Wardrobe in the bedroom

The acquisition of a beautiful closet in the bedroom is a serious purchase. When choosing, you should carefully study the types of cabinets, their capacity, size, shape and color palette.

The bedroom is the room where the person is resting. Unnecessary items only violate the peace and harmony of sleep. Therefore, a properly selected cabinet will not only help you get rid of unnecessary things, but also unload the room, giving it the necessary order and comfort.


People who decide to put a wardrobe in their bedroom, note its laconic style and large capacity. Due to this product, you can leave only important things in the room in the form of a bed, bedside table, TV stand and the cabinet itself. You will no longer need shelves with drawers that occupy the entire room and create a clutter effect in the room for a comfortable stay.

Despite the fact that the modern closet is the overall furniture, it is able to fulfill the role of several items at once.Therefore, this option is the best solution for the interior of the bedroom. The closet will help you to place things of any size and hide extra objects from your eyes, creating an effect of order and comfort.

The list of advantages of compartment cabinets includes:

  • due to the height of the wardrobe, it will fit any things, unloading free space in the room;
  • cabinets in which there is a large number of shelves and drawers with other compartments, can replace the dressing room;
  • models with mirrors visually increase the area of ​​the room;
  • thanks to the sliding doors, you can save space in the bedroom.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of sample cabinets, among which you can choose models that fit perfectly into your interior or order an individual project that is tailored to the room (for example, if there are niches in the room, you can use them to design the cabinet and save on costs ).

Consider the size

In most cases, bedrooms have a limited area, so every owner of a small room is trying to save.Wardrobes can be put in a small bedroom, so they occupy an honorable place in modern interiors.

The most popular are built-in models that are placed on the entire wall. If you want to get an original wardrobe, which will be harmoniously combined with the design of the bedroom, you should make furniture to order.

Corner wardrobes, which are located in the corner of the room, look original in the interior. The furniture itself occupies a small area, but contains a lot of items.

Mini wardrobe is suitable not only for the sleeping area, but also for the nursery. It also fits clothes, bedding and hats on the upper shelves.

Manufacturers offer a wardrobe narrow, which differs in its design from the wide design. There is no long rod installed parallel to the wall. It is replaced by two end rails, located under the upper shelves. On such crossbeams place the hanger.

When choosing cabinets should know the size of the room: the width of the walls, the height of the ceiling. If you order a wardrobe, you can call a specialist to measure the product, but you must determine the depth yourself.Some factors should be taken into account.

How to determine the depth of the wardrobe:

  • consider that the door system is no more than 10 cm;
  • lights help you get rid of the lack of light, if necessary;
  • drawers will assist in access to the top shelves;
  • standard cabinet depth is 60 cm;
  • If you plan to store dishes or books in the closet, then order glass doors.

These recommendations will help you answer the question of how to choose furniture for your bedroom. Remember that it is not advisable to choose bright colors for the cabinet, prefer light shades. If your goal is to save space, then a small corner model would be the best option.


Manufacturers offer a variety of samples of cabinets, which differ in their functionality and size. Depending on your goals and wishes, you can choose the option that suits you most:

  • Built-in wardrobes preserve the geometry of the room and free space. Massive pieces of furniture can be removed in a niche, without focusing on it;
  • Cabinet cases are not so popular any more. This option is suitable for people who like to make a permutation in his apartment. Unlike inline models, such designs can be moved;
  • Corner models contain a large number of things. They can be placed not only clothes, but also towels, bed linen with a blanket;
  • Semicircular models are in a separate category. The distortion of smooth lines makes it possible to reduce the volume of the structure with a concave guide. Convex doors, on the contrary, “eat up” an additional area.

In the form of manufacture, triangular, broken, r-shaped and trapezoidal models can be noted. You can draw your sketch and order a cabinet that repeats the shape of the ceiling and walls in your room.

Studying the types of cabinets in the bedroom, you can see that the mezzanine in them do not stand out. Similar compartments are present in the structures, but they are hidden behind the doors. Despite this, this option is the best, compared with the suitcases and bags piled under the ceiling.

Modern ideas

For those apartment owners who follow fashion trends, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with modern solutions in the design of the closet for the bedroom. Modern styles are different from other styles in that they are intertwined with light and dark colors.If you have a small bedroom, combine rich colors with a light gamut: black-and-white models are on sale, variants of dark and light wood species.

Classic style wardrobes can be decorated with columns or frescoes. Borders and the mosaic made of a tree of different breeds are demanded. This design will be originally combined with the traditional interior, and continue the overall style of the room.

Stylish accent the room will give a large closet of bright color. A large variety of colors are characterized by models made in glossy and matte plastic. It will look good model of blue, pink, yellow, and other spring shades.

Light models will help to visually increase the space in the room. Models in white, as well as yellow, light gray tones will help emphasize home comfort. Remember that the selected colors should be in harmony with the rug, curtains, pillows and other interior accents.

Modern technologies make it possible to use interesting doors in the design, which can be equipped with frosted glass, beautiful photo printing or in tone with the wall decoration.Similar options are used in rooms with modern interiors, bringing a touch of originality and sophistication to it.

Facade materials: which one to choose?

When buying a cabinet, it is necessary to look not only at the internal contents, but also at the decor of the front part. Based on the exterior of the cabinet, its image can be defiant or, conversely, inconspicuous. It is the design of the facade allows you to overhaul the style of the room and make the headset the main subject in the interior.

The design of the front part of the cabinet allows you to create a unique style, as a wide range of materials used for decoration will emphasize the aesthetics of the furniture and the good taste of its owner.

Facade types

  • facades with photo printing. This technology is a photograph applied to the surface of the door with the help of special paints. Then the image is subjected to polymerization using ultraviolet. Due to this, the picture is bright and crisp lines. Paintwork protects the image from damage;
  • mirror facades. Due to the reflective surface, such products visually increase the area of ​​the room, so they are often placed in corridors with low illumination and in small rooms.The surface of the mirrors is covered with an anti-shock film, which eliminates splitting into small particles in case of damage. You can choose the facade, the film which has a silver, blue tint. There are options with the color of bronze and emerald;
  • glossy surface. This type of decor is the cheapest. You can choose a product with any color, as well as a decor with several shades. Gloss is made by simple technology, where PVC film, plastic or acrylic is applied to the prepared door;
  • glass sandblasting option. For their production, tinted or clear glass is used, on which, using a tinted method, an image is applied in a different style. The picture is resistant to washing, even chemistry;
  • popular double-wing facades with milling. Here is applied the classic façade of solid wood without glossy or mirror design. The front side is decorated with a unique contour image using cutters. Thanks to modern equipment, you can choose for yourself the facade decoration of any complexity;
  • facade lacomat. This material is a frosted glass that is matted with hydrofluoric acid. Glasses give a translucent effect, hiding the contents of the cabinet in half. That way, you can orient what things are behind the doors;
  • façades made of decorative glass may have sandblasted drawings in combination with frosted glass. Also popular are options with an etched mirror, which is a matte pattern etched on the mirror;
  • plastic facades are considered an inexpensive option that allows you to combine the design. There are models with transparent, matte, glossy and translucent plastic of various shades;
  • bamboo and rattan facades are suitable for bedrooms that are made in oriental or ethnic style. As a rule, bamboo strips are pasted on a chipboard or MDF panel. In the rattan, a core or bark is used;

In addition to the above varieties, there is a standard type of facade that is made of chipboard. The combined types are popular, in which several materials are combined, there are models with artificial leather. The latter option is more suitable for offices.

Internal filling

When choosing a cabinet, you will need to plan how the internal filling will be placed. This is an important stage, because here it is necessary to determine the features of each object inside. Start planning with simple shelves for clothes and bedding: you will need several roomy sections.

Top shelves, which are called mezzanine, will contain hats and rarely used items. Lower floors can accommodate shoes or heavy objects. Do not forget to plan the high sections for hangers.

Some closets may have a chest of drawers in which you can store small items, clothing, sewing supplies and other things. It is important to determine the internal content of your cabinet in advance, so that it contains everything you need.

Recommendations of designers for choice

When choosing a closet in your apartment, designers recommend initially to consider a design project. Depending on the room in which you are planning to install the headset, the area of ​​the room and the style of the interior, it will depend on which option suits you best.

If you decide to place a compartment wardrobe in the nursery, you can use the built-in wardrobe. This option is optimal because there are no sharp corners and protrusions in this furniture, but there are deep shelves, drawers and high sections where all small things and clothes for a child can fit.

The wardrobe will help not only to quickly hide a large number of children's toys, but also to quickly find them. It is not recommended to choose models with mirrors, it is better to pay attention to the options with open side walls equipped with shelves. On them, the child will be able to put their drawings and handicrafts.

In the design of the bedroom a large wardrobe will be the main subject. Choose models equipped with a deep shelf, a spacious section for clothes. Look great in the bedroom designs of four sections. A huge amount of clothes is placed in such closets, so every woman will be able to use it as a dressing room. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space to install such large furniture, but if possible, you should not miss the chance.

The doors of the cabinet, merged into a single mirror will help you create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.You can not only visually enlarge the room, but also use the mirror for its intended purpose.

Sliding wardrobes are able to give a modern look to a room in the Khrushchev. Pay attention to the angular compact options that will visually enlarge and lengthen the area of ​​the room without cluttering it.

Designers emphasize that compartment cabinets can be installed in the bedroom with any size and style. Consider some recommendations that will help you create a stylish and unique atmosphere:

  • In order to focus on the modern style and add lightness to the decor, choose large models with doors with transparent plastic. At the same time the dark shade of plastic will add originality and aesthetics to the room;
  • In some houses the bedroom is located in the attic, which has several levels in the ceiling. In this case, you can draw a sketch of a non-standard cabinet that will fill your room with originality;
  • for followers of the classic style, a wardrobe with contrasting inserts and carvings will suit;
  • if you have a room with a black and white color scheme, take a look at the built-in structures with a white glossy facade;


  • for narrow and long rooms, headsets with wide mirrored doors are suitable. As an addition, you can choose a facade with tinted;
  • For lovers of individual style, there are different types of combinable facades. Choose a ready-made version or order your sketch with a unique design;
  • decorative self-adhesive film on the doors will help you achieve the effect of "dissolving" the wall with the cabinet and creating unity of all the details of the design;
  • wardrobe doors with pictures that fit the color and texture of the room, allow you to refresh the room.

There are no restrictions in the design of such furniture. Based on your wishes, you can choose models with non-standard shapes, with any color scheme and design. The sliding wardrobe, which is the central element of the bedroom, will bring originality and practicality into the design of your home.

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