Sliding wardrobe in the bedroom and its internal filling

The choice of furniture in the bedroom is an important and responsible occupation. The wardrobe for the bedroom should be functional, roomy and fit well into the overall interior. One of the most modern and fashionable versions of cabinets is the wardrobe for the bedroom, which can be both mobile and built-in.

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Features and benefits

Sliding wardrobes for a bedroom enjoy huge popularity. This is not surprising, since this type of cabinet is suitable for most types of rooms, both small and large. Due to the presence of sliding doors, the wardrobe is able to save space well. The sliding wardrobe can be built-in or usual, ready or custom-made.

Both built-in and regular wardrobe can be installed in any part of the room. But the built-in version can change its location in the room only with the next repair. This is perhaps the only drawback of this type of furniture.You can choose the design and interior of your closet. For example, the walls of the room can serve as the side walls of the cabinet, which will significantly reduce the time needed to make furniture and save your family budget.

Built-in closet can be made according to your individual design, taking into account the size of your room. Most often, the wardrobe has a length and width that fully corresponds to the size of the wall. This wardrobe can accommodate a large number of different types of things, including warm clothes and shoes. Despite its height, the closet can be quite convenient if all things are properly placed in it.



Direct model of the wardrobe for the bedroom is one of the most popular. It can be placed along any wall, including the widest. It is not necessary to order a wardrobe in the whole wall. If you have only enough space for storage, you can use only half of the wall as a closet. But in this case it will not be possible to use the wall of the room as the cabinet wall.

Straight wardrobe is suitable for all rooms of almost any length and width, it will always look relevant and stylish.The most important thing is to take into account the dimensions of the bedroom. For a small room, the wardrobe should not be wide, otherwise it will take a lot of precious space.


Designers believe that the only room for which a corner wardrobe does not fit is a narrow, long room. In all other cases, this model will help to significantly save space and properly place all things. If the bedroom has a niche, then it can also be used as a place for the closet. Even in small rooms, a corner cupboard will look quite relevant.

To order you have the opportunity to make any model of the cabinet. A semicircular convex model that looks unusually compact, but can accommodate a large number of things, looks original. You also have the opportunity to order additional shelves and shoe boxes and equip the mezzanine for storing boxes and items that are used less often than others.

With mirrored door

All homeowners want their bedroom space to appear larger, at least visually. A sliding wardrobe with a mirrored door is a great way not only to enlarge the room visually, but also to save the owners from having to install or hang up an additional mirror.

You have the opportunity to order a mirrored wardrobe with two doors or one. But practice shows that the first option is much more convenient, since it provides easier access to every corner of the cabinet. The mirror can also be both on both doors, and only from one side. But in order to increase the space visually, it is recommended to order full mirror doors.


By the choice of material from which your future wardrobe will be made, it is necessary to treat with all responsibility. On the material of the cabinet will depend largely on its practicality and how long it will be able to maintain its original appearance.

Natural wood

Wardrobe made of natural wood is considered the most prestigious option, it looks expensive and luxurious. In addition, a wardrobe made of solid wood is the most durable model that will delight you with its perfect look for many years. But if you decide to order a wardrobe made of natural materials, then be prepared to pay a considerable amount of money for it.

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly material, it smells good, thanks to which you feel harmony with nature.The ideal option is a cabinet made of wood, which is not painted, but covered with a thin layer of varnish.


Drywall is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain any harmful impurities. Sheet HL is a frozen plaster, covered with thick cardboard. This material is widely used in construction, but, in addition, it is used in the manufacture of furniture.

The sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard is one of the most available options of furniture. A cabinet made of sheets of plasterboard can be easily made by hand, you just need to stock up on the necessary fittings. It is easy to work with this material, sheets can be cut well to obtain the required size.


The sliding wardrobe for a bedroom from material MDF is considered quite reasonable thanks to the democratic price. With proper operation, such a cabinet can serve from 10 to 15 years without losing its original appearance. MDF is considered one of the most popular materials and is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. This material is unique, so its top layer is able to disguise itself as any kind of wood.This wardrobe looks no worse than its competitor made of natural wood, but it is several times cheaper.

The wardrobe made of MDF fits perfectly into these types of interiors, which are made in the modern or minimalist style, where there is a minimum of details.


Sliding wardrobes for bedrooms, in the manufacture of which the chipboard material is used, have been relevant for many years. Chipboard is pressed sawdust impregnated with formaldehyde for a better binder of particles. This material is widely used in the manufacture of furniture in the middle and low price category.

Cabinets made of chipboard are afraid of moisture, so you should be very careful when taking care of such furniture. The disadvantage of the chipboard cabinet is the presence of formaldehyde resins, which are able to be released into the atmosphere and have a negative effect on the human body. That is why you should pay attention to the class to which the material belongs. Particleboard class E1 is considered safer than material type E2.

Color options

The color variety of wardrobes for the bedroom is quite wide. The wardrobe, custom-made, can be absolutely any color that fits perfectly into the interior of your room.

Most homeowners, whose bedroom has a classic design, prefer wardrobes of natural woody flowers. But if you follow the style of modern or high-tech, then you can afford to choose a model of red or any other bright shade. The main condition for choosing the color of the cabinet is that the overall atmosphere of the bedroom matches. In addition, the color of the cabinet should not strain, as bright contrasting colors can quickly get bored.

The bedroom is a place of rest, so everything in it should have a restful sleep. The ideal option for the bedroom is a glossy beige wardrobe. It fits perfectly into any interior, becoming a stylish and relevant element of furniture.

How to choose

Due to the fact that many furniture companies offer custom-made furniture services, you have the opportunity to create the perfect wardrobe for the bedroom. Before you call the measurer to the house, take preliminary measurements yourself and decide on the dimensions of the future cabinet. Carefully consider the internal contents of the cabinet, it should contain a sufficient number of shelves and brackets for vertical storage of things.Before final approval of the order, carefully check all the dimensions so that later there will be no problems with the installation of the cabinet.

After the wardrobe is installed in your bedroom, carefully check all the arrangements. Doors should open and close freely without any creaks or friction.

Internal filling

In addition to the required dimensions, when ordering a wardrobe, you can choose the fullness of the cabinet, which will consist of shelves, hooks, brackets and drawers. You have the opportunity to provide all the nuances and fill the cabinet with the necessary number of items for storing different types of things.

The space inside the closet can be divided into two parts, if you need a place to store things for two. This can be the male and female halves, or the compartments for two children. Ideal for storing vertical things and long outerwear is space with a size of 2-2.5, 3 meters.

Order a versatile wardrobe in which you will be able to store all your belongings, boxes and shoes. So you can save space in the apartment without cluttering it with various cabinets and easily find the necessary thing.

Interesting examples in interior design

Many people who have just bought a new apartment, strive to make the interior of their bedroom modern and functional.

Interior options in which the wardrobe is a beautiful addition to the overall style. there is a huge set. A wardrobe is ideal for a modern bedroom, in which there is an alternation of matte and mirror strips of various widths. The entire interior of the room is made in restrained gray tones, where mirrored stripes do not allow the bedroom to be gloomy.

Bedroom for a girl can be made using bright accents, one of which is a wardrobe. For example, the accent may be a rich pink color.

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