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The bedroom is that place in which each of us has a rest after the intense working day. It is in this room that it is important that all the details of the interior are tuned to rest, and nothing distracts from a restful sleep, therefore in the bedroom, ideally, there should not be any extra items or clothes scattered around the perimeter of the room. To efficiently use the space and hide all your belongings from prying eyes, it is important to choose the closet for your bedroom.

Recently sliding wardrobes enjoy special popularity. About the disadvantages and advantages of this type of furniture, as well as its features and will be discussed in this article.

Features and benefits

Properly selected cabinet allows you to significantly save space. Especially if the conversation is about practical built-in wardrobes. They are located in a comfortable niche in the wall and do not occupy much additional space.Today it is a very practical and stylish alternative to bulky closets that have been commonly used before.

The wardrobe-compartment, designed to order, will help to save the maximum space. Having chosen a closet under the parameters of your room, you can use every inch of your room wisely.

The sliding wardrobe is an excellent option both for spacious rooms, and for small bedrooms. Its peculiarity is that it does not have the usual swing-open doors, but sliding doors. Therefore, opening them, you will not touch all objects standing around.

Another plus wardrobe - you can put in it not only clothes, but also bed linen and shoes. In order for all your belongings to fit in such a closet and lay there in perfect order, think in advance about its internal arrangement. You can choose the size and location of all your shelves, drawers, racks and panels.

And the last plus of the wardrobes is that it can fit into any interior. The classic version of this wardrobe is the perfect complement to the modern or high-tech style. But, the original and decorated wardrobe can be easily entered in a classic style.


Modern wardrobes are different in appearance and features.

Corner wardrobe

This version of the closet is an ideal find for a small room. In addition, if you have a room with a non-standard layout, then a wardrobe of this type in it will also be in place.

True, it is worth clarifying that such a wardrobe will not fit into a small rectangular bedroom. In other cases, it will definitely be appropriate. Another advantage of this cabinet is that its installation will cost you much cheaper, because you can do without the back and side walls.


The sliding wardrobe with a mirror is good because it allows you to visually expand the space of the room. If you choose a mirror cabinet in the whole wall, then the room will be reflected in it, and therefore it will seem twice as large.

However, many consider this type of finish to be very impractical, since the mirror surface very quickly gets dirty and covered with dust. If you want to keep cleaning time to a minimum, then make a mirror is not the whole wall, but only one door. Also looks very aesthetically pleasing wardrobe with frosted glass. In addition, its surface can be covered with original patterns or paintings.

Do not be afraid that the glass will be too fragile. Glass for wardrobes is treated in a special way, making it resistant to impacts and scratches. Such a mirror cabinet is well suited even for a children's bedroom.

Built in

Convenient built-in wardrobe. When installing it, it seems that the entire space of the room remains free, despite the fact that all things are laid out on the shelves. This version of the closet is almost a small dressing room.


To create a closet most often used materials such as natural wood, drywall or chipboard.

High-quality natural wood is considered the most sophisticated and prestigious option. Such a cabinet looks expensive and luxurious, and serves much longer than its cheap counterparts. However, not many decide on such a purchase, because the wardrobe of their natural wood is quite expensive.

Internal filling

An important role is played by the internal filling of the wardrobe. It is very important that its internal space is properly distributed - this will help to keep in order all the necessary things.

Thinking through the internal content and create the appropriate schemes and projects should be guided by their own needs.Inside the cabinet you can store not only clothes, but also shoes, household items, a headset and books.

In general, the internal space of the classic wardrobe can be divided into three main zones. The lower part of such a cabinet is usually reserved for storing bags and shoes. It is best to store them in boxes so that they do not gather dust.

Rarely used things are also often stored on entresol. They put bed linen and things that are irrelevant for this season.

The main zone is reserved for hangers and shelves with frequently used clothing. On the hangers you can place not only dresses and shirts, but also any other things that must always remain in perfect condition.

In addition, if you have a large closet, you can also place a small ironing board along with an iron. This will save even more space in the room.

Even the cabinet door can be used to place your jewelry, belts, ties and other small things there.

Very well, if you have the opportunity to divide the cabinet into two or three sections. Then in some parts of your closet you can store clothes, books and rarely used things.

Design models

Another important point is that the closet should fit into the interior of your room. Stylish colors should be carefully considered. If your bedroom is large and spacious, then the closet can be made of dark wood. This option looks stylish, especially if the rest of the room is made in bright colors.

But for smaller rooms it is better to choose a light closet. That he will visually expand the space. Especially good if such a cabinet mirror door.

Cabinets bright colors organically fit into the interior in a modern style. However, many refuse to use too catchy colors, arguing that saturated colors negatively affect the quality of sleep.

It will be interesting to look and closet, decorated with painting or decal. To create such an image on the surface of the glass is most often used the popular technique of sandblasting. In the process of creating such a pattern, air with quartz sand is applied to the cabinet. In order for the picture to be clear and beautiful, stencils are used.

The most popular variations of patterns are Japanese calligraphy, original abstraction, floral and floral patterns. In the children's room, the surface of the cabinet can also be decorated with various images of heroes of fairy tales and cartoons.

Best of all, if the pattern on the closet will be combined with wallpaper, then the overall picture will turn out harmonious and interesting, and the closet does not look ridiculous and inappropriate.

Cost of

The price of a wardrobe depends, first of all, on what materials are used to create it. The most expensive furniture is made of natural wood. More affordable options are chipboard or drywall. This material is less durable, but if you are limited to a small budget, then it is quite suitable for you.

In addition, it is worth noting that buying a ready-made wardrobe is cheaper than ordering it from the masters. But in the second case, the high cost justifies itself, because it will be fully fitted to your room and, of course, to your wishes.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Beautiful wardrobes are the perfect complement for almost any room. Let's look at a few stylish interiors to see this in practice.

In the first case, the classic technique is used - a neat wardrobe fits into the modern interior in modern style. Plain walls and light brown soft carpets are in harmony with the two-color wardrobe compartment. Such interior is diluted with interesting details - a lamp with patterns, a textured surface and furniture of unusual shapes.

In the second case, you can see how the use of a wardrobe with a fully mirrored door allows you to visually increase the space more than doubled. Such a wardrobe also organically fits into a minimalist design, because if a huge amount of rubbish is reflected in the mirror, the room will look untidy.

In the children's bedroom, a wardrobe made of dark wood decorated with a stylish sticker will look cute. This wardrobe looks great in the room of a little boy, and in the room of a young girl. Neutral design in blue-green tones is a good basis for such a cabinet.

In general, what kind of wardrobe in the bedroom to choose, and how to decorate it, only you decide. Choose an attractive design for you personally, and you will definitely not be disappointed in how your room will look like in the end.

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