Elghansa mixers: advantages and characteristics

 Elghansa mixers: advantages and characteristics

Currently, many types of sanitary ware have been created, each of which differs from others in its specific features and characteristics. For the user, the main requirement is the reliability of the product, so you should opt for a manufacturer from Germany.

Elghansa is distinguished from others by its unsurpassed quality of manufactured units that have high technical performance.

About brand

The Elghansa Deutsche Wasser Technologies company is engaged in the production of taps for both the bathroom and the kitchen. It occupies a leading position in terms of sales in the domestic market over the past 10 years. Produced elements are developed on the latest equipment, so do not worry about the fact that a low-quality product will be purchased.

The company strictly monitors compliance with sanitary and technical standards during the manufacture of its products. At each stage it passes quality control. The company has its plants in Europe and in Asia. It should be noted that there are many variations of products, each of which has a unique appearance, so that buyers always have the opportunity to choose the option that suits them.


The population appreciated the many advantages that Elghansa mixers possess. Among the many positive moments, we can distinguish, mainly, the service life, during which a guarantee is given for a particular element, this indicator has a value of 60 months, which is very different from other companies that guarantee the normal operation of their product. It is interesting that in this case it does not matter with what activity the installed mixer will be used.

The main advantages include:

  • wide range in pricing;
  • the quality of the material used, thereby preserving the appearance over a long period of operation;
  • during the installation or dismantling process there will be no problems;
  • no negative effects of moisture and condensate that may appear during the operation of the product;
  • products have a huge selection in color;
  • due to the presence of the center, which deals with the maintenance and repair of mixers, it is possible to purchase spare parts or to give in for repair.

How to choose?

Among the important moments the central place is occupied by the characteristics possessed by the material of manufacture of the mixer.

German company Elghansa uses brass for its products, which has a high strength when compared with copper. Among other properties that are inherent in the material, it is necessary to indicate resistance to corrosion and the buildup of plaque. Brass belongs to absolutely safe materials for human health.

Also created models that are made of bronze or stainless steel. Many elements have single or double valve mixers. It depends on personal preferences and consumer needs. For the kitchen most often choose a single-lever version of the design, which has less geometric parameters, as well as a fairly simple and easy to use.Mixers that have a thermostat are highly popular, so it is possible to maintain the temperature level of the water, as well as to adjust the output pressure.

Each element from Elghansa has its own geometric parameters.therefore, you need to choose based on the recommendations of experts. The parameters of the sink into which the water will be drained play an important role, because you should choose a model in which water will flow approximately into the center of the kitchen sink. Special mobility and practicality have mixers with the ability to turn around its axis.

Unique bathroom items

Bathroom sinks and faucets are purchased for a long time, so each of them should be of only high quality. Elghansa mixers have many models that are made in different styles. Buyers can find classic models, there are products that emphasize the modern style or retro. Fans of minimalism, too, will choose for themselves a suitable mixer. When choosing a bath mixer, many customers pay special attention to the appearance of the product, as well as its usability.

However, there are unusually demanding people who are interested in:

  • operating temperatures for the mixer;
  • whether there is an aerator;
  • what type of control is applied and the other.

The company, which manufactures faucets, provides structures for the shower. Such models are widely popular because they emphasize with their appearance the interior of the room, bring a romantic mood, and the adoption of water procedures has an extremely positive effect.

In this case, the design, the main task of which is considered to be the water supply, is mounted in the wall, thereby maintaining its integrity. On the wall you can see only the outflow element and the watering can, which are fixed to the wall.


A bidet is a small bath, the main purpose of which is to maintain cleanliness during the adoption of water procedures for intimate hygiene. In such cases, the model is installed through a small hole, which is present in the bidet, the mixer. This is a very simple process that completely repeats operations with installing a conventional classic faucet on the sink.

The German brand has a huge number of such mixers, because it includes them in each of its collections. Models can also have one or two valves, as well as an additional watering can be provided in the composition. It has become preferable to use mixers with a thermostat.

Well proven model Wellesley 4644844. It uses chrome-plated brass as the material used. It has a classic tube view. There is a special aerator that allows you to set the maximum comfortable pressure of the incoming water.

Among the many Elghansa models, you can also highlight the Wellesley 34K1144-BI01 mixer, which is of the hidden type. It has a stylish design and fits perfectly into any interior, and its brass chrome-plated surface will reflect the effects of moisture.

Plumbing for washing

Of the collections of faucets presented by Elghansa, Kitchen, Terrakotta, Kimberli, Praktic, Kubus are especially appreciated because they fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen and become the central element of the room. The most simple and extremely popular is the model Kamella 56A0123, which has only one lever, made in the classic version.

There are two color options:

  • bronze;
  • chromium-plated.

Among other mixers from the German company, along with the functionality, the model Mondschein 56A2235, which incorporates an additionally included water filter, is highly optimal. Enjoys popularity among fans of minimalist style with laconic forms. Brass is used as a material; an aerator is also provided, made in the form of a special nozzle. Among other things, there is a unique opportunity to save water with a special device, which is fixed on top.

The Praktic 59A5860 model mixer, which has two valves, as well as a diverter made of ceramic, which can be rotated 90 degrees, is perfect for a washbasin. To enhance safety, the product includes a special stop cartridge, also made from ceramics. This is an unusually long, if you measure the length of the spout, model.

For users who prefer the high-tech style, the Kitchen 5604032-2509 faucet is perfectEquipped with a unique flexible spout. This gives even greater convenience to the mixer, because you can independently direct the flow of water to the right place.Thanks to the control lever, you can adjust the temperature parameter of the water. The body of the mixer is also made of brass, but it is covered with a layer of special lacquer, which allows you to maintain the appearance of the product for a long period of operation.

The classic version of the mixers is used more often when compared with other styles. This can be checked by reading the numerous positive reviews of customers who already have the opportunity to use the devices.

Elghansa company provides an opportunity to choose the color performance of its products ranging from the classic metal and ending with modern shades, for example, gray, pink, matte white and others.

In the next video you will find the installation of an Elghansa mixer with the ability to connect a domestic water filter.

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