Sliding wardrobe in the corridor

Special features

Any interior can be perfectly diluted and even improved with the help of a wardrobe. This universal thing is not only practical and convenient in storing things, but also remarkable for any room, for example, a hallway or a corridor.

The closet in the corridor will be an excellent way to store the necessary things, because most often small apartments suffer from a lack of space. And shoes and clothes are not in those places, which significantly aggravates the aesthetic situation, besides, when there are a lot of things and they randomly lie not in their places, it is rather difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

A compact and multifunctional wardrobe is sure to solve your problem with scattered things. A feature of this variant of the cabinet is that it is a great alternative to large and bulky cabinets. In addition, it does not take up much space, since it is most often embedded.Also, the wardrobe has sliding doors that also occupy a minimum of space in the corridor. It is preferable to choose a cabinet with mirrors, so that you can visually enlarge the size of even a small room.

Types of cabinets

Cabinets - compartments are of different types for a wide variety of rooms. Each of them has its pros and cons. You can definitely choose something for yourself, because different models are specially created for every taste, color and wallet.

  • Cabinet models of cabinets - compartments are very versatile and popular for installation in hallways and corridors, since their hallmark is full completeness. Cabinet model of a wardrobe - a compartment can completely become a self-sufficient part of your interior. This cabinet is also good because you can easily disassemble it and assemble it again. For example, when moving or when moving a cabinet to another room. The drawback of these cabinets can be the distance between the ceiling and the cabinet itself, because there it is quite difficult to remove dust.
  • Built-in models of cabinets - coupe are an excellent option for installation in the hallway or corridor, because they have a lot of advantages.Everything else, with individual production, the consumption of materials is minimal and does not ruin you. Compared to housing models, built-in cabinets have no gaps between the walls and the ceiling. If you need a wardrobe for storing clothes and shoes, choose the built-in model more boldly. It is recommended to install such cabinets on extremely flat walls, otherwise installation problems may occur. In addition, the built-in models are not very relevant when moving because of individual sizes.
  • Semi-built models of cabinets are somewhere between the built-in and hull models of cabinets - compartments. These models have few differences with the built-in options, but their distinguishing feature is the absence of some constructive part, for example, they may not have an upper crossbar or side wall. Wardrobes of this type can cause difficulties when installed in a corridor or hallway, because they must be very precisely adjusted to the ceiling and the floor, putting it to the wall.
  • Angular models of cases - a compartment also are not less popular, than also all previous. To accommodate such a cabinet you will need a right angle.Corner cabinets - compartments of this type consist of two modules, which are connected by an end part. It is quite difficult to assemble this model on your own, but such a wardrobe perfectly diversifies the interior of even a small corridor.
  • Trapezoidal wardrobe - coupe perfectly fit into a spacious hallway or corridor. This model of the cabinet will be a good substitute for any wardrobe, because it has a very good capacity.
  • Direct models of sliding wardrobes, perhaps, are considered as one of the most convenient, popular and practical. Most often they are made in the style of minimalism, this option is considered classic. Models come in different sizes, they will look equally good both in large rooms and in small corridors and hallways.
  • Radial cabinets - coupe can be confused with corner models, but their main distinguishing feature is that the doors do not move in a straight line, but describe the radius of the circle. Such cabinets always look expensive and luxurious, since most often they are made of expensive materials. Such a wardrobe will perfectly decorate even a small corridor and very well diversify and even embellish your interior.The disadvantage of the design of this cabinet is that it is impossible to install mirrors on it, but in fact, this is not a problem. Since such cabinets and so look wonderful.

We are determined with the size

In order to choose the closet for your corridor, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on the size of the room where you will place the future structure. And, of course, do not forget about the overall interior, with which your closet - coupe should perfectly match. This closet should not overload the room, making the situation cramped, and should not be too small for large apartments.

If you have a very narrow corridor, then you should look at small models that will visually add space to the room. For example, you can install a cabinet or direct model.

If you need a very roomy wardrobe - a dressing room, and the place allows you to accommodate such a design, then the built-in models of wardrobes - coupe or, for example, radius - will look very nice.

If your corridor is very small, but there is a free corner, then you should choose an angular model of the wardrobe - compartment. The dimensions should be chosen based on the area of ​​the room.In such a closet, you can place not only clothes and shoes, but also, for example, a vacuum cleaner or any other household items.


Before you buy or make your own wardrobe (any model), you should consider its future content, as well as the location of things and objects inside. Properly chosen filling of the cabinet is the key to success, as this will help you to make the cabinet not only spacious, but also multifunctional.

Most often, all models of cabinets - compartments are divided into three main parts, where shoes are stored at the bottom, hangers and shelves for various contents are located on the middle or main part, and finally, you can store various accessories, as well as things and objects on the upper part. you are not in everyday life.

In addition, in these cabinets - compartments can be arranged various drawers, which will also be very useful when storing various things.

Sometimes on the outer side walls of the cabinet you can place special hooks for outerwear.

The bottom part for storing shoes usually consists of special shelves, which are fixed at a certain angle, for the most convenient location of shoes and other shoes.If some shoes are out of season now, then they can be stored on the upper shelves, mezzanines.

In various drawers you can store not only things, but also various small things, for example, brushes and other means for shoe care. Insoles or shoelaces. Drawers, for example, in the middle section can be convenient for storing socks, ties, scarves or belts.

In addition, do not forget about the presence of a retractable rod and hangers, which will help to place any things very conveniently.

It is recommended to think about the contents of things inside the cabinet in advance in order to arrange them most compactly and conveniently.

Choosing the right colors

Since the closet is a rather stylish and modern piece of furniture, you should pay attention to the colors and shades in which these or other models are made. Selection of cabinet finishes is considered one of the main issues when choosing, since your closet should fit perfectly into the interior. Modern furniture market offers a huge number of different options for decoration. For every taste and wallet.

Cabinets - compartments can be made in a variety of colors and from different materials, mainly from wood.A budget option can be a wardrobe made of laminate, which is an imitation of wood. Not only light shades of wood, cream, sand and milk, but also brown and black are very popular. But still, if your corridor is not very large, then give preference to light shades, but remember that you need to be careful with pure white. Otherwise, even the slightest pollution will be evident in a small room.

Of course, wardrobes - coupe made of natural materials and “natural” shades are not cheap, but they will be an excellent decoration for any corridor. If your closet assumes the presence of mirrors, then the surface can be varied with various stained glass windows to your taste.

Closet - compartment, you can choose absolutely any color, even some exotic. Everything will depend on the material from which it is made. Not less popular is to choose wardrobes - coupe with various frosted doors. The movable part of the door is often made of aluminum and steel. It is recommended to give preference to aluminum parts, since this metal looks more interesting, moreover, it is noiseless when opening the cabinet doors.

We pay attention to lighting

Many experts recommend that when arranging the wardrobe - coupe to do additional lighting inside for more convenient use, as well as search for things and accessories. This light is done as in the refrigerator, turns on when you open the doors.

If your wardrobe is equipped with mirrors, then you can diversify the design with the help of the light on or under the visor. It is very successful and practical to use halogen bulbs.

It is also worth considering the fact that most of the time there is no natural light from the windows in the corridors, so if the area of ​​the room is small and you want to make it more visually, then, of course, take care of not only the interior lighting in the closet, but also the main lighting in the room. The lighter your corridor will be, the more spacious it will look.

Secrets of the corridor design

If you have a small and even narrow corridor, for example, in the Khrushchev, then, of course, it is recommended to use a bright palette in the interior. A very useful move will be to make additional wall decor mirrors. But then the wardrobe is worth choosing without mirrors on the doors.

A small corridor is recommended to issue in the style of minimalism, so as not to load it with unnecessary furniture and things.In addition, for a visual increase in the corridor, you can use a shiny or mirrored stretch ceiling in bright colors.

If you independently are engaged in development of an interior of a corridor in your apartment, then it is worth looking at various photos and pictures in apartments with similar registration and various cases - a compartment. The study of various design projects and new products in the interior will greatly help, and most likely will save you from ridiculous design errors.

Tips for making

There are quite a few ready-made projects for the self-assembly of various models of cabinets - coupe. But more often than not, people trust experienced craftsmen not only not to be mistaken in measurements, but also not to spend money on extra material. In addition, it is not difficult to buy a ready-made wardrobe according to preliminary measurements.

It can be difficult to make a cabinet of this type with your own hands, however, models are often purchased unassembled and assembled on their own. In order to make and assemble the wardrobe yourself, it is recommended to follow the instructions that come with the design itself, if you buy a model in a disassembled form.Each model has its own instruction, so one universal, unfortunately, does not exist.

However, it is recommended to follow a few tips on self-assembly, planning and manufacturing of the cabinet. If you choose wide doors, then it is recommended to make several additional shelves for storage.

The main parts of the wardrobe should be located at the optimum height from each other. If you make a closet deep, more than sixty centimeters, then do not forget that by doing so you make it difficult to access things and shoes. Due to the increase in the wardrobe, clothes and accessories will have to be folded in two or even more rows. If you plan to install drawers, then do not forget about the correct fastening. The door frame should not interfere with the movement of the drawers. In the manufacture of long shelves or rods, or both, do not forget about the partition to support them.

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