Wardrobe in the hallway: design ideas

A hall in a house or city apartment is a place that largely determines the condition, style, tastes of the owners. Going into any hallway, guests, relatives, friends, after all the greetings, look around the room.

Of course, first of all they will be surprised by the wardrobe with its size, convenience of internal volume and design. Indeed, the design of the wardrobe in the hallway will surprise every lover of good, high-quality furniture. There is a wide field of activity for artists, designers, designers.


Many ideas have already been realized, and there are even more of them in the plans and plans. Each individual hall layout involves its ideas, capabilities, design and design solutions. The compartment doors are moved left and right, freeing the entrance for filling. Unlike cabinets with hinged doors, it is impossible to open all the space at once, but with proper design of the wardrobe, it is enough to have one door pushed in the case of a double wardrobe, or 2 or 3 with more doors.

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If the hallway is small, but there is a niche or pantry, then they can be successfully turned into a wardrobe, which will not have to do the top cover and side walls. We just need to remember that such a wardrobe inside can not be moved anywhere. If there is no niche, then you need to use the entire possible area of ​​the hallway, designing and manufacturing wardrobe.

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Good look straight and corner cabinets of simple shapes, corner cabinets of a concave shape, with a wavy facade with a fairly spacious hallway. Concave and undulating curved glass doors for such cabinets will, of course, be much more expensive than other materials.


Before choosing a wardrobe, you need to be well aware of what details the wardrobe consists of and why we say the compartment. It is clear that this is similar to the sliding doors of the carriage compartment. The doors on top are hung with rollers on the upper guides, the so-called tracks, and the lower ones rest on the lower ones. The rollers are made of hard but elastic plastic, the tracks are made of steel or aluminum. Rim rollers semicircular shape. Due to the stiffness and a certain elasticity of the rollers, their skating on the tracks occurs almost silently.

The project of a two-door wardrobe provides for the presence of two sections in it, separated by a middle wall.One section with a bar for hanging clothes on the hangers, the second section with shelves and linen drawers. Linen boxes, shelf mounting and fittings use the systems of the German concern HETTICH, which guarantees the durability of mounting the shelves and the easy running of linen boxes.

Such a wardrobe can, if necessary, be moved, which cannot be done with a built-in niche or pantry. In any case, before ordering a wardrobe, you need to think about what we want to get in the hallway.


The entire contents of the hallway should correspond to the overall design of the apartment or, at least, the living room. The interior should bear a large functional load and create a general favorable impression on acquaintances who have come from the street, friends, neighbors, relatives, and family members themselves. Of course the main in the hallway will be a wardrobe with its facade, the style of which will be decisive for all items in the hallway.

There are some well-established requirements for the elements of the interior hallway. The decoration, style and general background of the space should be the prelude to what guests will see in the rooms of the apartment, so the interior should not look bright, screaming, astounding abundance of expensive things.Everything should be good-quality, high-quality, beautiful, but not tiring with its excessiveness.

In the hallway can be a bedside table, ottoman in front of a mirror, a basket for gloves, a basket for umbrellas, a hanger for hats. If space permits, then you can put a small sofa, a chair. Well-made coasters for shoes with a shoe spoon, key racks, flower coasters do not interfere. Do not forget that all these elements must overlap with the design of the cabinet.

And although we are talking a lot about the functionality of the wardrobe, we must not forget about such an important detail of the hall as a hanger. There is also a big field for the realization of fantasies and ideas of artists, designers and designers. Owners of an apartment often act as authors of hangers. Hangers from bent wooden parts, hangers-risers welded construction, forged iron structures, wall with hooks made of plastic.

An important detail of the interior is the clock

The modern, varied design of the clock will help to select them for the overall design of the hallway, and indeed all the rooms in the apartment. Do not spoil the overall look, but will add zest antique watches.They can spring, case with a pendulum, wall and even floor, if the hallway is large. Under the style of an old clock in the hallway, you can hang barometers, room thermometers, stylized antique. Decorate the hallway and some details of the marine theme.

No need to amaze guests with an abundance of paintings, masks, you can get by with several, depending on the size of the hallway. For lighting use wall lamps under the general style of the hallway, stylish table lamps. Chandelier, of course, maybe, but not theatrical size. Sconce or table lamps must be at least three. Many make backlights using frosted glass, tinted under the overall tone of the hallway.

Wall decor

When selecting colors and other elements of wall decor, it is necessary first of all to coordinate everything with the design of the facade of the sliding-door wardrobe installed in the hallway and taking into account the style that has developed in the living room and other rooms. If the hallways are small, then there should be more light colors, dark colors reduce space.

Many people have a habit of leaning against the wall, so you need to determine where guests are more likely to stay in the hallway.There, bright colors will quickly lose their freshness and care must be taken with a selection of tone in these places. Part of the wall would be good to paint or cover with washable wallpaper, wood paneling. It is best to make the finish decorative plaster.


The tone of the entire interior hallway sets the design of the facade closet compartment. The facade is formed not only by the doors, but also by the whole frame of the cabinet. The facades of straight cabinets with side walls, angled with straight geometry, trapezoidal, curved and undulating, can become highly artistic patterns. Technical and color solutions are very diverse and can satisfy the existing tastes of most consumers.

All details of the facade and the closet compartment are carefully and accurately selected. This is achieved through the use of the latest technology in the manufacture of parts. The furniture factory employs linear processing systems and modernized machines. Particular attention is paid to the cutting tool, its sharpening, diamond spraying of cutting edges. This is very important in the manufacture of plates with well-prepared edges and exact geometric dimensions, in accordance with European standards and Russian standards.

An important factor is the high level of training of specialists, designers, designers, artists, and management. Great importance is attached to the search and application of modern materials and technologies.

Materials and technology

"Sand blasting"

Processing transparent glass and mirror surfaces with sand and air under a sufficiently large pressure can give unique drawings of various scenes and beauty. By sand processing of various fractions it is possible to obtain a relief image, but such work is performed only by highly qualified specialists. Sandblasting of the facade is carried out in special chambers, in compliance with all safety measures.

This work is carried out on individual parts before assembling the wardrobe. Figures can be transparent on a matte background or, on the contrary, matte on a transparent background, the two-sided processing of transparent glass looks beautiful, as well as the drawing from the amalgam side of the mirror.

From frequent touches, the matte pattern loses its beauty, therefore, after performing operations, the surface treated with sand is coated with a special compound (glass-toner), which protects against external influence.Adding dyes to the glass toner will produce wonderful undertones.

It is better to wash such surfaces with soap or ammonia based solutions. Using other solvents may damage the pattern. Wipe clean with a lint free cloth.

Photo printing

If sandblasting drawings give us fantastic solutions in the design of the fronts of wardrobes, then photo printing adds the beauty of the real world. These are nature, city landscapes, photo models, portraits of people and images of animals, reproductions of any artistic creations. The original images that the customer wants to transfer to the facade of the closet in the hallway should be clear, preferably in color, with a minimum size of 15x18.

The image is applied to the film, which is then glued to the surface of the facade details. The size of the film to - 3kv.metrov.

Another method is UV printing.

In this case, use a special printer, paint and polymer coating composition. Such an image will never come off and will not give bubbles on the surface.

There are other ways of decorating the facades of wardrobes in the hallway, we got acquainted with the technologically more complex.The use of sandblasting and photo printing techniques for facades, as well as other technologies, makes it possible to manifest and implement many design ideas for wardrobes in the hallway.

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