Greenhouse "Kremlin": models and characteristics

Most likely, residents of regions with a changeable climate do not need to explain what a greenhouse is. Every amateur gardener or gardener understands the charm of having a greenhouse on the plot and uses it actively. A greenhouse will help grow a variety of vegetables and fruits even out of season, and will also be a tool in the reproduction of seedlings in the spring. He will be a loyal assistant in the cold season and protect planted plants from frost, snow and rain. Since such structures have been used for more than a dozen years, people have achieved great success in their efficient construction. In this article it is worth considering one of the most popular types of greenhouses, namely "Kremlin".

Features of the device

"Kremlin" greenhouse has excellent features and has worked well in practice. It is ideal for our harsh climate and is able to withstand heavy loads.It has so gained the confidence of specialists that today one can find various subspecies of this structure on the market.

In order to better evaluate the structure, it is best to single out its main advantages.

  • Such an arched greenhouse is stable and durable. The quality level is confirmed by compliance with SNiP 2.01.07-85.
  • It is considered the most reliable among its fellows, as it is able to withstand heavy snow and heavy rains. It can withstand 200 kg / m² of snow cover and more.
  • Due to the fastening of several pipes into the arch, without a large section between them, the maximum strength is 5 cm. The metal used for production is steel with a cross section of 20x20 mm. The arched trusses themselves are fastened together with ties and clamps.
  • In everyday life, the arch receives positive feedback not only for its reliability, but also for its ease of transportation. Of course, all its elements are unlikely to fit into the cabin, but without problems it will enter the upper trunk, so it is not necessary to use expensive freight.
  • Another plus is the default added metal corrosion protection. A special coating protects the "Kremlin" greenhouse from water, thereby extending the period of operation.

Having discussed the positives, it is impossible not to touch on the negative ones. These include a rather lengthy assembly of the structure. Due to the fact that the greenhouse has many components, the construction provided stability. But the other side of the coin is a laborious build in terms of time. Nevertheless, it is worth spending once the time and assembling the structure to enjoy it for many years.

Depending on the amount of precipitation, one more insignificant minus is possible - in winter, it will still be necessary to periodically rake snow from the roof of the greenhouse and perform other mechanical work to take care of it. This fact is quite obvious, but it is impossible not to mention.

Manufacturing materials

The main materials used in the manufacture of the “Kremlin” greenhouse are steel pipes, metal profiles and polycarbonate. In addition, various fixing materials are used: ties, clamps, screws, and so on. The pipes and the profile form the frame of the greenhouse, and the presence of polycarbonate ensures the correct roof of the structure. Polycarbonate is an effective material, as it not only has good sunlight transmission capacity, but also provides enhanced protection against the strongest rainfall.

If you disassemble the "Kremlin" greenhouse into components, you get the following list:

  • collapsible arches, but if you wish, you can ask the manufacturer to make a one-piece construction;
  • doors and all the details necessary for them;
  • window, vent and parts for their assembly;
  • lower and upper rods, butt and side components;
  • screeds;
  • the basis for a floor;
  • necessary fittings.

As you can see, there are a lot of positions, and this, if we talk about the classic type of greenhouse. For other variations, which will be discussed below, additional materials will be needed. So, for a standard (greenhouse length 4 m), three sheets of polycarbonate suffice, and with an increase in length up to 6 m - four pieces are already.

Choosing the right option, the buyer receives all the original components.

Sizes and designs

It is worth more detail to disassemble the types and sizes of greenhouses "Kremlin", because they are extremely important when choosing a country "assistant".

Almost all types have several options in the dimensional grid.

  • Size universal "Kremlin" greenhouses vary from 4 to 10 meters in length and 2.5–3 meters in width. Its other name is the greenhouse "Kremlin Suite".This design has a standard set of characteristics: one doorway and two vents. This is the minimum set from which the manufacturer repels. Nevertheless, it has established itself as a reliable and durable greenhouse, able to withstand up to 234 kg of snow per 1 square meter.
  • The hit of sales is definitely considered a greenhouse. "Zinc". It has the same dimensions as the first type, but the most popular length is 6 m. The peculiarity of this model is the galvanization of all components, which adds points in terms of wear resistance and protection of the structure against corrosion.
  • Another model is a greenhouse. Kremlin Premium. In everyday life, its parameters are 2x6 meters, although it has other standard configurations. It is produced, with an emphasis on strengthening the arched structure, and it is used in harsh climatic conditions.
  • Greenhouse "Fairy tale" (another name “Arrow”) is a variety that has a distinctive roof shape, namely, a sharp one. Achieve this effect by using the reception of single arcs. Elements connect at the top point, forming an acute angle.This is done to ensure that in winter the snow freely and quickly rolled down to the ground, thanks to which the structure can withstand a load of up to 500 kg per 1 square meter.
Fairy tale

This is the main classification of greenhouses. In addition, all models presented with the posts “Bogatyr” are distinguished by an even more robust design. Their main feature is the reduced distance between the arcs (0.65 m), although in all the others the length is 1 meter. This makes the greenhouse more durable, providing an opportunity to load, for example, on the Bogatyr Zinc greenhouse, 334 kg / m². Choosing any of the above greenhouses, you can choose the appropriate color of the frame - gray or black.

There are more and less popular construction options among summer residents, but the presence of several sizes makes it possible to avoid problems of organizing a place individually at each site.

Virtually all greenhouses, except for individual models, are equipped with a double rod arched structure to ensure a long service life. And one of the important characteristics is a long warranty. "Kremlin" greenhouses are made conscientiously.Of course, the warranty period depends on the seller, but it reaches up to 25 years.


Due to the fact that greenhouses can be considered almost the national construction of our latitudes, manufacturers have achieved considerable success in their improvement.

Today on the market there are several proven companies.

  • Manufacturer LLC "New forms" It has been working in the Russian market and not only for more than a decade and is an advanced supplier of materials. During this time, a lot of amateur summer residents and hundreds of agricultural firms have become customers of the company. The presence of certificates of high standards and a convenient purchase procedure makes the purchase of a greenhouse a painless process.
  • The company "Red Harvest" has extensive experience in the distribution of greenhouses and a wide range of models. It also provides long-term warranty and installation assistance.
  • Another manufacturer of the garden market of the Russian Federation called "Very Strong" Has established itself as a quality and reliable supplier. He regularly provides all kinds of promotions and discounts, which makes it possible to save a lot.

As you can see, you need to approach the purchase carefully.You should evaluate all the advantages of a manufacturer and consult with a specialist.

New Forms
Red harvest
Very tight

Assembly Instructions

As already mentioned, the assembly process is not a minute process, so it should be considered in more detail.

For the assembly will need the following tools:

  • level;
  • building angle;
  • screwdriver;
  • assembly knife or its equivalent;
  • hexagonal head for the screwdriver (8 and 10 mm).

The process of building greenhouses should be as follows:

  • it is necessary to choose the right installation site, the construction should not interfere with the site, it should be easily accessible, and the area itself should be well lit by the sun, so the location of the greenhouse is one of the main issues at the initial stage;
  • you need to check the presence of all the necessary parts that were mentioned above, in addition, you can use the specification issued at the time of purchase;
  • it is necessary to prepare the site for installation - level it and strengthen it with a foundation, usually a frame of wooden bars is used; You can install a greenhouse directly into the soil, but this will shorten its service life;
  • the next bulky item is frame mounting; it is necessary to fix it to the foundation so that the greenhouse does not lean; the process itself is understandable and is described in detail in the issued instruction;
  • to install the roof, you need a mounting knife; it is necessary to cut the polycarbonate of the desired shape and fix it on the frame;
  • it is necessary to remove all protective films from the surfaces and check the strength of the bolts.

At this all the main stages ended and the "Kremlin" greenhouse is ready for use.

During the whole process you need to be attentive to details and follow the instructions clearly. But if you do not want to bother, you can invite responsible employees of the manufacturer, who will be happy to help.


For so many years of service and production, all types of greenhouses have earned a lot of feedback from gardeners. Appeared their favorites and recommendations for use. In general, the greenhouse has earned a positive rating based on the reviews. Especially distinguished are its characteristics such as reliability of production, strength and stability of the structure. People also emphasize the possibility of easy transportation and a large selection of options.There is good ventilation due to the vents and wide doors.

There are negative reviews. They basically speak of two things: the complexity of the assembly and the high price. And also sometimes emit periodic availability of work on cleaning the greenhouse. But besides evaluative reviews, people who have tried the “Kremlin” greenhouse in practice give a lot of useful advice, so you shouldn’t be lazy and read the discussions. For example, it is not recommended to wash the greenhouse inside with strong chemical agents; only soap solution is allowed. And such procedures should be carried out every time after the winter period. It is better not to use chemistry, since evaporation and residues can negatively affect future plants.

Installation of the greenhouse "Zinc" - in the next video.

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