Sliding wardrobe in the hall

Today, no modern interior can do without a stylish and compact storage system. The most popular among them is the wardrobe. You can easily choose the option both in the bedroom and in the living room. In this article we will focus on interesting options for furniture for the hallway.

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Special features

For a spacious hallway, you can pick up a large and roomy wardrobe, where things of all family members will be stored. This will free up other rooms from unnecessary furniture, by installing a small chest of drawers in them, or even doing without it.

What are the features should have a wardrobe in the hallway? Let us dwell on this issue in more detail.

Such a cabinet must necessarily have a department for outerwear, and even better if it is a two-section. In one section, you can conveniently place seasonal clothing, in the other - the one that you are not currently using.

Shelves for shoes - another major attribute of furniture in the hallway.The mezzanine, where you can store things used less often, is also desirable to provide in the design of the wardrobe.

Furniture for the hallway must certainly have shelves for hats, glasses, umbrellas and other necessary accessories. It is important to equip such furniture and shelves for shoe care products - cream, sponges, brushes, shoe protection products from moisture in the offseason.

All sorts of hooks under the keys will also come in handy.

As a rule, the wardrobe in the hallway has mirrored doors, which is very convenient - to evaluate your appearance before leaving the house.


Today, the wardrobe is a functional storage system that can fit into any space, not only saving expensive centimeters, but also decorating the interior.

There are the following options:

  • Cabinet wardrobes, or they are also called modular
  • Recessed structures
  • Corner options
  • Diagonal-angle models.

The most common types of wardrobes - cabinet. They are no different from the usual, with the exception of doors installed on special sliding runners - "rails". This design can be moved to another room or installed in a new apartment after moving (provided that the cabinet fits in size).Modular wardrobes can be made to order or purchased in the finished version.

Built-in wardrobes are mounted under a special space in a niche in the wall. This design has no side and top walls and is part of the interior. Due to the lack of elements, this option is very economical. It is advisable to consider the design of the built-in wardrobe to the smallest detail, since it is made to order at the stage of repair of the main room. It is quite possible to make such a design with your own hands.

Corner wardrobes are good to use in small hallways in a shape close to a square or a rectangle. This cabinet is narrower, but roomy due to its depth. Side shelves are able to decorate such a design.

Diagonal-angle models are all the same corner cabinet, but at the same time involve more space along the arc. This option allows you to accommodate a large number of things, it looks much more beautiful and interesting than its “corner” prototype.

The choice of one or another version of the wardrobe depends on the characteristics of your hallway and taste preferences.


The sliding wardrobe can be made of solid wood. The cost of such furniture is high, but the beauty and durability are worth it. Such a wardrobe surrounded by other wooden furniture in tone will look advantageous. Definitely it can be argued that wood furniture will serve you for more than a dozen years.

Models of chipboard are the most acceptable option that can afford a family of any means. Modern chipboard is quite durable and environmentally friendly, moreover, resistant to moisture and pollution. Furniture fronts of chipboard laminate or veneer with natural veneer beech, oak, ash, pine.

More modern material today is considered MDF. The sliding wardrobe from MDF will have durability, durability, environmental friendliness. The MDF surface is so smooth and smooth that it allows you to simply paint it in any color.

The ends of products from chipboard and MDF are covered with PVC film, which reliably protects the product from moisture and mechanical damage and looks very neat.

The built-in sliding wardrobe is most often made of gypsum cardboard. A profile frame is mounted in the wall niche, and drywall sheets are fastened to it and then finished.Drywall is an environmentally friendly and durable material.


In its external expression, wardrobes are very diverse and sometimes amaze with the elegance of design.

The standard version is a model with deaf doors, two-door, three-leaved and with a large number of doors. As elements of the decor, various combinations of veneer with the addition of glass and mirrors are used:

  • Geometric - registration in squares of veneer or mirror;
  • Sector - where each segment is decorated in the appropriate style;
  • Wave - decor in an arc;
  • Diagonal - decorative facades are angled to each other.

This is the most common variation.

Other popular options include the design of one or all doors with a mirror. This option will cost more than deaf veneered facades. Looks like a mirror cabinet is really great, besides it visually increases the space, which is especially important for narrow hallways.

The methods of decoration of glass or mirrors include the use of matting elements, sandblasting pattern on the material.

Sliding wardrobes made of plastic are gaining more and more popularity.Plastic facades will give a stylish and concise your hallway. The decor can be transparent, opaque, glossy and matte, in various colors and using photo printing.

An interesting option can be called the design of the wardrobe rattan or bamboo. This natural material will appeal to more than one buyer.

Models from an imitation leather look magnificently, such option without effort will decorate a hall, a drawing room, a bedroom. Harmony can be achieved using other furniture of a similar style.


The sliding wardrobe can be made to order by the individual sizes of your room. The number of doors can be an unlimited number, it all depends on the length of your hallway and its styling. It is necessary to take into account only the fact that the length of the guide is 4.5 meters, therefore, with a large number of doors, a vertical partition will be installed and a new guide will be laid. Outwardly, this is nothing remarkable, which is very useful for those who want to buy a long model of furniture.

The optimal length for the finished product is 3 meters.

If you make a wardrobe of chipboard, then its maximum height will be 2.78 meters - the height of the chipboard panel. For those who want a model to the ceiling, you can offer an option with a mezzanine.

The standard depth of the wardrobe is 60 cm. But here everything is individual and depends on the features of the functionality of your wardrobe and the size of the room.

It is not recommended to make small models less than 40 cm, since taking into account the sliding mechanism, shelves 30 cm wide will be ineffective.

Large wardrobes, more than 80 cm wide, are also inconvenient to use - it is difficult to get things from the depths.

The furniture model in the hallway 60 cm wide will close the narrow aisle, therefore, it is better to use mechanisms with a retractable end bar and other lifting mechanisms.

Models and decor

Modern designs of wardrobes are infinitely variable. You can easily find your favorite model for your hallway.

The most popular options are made in the classical style, representing a tree or veneer of natural shades. As a variety of a little boring design, you can add inserts of veneer of a different color, the main thing is to use the natural color of real wood.

Models with glass very well optically expand the space and fit into the interior of the hallway, where the mirror will be most in demand. Glass products are very beautiful.

Long models of cabinets with multiple compartment doors are well suited for a narrow rectangular hallway. Doors can be opaque or glossy, transparent, opaque, translucent. Stylish doors with photo printing will give this product extra chic. The most beautiful are prints on all doors, combined into a single pattern - landscape, view of the city, the image of the animal. When opening and closing doors, the figure acquires movement and volume.

Unusual decors with rattan or bamboo inserts will perfectly fit into the ecostyle of your hallway.

Elite models of natural wood or leather look very solid, furniture with this decor will add the status of your hallway.

Embedded models can be interesting to disguise, for example, a wardrobe inside a regular cabinet. Such non-standard solutions can be executed far from each hall, but still this option is the place to be.

The main feature of the wardrobe is the presence in it of the correct filling and the mandatory presence of the department for outerwear.

Internal filling

The internal filling of the closet in the hallway should be as functional as possible.Therefore, such an element of furniture should be with a clothes hanger, with a shelf for shoes, with a mezzanine.

As a rule, any closet in the hallway has a conditional division into departments:

  • In the middle there are rods under outerwear;
  • Below are shelves under shoes;
  • Upstairs there is usually a mezzanine for things that are not used often or seasonal;
  • It is convenient to provide in it boxes and shelves for hats, scarves, keys and other accessories.
  • If the dimensions of the room allow you to install a large model, it is possible to place the rods in two rows in it, thus getting the whole family's things in one closet.
  • In sliding wardrobes with a depth of only 40 cm, retractable boom installation is more efficient.


This article has already mentioned the selection of wardrobe in a certain style of the room, let's talk about this in more detail.

  • For classic style is ideal wooden furniture.
  • The model with leather elements will harmoniously fit into a luxurious baroque style.
  • For an apartment or an individually decorated room in an ethnic style - a hallway - choose options with rattan or bamboo inserts.
  • For minimalism and high-tech style suitable wooden furniture in combination with a mirror and glass.
  • For the recently popular loft style, you can choose a model with smooth geometric lines, of a laconic shape, made of wood with a decor of glass and metal. Well fit into this style and the option of gray or furniture with a matte plastic.
  • If your hall is decorated in Provence style, the most suitable for it will be a white wardrobe, specially aged with bronze fittings and carved decor.

Color solutions

The choice of color for future furniture in the hall is a very important stage in thinking through the interior of your home. You can seek advice from a professional designer or decide on the color yourself.

The color expression of modern interior items is striking in its diversity. When choosing a closet, you should decide whether it will complement the existing interior, or serve as a stylish accent in the design of the hallway.

When choosing furniture, you should carefully inspect the already finished room, it is desirable that the lines in the decor of the hallway be reflected in the future wardrobe. Harmoniously looks like a combination of all the decor of the room.

Natural wood and various imitations of wenge, oak and golden walnut are always in fashion. If desired, you can always add such an element of furniture with plastic inserts of any color, metal elements, glass.

Not inferior in popularity to the classic version of white, made of matte plastic. Not only white, but also other light shades are popular - beige, light brown, milky, creamy, creme brulee, gray, champagne, peach, sand.

Glossy plastic facades of lilac, burgundy, purple flowers should be used in an appropriate interior, avoiding variegation in the decor.

Photo printing is better to choose, taking into account the style features of the room. Best of all, this print will fit into a modern urban style. If you use this decor for a large cabinet, you need to ensure that the color load is distributed evenly.

Consider the most harmonious combinations:

  • Gray - lilac, blue, pink;
  • Brown - gray-green, olive, beige;
  • Purple - golden, yellow, orange;
  • Red (rather bold color) - golden, champagne, green, gray;
  • White - almost all colors.

The wardrobe in color and texture should be in harmony with other furnishings, textiles, wallpaper.

If you can not decide on the color for furniture, choose models with mirrored doors - they will reflect the whole room.

Choosing a place

Before ordering a wardrobe, it is necessary to determine its location in the apartment. If you are going to purchase a compact version in a small-sized corridor in the Khrushchev, how can you accurately make the necessary measurements. It is best to purchase a corner cupboard or a shallow two-door model.

The sliding wardrobe can be built in a niche. The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a draft of a future product with a drawing of its filling and fastening for doors.

Tips for choosing

How to choose the closet, so you do not feel annoying disappointment from the purchase?

The first thing is that we decide on the choice of material from which the wardrobe will be made. Whether you stop your choice on a tree, chipboard or MDF panels, you decide on the basis of the material features and capabilities of yourwallet

Having defined the individual size of the furniture, it is very important to choose high-quality components.

Guides and rollers are better to choose from aluminum, it is more durable and reliable material than plastic, which is important when taking into account the frequent opening of doors.

Special attention should be paid to closers, such an important detail will allow you to close the door with a light touch.

The most important thing is the choice of filling for the wardrobe, because it determines the functionality of the furniture. There is enough space to accommodate rods for hangers, the required number of shelves for shoes, drawers for trifles and accessories for belts, scarves, shawls.

DIY installation

It is better to entrust the manufacture of the built-in closet-compartment to professionals, but to assemble finished products you will not need special skills. Moreover, the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation of the finished product are attached, and you can assemble it yourself.

  • The assembly of the finished product must begin with the bottom and fixing the legs.
  • In the next step, it will be necessary to install the side walls, the central partition and the upper wall of the cabinet.
  • If the dimensions of the room in which you intend to install the cabinet, allow, it is better to engage in assembling furniture in its horizontal position on the floor.
  • Install side shelves to add extra rigidity to the structure. This is the hardest stage of the assembly.
  • After fixing the remaining shelves and the rod, we install the doors of the sliding system.

Examples in the design of the hallway

Design hallway with the use of wardrobes a great many. The most interesting options in our opinion are the following:

  • The sophisticated and concise wardrobe of MDF gray. Glossy gloss gives some flavor and brightness to this option.
  • A model with mirrors is perfect for a large hallway, visually increasing the space to the square.
  • The stylish image of the ancient city adds depth to the closet. Photo printing is the perfect way to create an unusual interior.
  • An interesting option with convenient shelves and hangers on the sides for economical use of space. The matte finish, highlighted by small lamps, gives a soft charm to such a hallway.
  • Creative furniture design for a small hallway in the style of minimalism.A vertical bar creates the illusion of the breadth of the room. White-black interior emphasizes the individuality of its owner.
  • Organic model of wardrobe rattan looks easy and romantic. The ornate structure will add an extra charm to the hallway.
  • Bright, bold models with colored plastic decor will appeal to dynamic and ambitious people. The hallway in this case is better to arrange in pastel colors.
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The choice of wardrobe is a responsible, but enjoyable exercise. You get not only a convenient storage system, but also a stylish element of the interior of the hallway.

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