Sliding kitchen cabinets

Every modern housewife dreams of a spacious and functional kitchen, but not always desires correspond to reality. Basically, the layout of the apartments does not provide for the presence of too large kitchen facilities in which it would be possible to arrange furniture and equipment. Headset manufacturers are increasingly improving traditional options: cabinets, cabinets and shelves. One of the modern solutions in the field of design are sliding systems for kitchen furniture.

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Special features

Sliding kitchen cabinets are multifunctional and versatile products that save a large amount of free space. Basically, these models are used if the room is not large and there is no possibility to install dimensional furniture.

The use of such systems allows you to use every centimeter in the kitchen for a specific purpose.Cabinets are quite roomy, some of them are designed to store not only dishes, but also kitchen equipment, household appliances.

It is worth noting that the well-known modern manufacturers of kitchen sets for quite a long period have replaced standard cabinets and cabinets with sliding systems. In comparison with many classic species, such designs have many advantages. These include:

  • most of the boxes are divided into sections, which allows them to be used for storing a wide variety of items;
  • retractable systems are able to open not only in one compartment, but also with the whole structure at once;
  • All boxes differ in shape and size.

Main types

There are several main types of retractable systems, which today are most often used in the interior. The first and most popular designs are with drawers. Basically, they are under the table top. Often, the upper and lower rows are presented in the form of such retractable systems, which is quite convenient to use. All necessary items are nearby, no need to constantly look for kitchen utensils or dishes.

Functional kitchens involve the use of the maximum amount of space with the help of such sliding structures. Near the stove, the most capacious sections are arranged, in which it is possible to store dishes for cooking dishes with ease.

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Another common and interesting option is cargo boxes. The feature of these retractable systems is height. The width of the boxes is small - from 20 to 30 cm. They are designed for storing various cans and bottles. Basically, these tall drawers are arranged in the gap between the stove and the cabinet.

Functional and roomy options are retractable baskets. The peculiarity of such species is that they are used for products that need airing.

A good option to save space in the kitchen would be angular sliding systems. Basically, they are used for arranging small spaces.

The most functional can be attributed to the design, when opened, which rolls out all the inner boxes at the same time. This allows you to immediately access the contents of sections.

One of the most original and capacious options are sliding systems in the form of a column. They resemble the design of cargo boxes, but the difference lies in the spaciousness. These shelves are designed to store a large number of different items and bottles. The height of the systems can be very diverse, the choice depends solely on your wishes and needs.

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Popular systems

Choosing a suitable sliding system for the kitchen, it is best to give preference to reliable manufacturers, who have managed to show their high quality, and break into leadership positions in the sales market.

One of the most popular and popular options is DUSA products. Such systems will be an ideal addition for cabinets in which various cereals, flour and household supplies are stored. The design is equipped with internal and external baskets, which ensures maximum accessibility to all necessary. Sections are put forward on two leads, due to which the most distant objects immediately appear on view.

The main advantages of the systems are durability and reliability.All parts and mechanisms are made of quality materials, which ensures durability during use. Baskets withstand a rather impressive weight (from 5 to 20 kg), which can also be attributed to the advantages of systems. The assembly of the structure can be made by hand using individual elements.

In choosing a sliding system you should pay attention to the VSA model. These designs are presented in the form of columns, and are intended for storing various bottles and cans. The advantages of the systems are spaciousness, reliability and durability. Designs will be the perfect option for creating a modern kitchen interior.

Another useful option would be the HSA retractable swing system. Often, such models are used for arranging professional kitchens in restaurants. The main advantage of these species is functionality.

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