Wardrobe in the style of "Provence"

 Sliding wardrobe in Provence style

Furniture in the Provence style is characterized by a predominance of a calm color range: from white-tinted and ivory to the shade of the summer sky and young greenery. On the general monophonic background small bright inclusions of juicy and bright colors are allowed - cheerful pink, dynamic lilac, noble turquoise.

Distinctive features

  • Provencal style furniture is traditionally light, has a slightly worn look with a touch of antiquity. It is even possible to imitate the advanced age of furniture - scuffs on the facades, faded paint and cracked details. Cabinets are not particularly sophisticated and seem a little rough.
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  • furniture can be wooden or wicker. Forged furniture in Provence style is also allowed. If a solid wooden array seems too expensive option, you can order a wardrobe of more democratic materials such as DPS and MDF, but always with imitation wood. Exterior decor should also have a wooden texture.
  • The dimensions of the cabinet in the Provencal style do not play a role. Here the emphasis is on the shape and color scheme. Simple lines and colors of pastel colors are welcomed. Massive details are very characteristic of the style - for example, heavy forged handles made of copper.
  • The presence of jewelry in the details. This can be, for example, carved cornice or handles. To decorate the closet can also be stucco. The front facade of the closet - a Provencal style coupe can be decorated with a floral ornament or painting with rustic motifs.
  • As for the internal filling, some details of the technical progress can be made here - be it pantographs, compartments for household appliances, lifting mechanisms or built-in lights. Thus, only the external facade of the cabinet is important, behind which there may well be functional furniture, equipped with the latest technology.
  • Previously, Provence style allowed for only hinged doors in the closet, then modern fashion takes its toll and allows for a version of the closet - a compartment in the Provence style with sliding systems.

How to make the furniture look old

If you want to change the style of the furniture already in the house or just to refresh the interior, you can add a touch of antiquity to a modern closet in several ways.

  • Mechanical. Using emery paper, hard bristled brushes or a metal scraper, clean the cabinet surface in several places, making several scratches and irregularities.
  • Chemical. To create cracks and scuffs, you can use paints, varnishes and ordinary table vinegar.
  • Thermal. With the help of a candle or a soldering iron, you can make several tan on the front of the cabinet. They will mimic the traces of termites.
  • Decoupage method. This is another way to remake the cabinet under the style of Provence. We clean the cabinet surface from acrylic paint in several layers, allowing each of them to dry. Next, take a stencil with a pattern on a rural theme, dilute the PVA glue with water in a 1: 1 ratio, and paint the cabinet surface with a stencil with a solution. After an hour, cover the drawing with a layer of clear varnish and dry it.

After that, apply another standing water-based lacquer and use a hair dryer to dry the drawing. Hot air will crack the lacquer, thereby creating the effect of antiquity. Apply gilding to the edges of the stencil as a finishing touch.

Relevant Additions

In order for the Provence wardrobe not to be a separate foreign body, it is necessary that it become part of the interior. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the style in the rest of the room. You can complement the spirit of the province by adding a few details to the interior with a floral print or elements of hand lace. If the cabinet has outer shelves, you can lay napkins made of straw or embroidered.

In the bedroom, hang curtains with plenty of ruffles and ruffles. To match the curtains, you can lay a bedspread on the bed and decorate the bed with decorative pillows. If after repairs in the bedroom or another room, you still have pieces of wallpaper, you can decorate the doors of the closet - compartment. And then it will be one hundred percent hit in the image: the cabinet will merge with the room and become one with it.

The wardrobe in the Provencal style will more harmoniously look complete with the rest of the furniture. It can be a dresser or a table in the same style. Looks great next to a wardrobe in the Provence style fireplace with an abundance of elegant figurines, candlesticks, carved caskets and other cute trinkets. Wardrobes for living rooms may have a little more elegant forms than is typical for Provence. You can decorate them with hand-painted floral motifs.

Win-win - white wardrobe and white furniture in the appropriate style. This color awakens positive emotions in most people. It is often associated with luxury and aristocracy, with the French Riviera and the beaches of Saint-Tropez. It is the color of serenity, bliss and tranquility. Therefore, a white wardrobe of the Provence design in the bedroom or in the room of a young girl would be especially appropriate.

Many people mistakenly believe that white color is suitable only for women. It should be recognized that men also often choose white furniture. The white wardrobe in Provence style will easily fit into any other style. And if you later want to change the direction of the provincial interior, for example, with a classic or minimalist style, then the same wardrobe will fit in well with this interior. The same applies to Scandinavian design.

Wardrobes in the Provence style are inherently no different from cabinets in other versions and can also be built-in or box-mounted. By itself, the Provence style suggests the presence of light and free space. Provence-style furniture is great for country cottages and country houses. But this does not mean that such a style cannot be created in a city apartment. The only condition necessary for this is the presence of daylight.

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For the hallway, a wardrobe in the style of Provence may have forged items. If the door of the closet compartment with a mirror, it would be nice to "dress" it in an openwork frame made of metal, and next to put a clothes hanger in the same style.

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