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The hall is considered the most special place in the house. It is not only meeting friends, receiving guests, but also going to the whole family. Therefore, in this room should always reign an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. During the interior decoration in the hall, it is important to pay attention to the convenient placement of objects, as well as the harmonious combination of furniture with the general style of the room. The central room in the house should be spacious and at the same time multi-functional, so instead of the old bulky cabinets now prefer to install more modern designs in the form of wardrobes.

The sliding wardrobe will perfectly fit into design of any hall, regardless of its size and configuration. Due to its practicality, this type of furniture serves not only as a place to store things, but also as an original decoration of a room. To date, choose a closet in the hall will not be difficult, since the collection of furniture is presented in a huge range, including beautiful types of finishes.In addition, the wardrobe is presented in various sizes, it can be not only tall, but also as long as a wall. The modern constructions in the Khrushchevka look good, where every square centimeter is important in the design of the hall.

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Special features

Often the hall is called the "heart of the house", so its design must be taken responsibly, taking into account all the nuances, including the style of furniture. Particularly noteworthy is the selection of the wardrobe, as it serves not only as the main subject of the interior, but also helps to hide all unnecessary things from the eyes of guests. Due to the presence in the cabinet of special elements of fittings, you can easily place everything you need on racks and shelves. Basically, the closet is designed for storing documents, small household appliances, bedding, dishes, clothes. On the open shelves of the closet you can place souvenirs, photographs, TV, wine glasses and paintings.

The open part of the cabinet is usually located in the center, it visually gives the room a special touch of chic and differs in size from the other sections.

The wardrobe in the hall must necessarily be characterized by symmetry, that is, have an equal number of panels with doors to the number of panels with mirrors.Selecting this type of furniture for the general interior of the room, it is important to pay attention to the combination of colors.

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The main characteristic of wardrobes is the presence of a unique mechanism for opening doors. According to the type of construction, the cabinets are divided into the hull and built-in cabinets, and the external form is angular, diagonal, straight, L-shaped and trapezoid.

Cabinet wardrobe is one of the most popular types of furniture, the base of which is the body. Such a cabinet is equipped with doors, side walls, a strong bottom, top cover and rear roller. In addition to the basic structural elements, the cabinet wardrobe is complemented by a variety of decoration and lighting. It is easy to install and move.

Built-in wardrobe differs from traditional models in that there is no bottom, side walls and a roof. Such a cabinet is directly installed in the walls of the room, and the necessary shelves and elements are mounted in niches. It is inconvenient to move such a cabinet model, and therefore it is mainly chosen for large houses. Often there are also semi-built models of wardrobes.They look like a cabinet in which the walls of the room play the role of the back and side walls.

The most common type is considered to be a direct wardrobe with a characteristic rectangular shape. This is a great option for bedrooms and a hall. Fans of modernity and something unusual should choose trapezoidal cabinets, which, thanks to the different width of the side walls, will have an unusual and original facade. These models for aesthetic appeal decorate bevelled or radial shelves.

For the hall of a small area a corner L-shaped closet is well suited, which consists of two straight cabinets combined in the corner. Such cabinets harmoniously fit into the interior of halls, hallways and living rooms. Unusual also models of corner diagonal cabinets, the facade of which is represented by sliding panels. Thus, the cabinet, installed diagonally in the hall, visually forms a triangle. This type of construction is quite roomy inside and takes up little space outside.

Advantages and disadvantages

The sliding wardrobe is considered to be a modern type of furniture that completely replaced old wardrobes, walls and dressers from everyday life.The huge popularity of the design is explained by the presence of many positive characteristics, among which are:

  • A wide range of models. Depending on the area of ​​the room and the style of decoration, you can choose different versions of cabinets. At the same time, the sliding doors of the furniture are made of glass, plastic, chipboard, bamboo, rattan and MDF, which allows you to combine wardrobes with any interior in an original way.
  • Unique design and spaciousness. In the wardrobes, you can rationally fill the inner space, conveniently placing things and clothes in their places. In addition, the mirror facade of the cabinet and light body will help to visually compensate for a small space of the hall. The room will visually appear more spacious and larger.
  • Thrift. Choosing built-in models of cabinets, you can significantly save on materials, since the walls, the ceiling and the floor will serve as walls. Costs will be incurred only for the installation and finishing of sliding doors.
  • Ease of design. Organize and fill the wardrobe is much easier than a regular wardrobe. The multi-functional design allows you to store not only shoes and clothing, but also various household items.
  • Elimination of layout defects. Due to the unique structure, the wardrobe allows you to hide many of the flaws in the room.
  • Long service life.

Despite the many positive properties, the wardrobe has some drawbacks. The sliding door closing and opening system is subject to frequent replacement, as it wears out quickly. For efficient lighting in large cabinets special systems are mounted, and these are additional costs. In addition to all this, for normal operation of the sliding mechanism, you must constantly clean the guides.

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How to choose

Due to its practicality and versatility wardrobe is in great demand, so the idea of ​​installing it is popular among most designers. Properly chosen closet allows you to not only easily and economically place things, but also significantly transform the look of the room, visually expanding it and hiding all the flaws. DeZalt cabinets deserve special attention, which today are a smart choice, they differ in the external form, colors and types of decoration.

When choosing a wardrobe in the hall, first of all, you should pay attention to the material from which its body is made. Basically, MDF and particleboard panels of various thickness are used for the production of cabinet furniture. These materials are extruded wood particles interconnected by a formaldehyde resin. At the same time, there are many options for coloring such panels.

It is also important to correctly select the size of the cabinet. To do this, perform accurate measurements of its height, depth and width. We must not forget about the safety of operation of the wardrobe. All glass and mirrors should be covered with a special high-quality film.

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