Built-in wardrobe

Currently, the wardrobe is not only a place to store clothes. It can be a work of art in which there can be a variety of necessary items.

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Main advantages

The built-in wardrobe has a coupe with a large number of advantages in comparison with other models for storing clothes and other accessories. Let us consider in detail the obvious advantages of such a model.

Saving space is obtained due to the special design of the doors. Holds a huge number of different things. It is universal and will fit into absolutely any interior. Such a wardrobe can be safely put in the nursery, in the living room or in the bedroom. Such models of cabinets are very multifunctional. They can store things, clothes, books or even household appliances. Inside, it resembles a designer. Such a cabinet can serve as an excellent room zoning.

A wide range of design options in the manufacture of the cabinet to order. Due to the presence of mirror surfaces, any room will appear wider and airier.This model is very reliable in terms of operation and does not require special care. Due to the design features, there is a saving on material. Models are presented not only a wide range, but also a large selection of prices. Such cabinets can cost as usual, and they have much more advantages.

There is a cabinet or built-in wardrobe. The advantage of the built-in cabinet model can be called the functional use of the space intended for it. It can be of any size and be placed even in the smallest niche. The disadvantage is rather one and for someone it will be significant. The built-in wardrobe, of course, cannot be moved or moved. In case of dismantling it, the room will need to be redecorated.

Of course, if you have such a cabinet, you should forget about hinges and creaking doors forever. Modern models of the wardrobe are much safer and more practical than their predecessors. Distinguishes such a model and security. The doors of the cabinet smoothly go left and right, but do not open to the wide open, which hides the area of ​​the room and can injure the baby.

Any manufacturer knows that retractable doors are the best way to save space in a residential area.Of course, a built-in wardrobe will help make the design of the apartment individual and use the maximum amount of free space. It is important to consider that the built-in wardrobe is always modeled for a specific part of the apartment.

A feature of the built-in cabinet is the fact that when you install it in a niche there is a significant savings in estimates. The built-in version fits perfectly into the niches located in the apartment. Another feature of this cabinet model is that it can be based on a pantry.

The built-in wardrobe, which is located in the corridor, also has a number of distinctive features. As a rule, it is designed for storing outerwear for all seasons. In another section of the built-in wardrobe there should be shelves for placing seasonal accessories. The door must be equipped with a mirror. A built-in wardrobe in the living room also has a number of distinctive features. It is likely that light clothes will be stored in it, but there should be a large number of shelves and drawers for various trifles. In the middle of the cabinet, as a rule, make free space for the installation of a plasma TV.Built-in wardrobe, located in the bedroom, also has its own distinctive features. Experts recommend avoiding a large number of open shelves in it so that dust does not accumulate on the laundry.

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Options built-in wardrobe.

  1. Corner closet - compartment has a good feature - it can fit into any space, even the most insignificant. The disadvantage of this option can be noted unusual form, which will require additional financial injections in the manufacture. Of course, the corner wardrobe is very relevant for small premises. It will save a lot of space, located in the corner. It is important to install it in such a way that there are no heaters nearby.
  2. in a niche. For this type of accommodation, as a rule, choose the classic model of built-in closet - coupe. This type of design is the most versatile and has only one drawback. This model of built-in cabinet is difficult to give the original look. It looks quite ordinary, but will fit perfectly into the classic interior of the apartment. Due to the fact that the built-in closet is located in a niche, many details can not be mounted.It is not recommended to install such a cabinet in a plasterboard partition.
  3. in the whole wall. This option can serve as a novelty in the furniture market - this is a radial cupboard. Such a model of the built-in wardrobe has an original design that brings a certain style to any interior. This model is more expensive than all, due to the complex design of the doors and the use of more materials. Of course, a built-in wardrobe in the hall in the entire wall will be the interior decoration. It should be combined with all the style in the room and emphasize its dignity.

The built-in model is a universal option and can be located in any part of the apartment. Consider the main places of its location. For a bedroom, a closet built into a niche or wall would be an ideal option. Parts of the frame can be the walls of the room and the ceiling. For the closet in the bedroom is important the presence of shelves and comfortable rails. The design of the cabinet must be combined with the interior of the bedroom. As a rule, experts recommend combining a wardrobe with wallpaper colors and other furniture.

The living room is perhaps, along with the kitchen, a central place in any home.To create a cozy and comfortable environment, all items in the interior should be combined with each other. It is necessary to avoid excessive cluttering with furniture. Cleverly built in wardrobe will not hide space, but on the contrary, in the presence of mirrors it will visually help to increase the living room.

Large doors can be decorated in a completely diverse way. It is popular to use doors - windows, which, as a rule, are made according to the exclusive design of the customer. They will give the room solemnity and can be the main focus in the interior. Great demand in the design of built-in wardrobe in the room use mirrors and frosted glass. Natural material for the facade perfectly fit into the ethnic interior.

A good option would be the placement of the built-in wardrobe in the loggia. It can be made as another recreation area, as well as a great place to store. This design does not take up much space and will be very functional. For owners of open sides on the balcony, you should pay attention to the corner models of built-in wardrobes. This will help save space and will not close the view from the loggia.

The hallmark of any apartment will be its hallway.The presence of functional furniture there necessarily. The built-in version of the wardrobe is an excellent find for rational use of the room in the corridor. In addition, they can be with any content, up to the vault with an ironing board and a mop.

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A good option for the corridor is the built-in model of the cabinet. It can easily be built into the wall or pantry. If space allows, the owner of the apartment can order not only sliding, but also hinged cabinet doors. Such a cabinet is a very functional piece of furniture. A huge number of options for filling the cabinet will make it a practical keeper of all necessary.

Since there is often no access to natural light in the corridor, you should look at the model of the built-in wardrobe with the possibility of lighting. For example, a garland of halogen bulbs may be under the visor or the lights will be embedded inside the furniture. Do not do without a mirror. Before leaving the house, it is customary to inspect your appearance.

Recently, they began to install built-in wardrobes - a compartment in the “Khrushchev”.This apartment layout has a specific project and small size. Therefore, the appearance of a special place for storage there is very important. A great advantage of the layout is the presence of a pantry, which can be used as a dressing room and built in a closet - compartment.

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Facade materials

The first thing that anyone sees when looking at furniture is its facade. Depending on the appearance, the built-in wardrobe can harmoniously look in the room, be screaming shades or completely unattractive. Under the facade of furniture is customary to mean the design of the doors.

Mirror facades help to increase the space in the room, so this technique is often used in small or dark rooms. Built-in wardrobes with a glossy facade are the most affordable option. This model has a huge number of different shades. In addition, the technology and materials used for such design are quite simple. Often, these models are ordered to create any background indoors.

Also often found and models with a combined facade. Several materials can be combined at once.They are great for large models of built-in closets.

Recently, natural materials for decoration are in fashion. Popular models of solid wood or bamboo. The facades decorated in this way keep the original appearance much longer and they are not afraid of humidity and temperature changes. Began to gain popularity and decoration of the facade rattan. As well as bamboo, it is an environmentally friendly material and creates in every room a unique atmosphere of comfort. For classic or more solid interiors of offices and living rooms, you can use veneer with a texture of beech, oak or cherry.

Furniture design

Currently built-in wardrobe is one of the most modern types of furniture. The big plus of this furniture is a huge number of various design options. Designers are ready to create any masterpiece by request of the buyer. It can be installed in any room at home and, of course, in the office. Choosing furniture design, you should focus on the room where it will be located. Consider the frequently used decorating techniques in different areas of the apartment.

For the hallway you should pay attention to the model with a bright facade or with smooth surfaces. This technique will allow you to visually enlarge the space and give the dark room more illumination. Mirrors on the facade may have additional decor. For example, it can be frosted or sandblasted doors. You can choose white or beige material for the built-in closet - compartment.

For the living room is to look at several options for built-in wardrobe design - coupe and facade design. Good looking doors in the form of stained glass or colored glass. You can arrange the design of the door in the pattern corresponding to the wallpaper or curtains in the room. It will look good and closet with photo printing on the facade. Of course, a safe option for the living room will be the design of the wardrobe - a coupe in a classic style.

In the bedroom, experts recommend choosing a more relaxed design model. Frosted glass, artificial leather or sandblasted design looks good. Mirrored wardrobe in the bedroom is not recommended. Modern models of built-in wardrobes - compartments in the children's room, according to the designers, should have a bright and colorful design. Also, it should be a large number of shelves and comfortable handles.The listed design options of the built-in closet - compartment can be applicable to all types of structures.

Filling the cabinet

As a rule, companies offer standard content for an embedded cabinet model. However, it is necessary to take into account the particular layout of the room and the purpose of the rooms. For a wardrobe located in the bedroom, it is important to have drawers for storing underwear, and for large items or knitted jumpers, mezzanines are necessary. It will not be superfluous if there will be a comfortable pantrion inside. She will keep the pants in good condition. At the bottom of the built-in closet usually arrange a place to store shoes. The ideal is the option when each spouse has its own personal compartment in the closet.

In the built-in closet, located in the hallway, not only ordinary clothes are often stored, but also top and seasonal shoes. Often, umbrellas, suitcases, bags and hats are stored inside. When in the corridor it is not possible to establish a standard construction size of sixty centimeters, often models are forty centimeters wide.

For better functioning, experts advise placing there.stationary or end rods. Many designers recommend installing built-in corner wardrobes in the hallway. So you have a great storage system. Many housewives have household items such as an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, a computer desk or a safe in the corridor cabinets.

Often, built-in wardrobes located in the living room store not only items of clothing, but also decorations and various sets. At the request of the customer, a TV can be mounted in the case. This technique will allow you to save space in the living room. The filling of such an enclosure must be carefully planned out. According to the designers, it is good if open shelves are combined with closed compartments, glass doors are allowed.

When developing the design of the layout of the children's built-in wardrobe, the wardrobe should thoroughly think through everything. The internal filling of the cabinet should be organized in such a way that the baby can independently get the necessary things. The layout of the interior of the cabinet is a long and laborious task. But how everything will be carefully thought out in the future there will be no problems with the storage system.

Furniture fittings

Often furniture is no less important, and sometimes more important attribute of furniture. Qualitatively made accessories will allow to operate furniture quite long time. For comfortable use of the built-in wardrobe, it is necessary to have drawers, shelves, brackets and baskets in it. Due to such fittings, it becomes possible to use the cabinet space most rationally. Consider the main elements of the filling of the wardrobe.

  • Brunette woman helps keep the pants in good condition and does not allow them to be washed. They are stationary and with guides when the hanger leaves the closet.
  • Pantograph is indispensable for high models. This is a kind of elevator for clothes, which helps to get the necessary thing. It is equipped with a special rod that extends and falls to a horizontal position at a fixed height.
  • Obuvnitsa provides quick access to the necessary pair. They differ in size and method of attachment.
  • The bar for hangers is in any cabinet configuration, even the most economical option. Such a hanger is a round or oval tube on which the hangers are placed.Retractable rods are used when the cabinet depth is very small.
  • Drawers are an excellent option for storing various small items. As a rule, they make at least two.


The times of standard furniture from the store have sunk into oblivion. Modern features allow you to order a built-in wardrobe - coupe of any size. According to individual parameters, a specialist in the store will help you to make a diagram of the required model. But still, when choosing a built-in closet, there are rules that should be followed. The height of the cabinet, as a rule, reaches two and a half meters, and a depth of 40 cm or 60 cm. The size of the built-in cabinet will be influenced by the selected materials. After all, not everyone knows that chipboard sheets are standard size. Accordingly, even after trimming, the height of the cabinet can not be more than two meters seventy centimeters.

The standard depth of a built-in cabinet is an indicator measuring sixty centimeters. Such footage provides ease of use and structural strength. Forty centimeters are the minimum indicator of the depth of the cabinet, to do even less is simply impractical.Smaller models will simply not be functional and unstable. When taking into account the size of the built-in closet, the coupe should be remembered about the standard dimensions of fittings. Experts recommend choosing small sizes for the internal filling of the cabinet. The width of the doors of the built-in closet will depend on their number. The length must be ten centimeters below the ceiling, otherwise the installation and assembly of it will become impossible. How to calculate all the parameters will prompt a competent consultant in the furniture salon.

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Owner reviews

Almost all customers of the built-in wardrobe are very pleased with this piece of furniture. Practical, stylish and functional, it looks great in any room. In addition, modern features allow you to create a unique model for individual design. Many of the drawbacks of the planning of apartments such furniture will allow you to hide and add useful space for storage of things.

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