright and original, and if you decide to arrange it in a hall or living room room, then this model should have a more classic appearance and at the same time look solid and luxurious.

A feature that distinguishes the wardrobe from the usual locker is how its doors are designed.The doors of such a product open to the sides, but inside the cabinet itself, so they do not require additional space for this, unlike the doors of ordinary cabinets. That is why such a cabinet can be installed both in a large room, in which it will not hide space, and in a small room, even despite its rather large size. The doors of such a locker, like the ordinary ones, have a rectangular shape and are designed like a canvas, but they move when opened on special rails.

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One of the most popular models is the corner wardrobe, because it takes up very little space, so it can fit even for a very small room. In addition, it allows you to save space in the room, and, thanks to the installation of the corner wardrobe, you can use free corners very functionally. It will fit perfectly in the corner of a small room, and in another, more spacious room. Having correctly selected the filling of the corner wardrobe, you can easily place in it most of your wardrobe, while occupying the minimum area of ​​the room.In addition, corner wardrobes are quite small, compared to other, classical models for the entire wall.

In addition, bilateral cabinets are very popular, which can be used as an interior partition to divide the space of a large room. With their help, it is possible to change the design of a room in a very interesting way, without redeveloping the room. Such a wardrobe allows you to divide the room, and access to it will be open from both formed rooms. This is a very interesting and unusual solution that can transform and drastically change the interior of your home.

Another model of the wardrobe is a built-in wardrobe, it can be placed in absolutely any room where there is a niche. With such an arrangement of the cabinet in the room, you will not see its white walls, since it is fully embedded in the wall, only its doors and other parts of the facade will be visible. Such a cabinet is built into the wall in the simplest way, and then the necessary shelves are placed in it. Then this device is covered with a decorated facade.

This model is very convenient and its installation is very economical, since there are no costs for the side, top and bottom parts of the wardrobe. This closet in the room takes up very little space.In addition to the niche, it can be embedded in the free corner of the room or in the whole wall. The only drawback of the device of such a cabinet is that this model is completely devoid of mobility, since such a cabinet is securely installed and therefore it cannot be moved or changed during the repair of the room, the maximum that can be done is to replay the design or change its decor doors.

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When choosing a wardrobe, it is important to observe a balance between price and quality characteristics, which, in the first place, affects the material of the cabinet. One of the most economical solutions is the purchase of a wardrobe made of the so-called chipboard. This is a fairly dense material that is resistant to moisture, but it has a very affordable price.

But with all its advantages, this material has a disadvantage, since for its reliable bonding, manufacturers use formaldehyde substances that vaporize harmful and poisonous elements for humans. To avoid dangerous consequences, ask the seller to show all safety certificates for this product.

Another popular material from which manufacturers make wardrobes, is the DFP.This is a more expensive material, unlike chipboard, because it is more durable and its components do not emit harmful substances and fumes for people. It should also be noted that this material is very interesting for its versatility. Using it for decoration, you can simulate a variety of other materials, such as glass, metal structures or wood. But, if we compare it with chipboard, then this material is less moisture resistant and easily flammable.

The most expensive and luxurious are wardrobes made of wood, natural and environmentally friendly material. Although this material requires more attention and care, it is more environmentally friendly and of higher quality than artificial materials that imitate it. Wood is very reliable, you can be sure that the wardrobe, made of natural wood, will serve you for a long time. In addition, the wood is more moisture resistant when compared with the above chipboard and DFP. The wardrobe made of wood looks very beautiful and elegant, it will skillfully fit into any interior design and perfectly complement it.

Color solutions

The gamma of color in which your closet will be made is very important, since it does not have to stand out from the overall picture of your home environment.If you are the owners of the house, decorated in a classic style, then the most suitable solution for you would be a wardrobe, decorated with wood. For the interior of the house in the style of Provence are ideal for soft pastel colors, you can choose artificially aged models of the wardrobe. Manufacturers offer a variety of options for cabinets in different colors: these are the brightest and most saturated colors, more suitable for a children's room, these are light colors for bedrooms and bathrooms, these are neutral light or dark colors for living rooms and other rooms. Designers offer to decorate such cabinets bright and unusual flat-patterned, which can be performed in different forms.

The first version of the application of such a pattern is matte patterns on a glass surface, and the second variant is a translucent, as if glassy, ​​glossy pattern on a different matte surface. You can choose any desired and most suitable for your house design drawing, which skilled craftsmen will apply on the wardrobe using a stencil and special devices.

Another interesting color solution can serve as a photofacade on your closet.This interesting element can be both color and black-and-white, depending on your taste and desire. It is necessary to focus only on the color range of other furniture in the room. Photo printing on the closet can be of three types: film, triplex or direct, this separation is based on the method of applying photo printing. Such a wardrobe will look very bright and interesting, in addition, this color solution is quite economical, and, moreover, depending on the type of photo printing, the image on the wardrobe can be very durable.

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Internal filling and accessories

Manufacturers of wardrobes provide a lot of different options for the internal filling of different models of wardrobes. If you are planning to purchase a ready-made wardrobe, then you can easily find the necessary for you filling in the form of shelves, depending on the functional purpose of the wardrobe. If you purchase such a cabinet to order, you can choose the desired number of shelves that the master will individually make for you. When choosing the filling, consider also where the wardrobe will be located.

If you plan to place a closet in the hall or bedroom, it will not need to do a lot of hangers for outerwear, there you must place the shelves for the necessary household items. Filling the closet can include, in addition to shelves, various drawers for small items, large drawers for bedding and other linen or a basket for things.


The sliding wardrobe is a very versatile type of furniture, so you can arrange it in any part of the room depending on the interior design and your desire. Depending on the specific model of the wardrobe, it can be located in different parts of the room. This locker can be placed both in the corner and along the wall, and even at the entrance to the room. Cabinets-partitions can be placed even in the center of a large room, in order to divide it into two different rooms.

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How to choose

The wardrobe should be selected, I start from the functional purpose of the room in which you intend to put it. Children's rooms, as a rule, have a rather small area, so you should purchase a more functional model for it, for example, built-in or angular. Depending on the age and gender of the child, the design of the wardrobe should be selected.For a boy, it is better to purchase a wardrobe with images of cars or cartoon characters, and for girls more suitable wardrobes with a floral pattern and a pattern in a romantic style, as well as a wardrobe in warm pink, yellow and orange colors.

For a small room of 18 square meters. m. it is better to choose a small corner wardrobe, but in a narrow long room it is better to put a separation or built-in wardrobe. It is better to install a wardrobe of a larger size with filling in the form of a large number of shelves and hangers for clothes in the dressing room.

For the hallway should choose a more compact wardrobe, but it is important that he had hangers for outerwear. A wardrobe for the living room is very specific, because, unlike a hall for a hallway or a dressing room, this piece of furniture must not contain clothes and shoes, but completely different items. Such a cabinet should have special open shelves and compartments for TV, audio devices, as well as closed compartments for books, souvenirs or crystal glassware. The wardrobe is a very indispensable thing for the living room, because thanks to the sliding doors you can hide your personal belongings from prying eyes and open the shelves with beautiful statuettes and dishes for viewing.

When choosing a wardrobe, first of all, decide on the material that is more suitable for you individually. Think about the role that moisture resistance plays for you, the heat resistance of such a cabinet and its reliability. Consider options that perfectly combine cost and quality.

Interesting ideas in interior design

For the harmonious design of the house, it is important to purchase a wardrobe in the best way suitable to the style of the interior of your room, and the color and material of its design should overlap with other types of furniture in the room where such a wardrobe will be located. All items of furniture in the room should be a single ensemble, if you look at them from the side. A very interesting solution in a one-room apartment can be the location of the closet in the central part of the room in the form of a partition.

Thus, the room is divided into two parts, which can be decorated absolutely differently. Such parts can have completely different functional purposes: one half of the room can serve as a bedroom, and the second half can be a nursery or a living room.

A very unusual design solution would be to install a wardrobe in the bath or in the bathroom. It is important to calculate the area for the closet when drawing up, for example, a bath project with a font and a room for rest. In this bath wardrobe is very necessary, it can accommodate all the necessary accessories, such as tools for face and body, personal hygiene items, basins, necessary bowls, as well as sheets and towels. For each family member and guests in this closet you can review a separate shelf with personal items.

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