Built-in wardrobe in the hallway - a stylish solution in interior design

Sliding wardrobe in recent years has gained incredible popularity among buyers. Most often, these cabinets are purchased for installation in the hallway - such features as spaciousness and functionality make it not only a universal place to store things, but also an original element of the interior.

Features and benefits

Sliding wardrobes possess a number of the advantages distinguishing them in the furniture market and attracting the attention of buyers.


Sliding wardrobes perfectly perform their original function - storage of things. They are convenient, practical and provide enough space to accommodate all the necessary.

Rational use of free space

This applies in particular to embedded models. Effective use of the floor space is one of the most useful properties of the wardrobe, making it an indispensable element of the hallway interior.

Ability to hide communications

Not the most important, but a pleasant feature: properly placed in the room, the closet can hide communications that violate the aesthetics of the room.


A well-chosen wardrobe is suitable not only in the hallway, but also in any other room. The content and internal content is determined by the buyer himself, who is free to adjust it to himself. Finally, a huge variety of wardrobes allows you to find a model that fits the interior of each specific room.


The sliding wardrobe is suitable for storing practically any objects: from clothes to household appliances.


The cabinet of this type does not require special care, it is enough to periodically check the condition of the wheels of the sliding doors as the main moving parts.

The ability to manufacture custom-made and wide price range

The ability to create an individual order allows the buyer to get exactly what he wants, and a wide range of prices makes wardrobes accessible to a large circle of buyers.


Despite the fact that apartment layouts are usually of the same type, the hallway rooms often differ from each other. You must consider the characteristics of the room when choosing a model.Fortunately, the furniture market is represented by a huge number of wardrobes of various types, which allows the buyer to choose the model that best meets the requirements.


When choosing furniture in the hallway, the priority characteristic is the rational use of free space. In this case, such models are more advantageous than all the others, since they occupy the entire area provided. Built-in wardrobe is usually installed in a niche and becomes a single whole with the interior of the room. A feature of this cabinet is its stationarity, so you should carefully consider the layout of the hallway and the intended installation location.

Semi built

Such models differ from those built in by the presence of individual hull elements - the bottom, roof or walls. Moreover, in this case various design solutions and variations are possible: models may differ from one another by the number of side panels, the presence of the bottom and the cover.


The standard cabinet of the correct rectangular shape, can be both built-in, and cabinet. For the hallway the best option would be a direct built-in wardrobe - such models have good capacity.


Usually it is a direct sliding wardrobe with two doors.The doors move parallel to each other; Almost all cabinets of this type are inconvenient because when opening the door they shift, closing a part of the cabinet and making it difficult to access its contents.


If the cabinet dimensions are comparable with the size of the hallway, then such a wardrobe may well become a good dressing room for clothes. Open-type wardrobes are used in special wardrobes, becoming part of their layout.

Corner (L-shaped)

In fact, these are two cabinets, connected in the end, each of which has its own doors. This option is in many cases quite convenient, as it saves precious square meters of living space.

Triangular (diagonal)

Enough roomy, but at the same time, occupying a lot of space models. The facade connects them diagonally to the walls of the room, forming a triangle.


One of the most original species, which appeared relatively recently, but already gained popularity due to an unusual design idea. Due to the variety of forms, this type of cabinet can be placed in almost any, even the most non-standard room. It is important to note that the peculiar appearance does not reduce the functionality, allowing such a cabinet to remain practical and convenient.

Angular built-in (semi-recessed) models are best suited for installation in the hallway: they are compact and most effectively utilize the occupied space. Of course, you should take into account the characteristics of the room and on the basis of this select the appropriate model.


Wood and lining

Wood is a traditional furniture material, which has also become prestigious in the modern world. Its features include accessibility, reliability and noble appearance. Despite this, wood is not the best option for any furniture; in particular, for a built-in closet in a niche, wood is a poor choice. Moisture drops will destructively affect the wood and cause its destruction.

If a wooden cabinet is needed, wood for it needs special preparation.

Lining does not require preparation, but another problem arises: the door leaf frames must be made of wood that meets the requirements specified above and with particular care. In addition, lining boards need gluing.

A cabinet made of clapboard is well suited only if its appearance should complement or complete the interior in a harmonious way.


Drywall is lightweight and comfortable, but being fragile and fragile, it is not suitable for use as a supporting structure. To create a cabinet made of plasterboard, the installation of a metal frame is necessary - a complex and time-consuming process. In general, a wardrobe made of plasterboard can be created, of course, it is possible, but not always the result will be able to justify the effort invested. The advantage of this product will be its original appearance.

Laminate, MDF, fiberboard

Insensitive to temperature changes and having all the advantages of wood, these materials are best suited for the manufacture of wardrobes. Products from these materials are of low cost with high strength and reliability.

Their disadvantage is the tendency to absorb moisture, which leads to damage to furniture. It is not possible to return the product to its original appearance even after drying, therefore it is necessary to protect furniture made from these materials from moisture.

Mirror glass

Widely used in the design of many models. Mirror glass can be a good solution that improves the visual component of the entire interior.


The facade of the built-in closet is an element for which the visual component is more important. There are many options for its design, so the buyer is always a wide choice.

Models with a facade of vinyl or frosted glass look original, but for installation in the hallway are best suited for wardrobes with mirrored doors. This design solution allows you to visually expand a cramped room; at the same time, it is no longer necessary to hang a mirror separately - an indispensable attribute of the hall.

A color scheme

The choice of color in many ways affects how exactly the wardrobe will look in the interior. Many modern models have universal colors, but the selection of colors should be taken with due attention. The wardrobe should complement the color range of the room, create a harmonious furniture ensemble.

Dark tones absorb light, visually reduce the room, make it more gloomy and closed. Light shades, on the contrary, give a feeling of spacious space, visually expand the area of ​​the room, add light, which can positively affect the visual component of the hallway, create a friendly atmosphere.

A good solution would be to create a built-in wardrobe for individual orders: this will help you choose the desired color and get exactly the model that will meet the requirements of the buyer.


Spaciousness of the cabinet installed in the hallway certainly plays a huge role. However, it is not enough just to choose a roomy model, it is important to decide on its internal content. Furniture manufacturers offer a variety of options, strikingly different from each other and able to satisfy the most complex needs.



The simplest, necessary and functional component. Most often made of chipboard. From the size of the shelves depends on the capacity and efficiency of the use of internal space that should be considered when choosing a cabinet.


They are used mainly in wardrobes with a depth exceeding the standard 55 centimeters. For narrower models, it is advisable to use retractable hangers mounted parallel to the back wall.

This compartment should be the most spacious, since the main function of the closet in the hallway is exactly the storage of clothes.


As in the case of shelves, the size of the drawers affects the functionality of the entire cabinet. In the hallway, they can be used to store small objects, helping to avoid cluttering the room.

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Shoe net

An indispensable element of any hallway can also be part of the closet. Often implemented in the form of a multi-level design with sliding segments.

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Filling depends entirely on the needs of the buyer, but even the simplest wardrobes have several shelves, drawers or compartments in their device. More expensive and sophisticated models offer even more different functional components.


By placing the wardrobe in such a narrow room as the hallway, you must be thoughtful. With a good location, the wardrobe will save space and become a roomy storage of things; otherwise, it will deliver more inconvenience than good.

Use niche. If there is a niche in the hallway suitable for placing a closet in it - you need to use this! Best of all, of course, built-in models. Installing a wardrobe in a niche is one of the most effective ways to use it.

Engage the corners. Manufacturers of wardrobes offer a huge range of models of the angular type, and this advantage should also be used. Corner wardrobes differ in spaciousness and functionality, and a variety of design options will allow you to seamlessly fit such a wardrobe into the interior of almost any hallway.

How to choose

The choice of wardrobe is primarily due to the buyer's need for a wide functionality of the purchased item. In addition, an important role in choosing a cabinet is played by its design: it should become a harmonious element of the interior.

In "Khrushchev"

Being small and functional, the wardrobe is indispensable in a small room, which is the so-called "Khrushchev". In a situation where living space comes to the fore, furniture of this type is a real salvation.

If the apartment has a niche, it is advisable to use it to install a built-in closet. Functional models with a large number of compartments can also be a godsend for the residents of “Khrushchev”, as they allow to increase the capacity of the cabinet without increasing the dimensions.

In the narrow hallway

Wardrobe in the hallway - a modern and convenient solution to the problem of limited space. This applies to both hull and embedded models, and capacity is the main selection criterion. Proper placement will also help win square meters. Do not forget about the feature of the mirrored doors, which allow to visually expand the space - such a design decision will make a small hallway room more comfortable and cozy.

How to do it yourself

Despite the fact that there are many models of wardrobes in a wide price range, self-assembly of furniture also makes sense in some cases. This allows, firstly, to save money, and secondly, to take into account all the features of the room.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of cabinet to be installed. The best option for the home master of an average hand is a straight wardrobe. It has a regular rectangular shape and is simple in assembly.

Internal filling. Depending on what will be located in the closet, the number of shelves and compartments is selected. There are many ready-made drawings and plans of wardrobes: you can choose one of them, or create your own.

Then measurements are taken. The advantage of self-assembly is the ability to initially think through all the nuances of placing the future cabinet and determine its size.

After that, you need to correctly pick up materials. The best choice, as mentioned above, will be laminate, fiberboard and MDF. Drywall is a fragile and fragile material, and wood is sensitive to fluctuations in moisture levels. Along with the choice of materials, it is necessary to decide on the accessories of the future product.

The assembly itself is produced in accordance with the project and is individual for each specific case.

Special attention should be paid to the doors as the main moving element of the cabinet. The width of each of them should not exceed 60-70 centimeters in order to prevent distortions. The overlap of the doors is valid within 5-7 centimeters. Finally, you need to choose a door suspension system. There are three common options:

Bottom rail - the simplest, convenient and reliable: the doors slide strictly along the guides and do not collide with each other. Choosing this method of installing the doors, you need to pay attention to the wheels, since the whole weight of the door leaf falls on them.

Monorail - this option involves the use of a separate guide for each door and two pairs of wheels in each carriage. However, despite the fact that the structure is attached to the ceiling, the use of the bottom rail is necessary in most cases.

Upper rail - not the most common option. The severity of the door leaf rests on the guide, attached to the ceiling, which makes this method not the most reliable.

There is nothing impossible in self-installation of a wardrobe, but many are faced with the problem of combining a wardrobe and stretch ceilings. In particular, it is unclear in what order to install them. There are several universal solutions:

  1. First option. The installation of the tensioning structure is carried out first, then the height measurements, and according to their results the corresponding cabinet is ordered. The disadvantage of this method lies in the gap of a few centimeters remaining between the roof of the cabinet and the film.
  2. The second option. A bar is installed on the base ceiling (usually wooden), the width of which corresponds to the width of the gap. This timber will be the place of fastening of guides.You can also attach a profile and ceiling plinth to it.
  3. The third option. Before installing the stretch ceiling, the wardrobe must be installed in the base ceiling; the frame of the tension structure will subsequently be attached immediately to the cabinet itself. This is the most practical way, as it allows you to hide the gap between the cabinet cover and the ceiling and make the most efficient use of space.

Cost of

A wide range of built-in wardrobes in the furniture market creates the conditions for a wide price range. The cost of the wardrobe is formed from its size, materials used, originality of design, functionality and some other parameters. The cheapest models will cost the buyer several thousand rubles, while the cost of the more expensive will be several times higher.

It should be highlighted more than once mentioned individual order. The cost of the wardrobe, made on an individual request, will be significantly higher than the average. However, it is necessary to understand that in most cases this is a reasonable overpayment for quality and compliance with the requirements of the client, therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it should be used.

Interior Design Solutions

The range of wardrobes is so diverse, and the design of the models is so different that a well-chosen wardrobe can make a unique interior for any hallway.

Some models are interesting in their own right. For example, there are a number of wardrobes that perform both the original function - storing things - and a number of other tasks. However, for the hallway the most important is the main purpose of the cabinet.

Despite this, the wardrobe may well have an original appearance, fulfilling not only its primary task, but also improving the aesthetic component of the room. Non-standard color schemes, mirrored doors, sandblast pattern facade decoration - all this can help to create a unique interior. It is important to maintain overall harmony and maintain a balance between the appearance of the cabinet and its functionality.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a closet is that it should complement the interior, emphasizing its uniqueness and individuality.

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