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Hansgrohe is a German manufacturer whose product lineup has been known to customers for more than a decade. During its existence, the brand has confirmed a positive image and earned the trust of numerous users around the world. Hansgrohe gained fame not only as a company introducing new technologies, but also as a company caring for the preservation of natural resources.

Special features

The main feature of Hansgrohe mixers is that the products are manufactured in a wide variety of ranges. Therefore, it is not difficult for buyers to choose a model of a suitable design. In this case, any selected model will be of high quality.

The Germans are known for their thoroughness, the products of the brand correspond to the national character, which is peculiar to:

  • conciseness;
  • profitability;
  • durability.
  • comfort

Hansgrohe is a manufacturer that first introduces technological innovations.In the market, the company is considered a pioneer.

Consider the advantages of firm mixers.

  • Intuitive water switches. The button is called Select. Push-button control is more convenient than usual. Water supply takes place without effort and long adjustment. Once considered an innovative development was invented by specialists of the German company.
  • Self-adjusting levers CoolStart. Thanks to them, the mixers independently regulate the flow of water. If the lever is set centrally, it blocks the flow device from turning on. The user is available only cold water, but this feature saves energy. Access to warm water is provided immediately, when turning the lever in one direction. Rotation of the crane in the other direction is impossible due to the installed blocker.
  • Water oxygenation by technology AirPower, EcoSmart. Innovation can significantly reduce consumption. Less consumption of resources does not affect the decrease in comfort in the shower. Less spending entails cost savings, which becomes especially noticeable when receiving utility bills. Users report a decrease in resource consumption of up to 60 percent.The quality of use at the same time remains at the highest level of comfort.

Hansgrohe models are popular in Germany due to its high economy. Standards of water consumption in Germany - 10-12 liters per minute. German mixers show flow rates of up to 5 liters per minute.

Since the company's specialists care not only about economy, but also about comfort, they invented a product line for the shower, with several control modes and an increased diameter. Among the shortcomings of the devices can be noted high prices, difficult repair of structures. However, in more detail the disadvantages of specific models will be described below.

Many line models differ in functionality. For example, the height of the spout is regulated by raising and lowering the lever nose. In addition, if there is a need for a supply of water, you need to dial it in a tank, then the tap can be raised. When washing hands, the level of the tap can be lowered to the lowest possible position. Let us consider in more detail the popular types of mixers of the German manufacturer.


The manufacturer offers customers to choose an individual stylistic design of the bathroom or shower.For example, Logis, Focus, Metris, Puravida, Axor are particularly popular. The devices are characterized by different types of control, the shape of the spout. Systems can be valve type, touch, equipped with one or two levers.

Special grace differ device line "Avant-garde". The devices of this collection embody the concept of interior design. The product can be individual, mounted on a sink, bidet, in the shower or in the bathroom.

You can also choose several products from the same series of appliances that harmoniously fit into the overall space of the bathroom.


Devices designed in the style of "Avangard", emit:

  • superior functionality combined with the appropriate minimalism;
  • comfort of use, thanks to the latest technology;
  • economy, thanks to energy-saving features and individual features.

The mixers of the PuraVida range are characterized by an interesting design and high-quality components. These devices are considered special, as they are characterized by sophisticated functionality. The products are solid, but because they are desired where they value unusual things.

Thanks to a variety of colors and chrome steel will look harmonious in any bathroom or in the kitchen. The striking beauty of the forms does not detract from the comfort of operation.

Modern mixers are characterized by modern designs.as well as fashionable manufacturability. Comfortable use of products is quite high. Since the installation of appliances is hidden, they will not occupy precious space in the bathroom or kitchen.

The range Modern includes various products, so you can choose the device with the most appropriate type of fastening. For example, Metris is a floor or wall mounted device. Talis are convenient products with button control. Cranes at models can be long or short. In the line there are devices with a rotating spout.


Products of the Focus series are characterized by high-quality functionality. The appearance of the devices is quite original, many models are embedded.

Logis series models are great for convenient use. Despite the usual classic design, in the line there are models of an elegant look, as well as modern built-in appliances in the shower.


The Classic range includes appliances for the bath, shower, sink, washbasin. Products embody the tradition in conjunction with quality performance. The mixers combine hygienic comfort and innovative technologies, such as thermostatic taps. Together with the thermostat, the mixers are equipped with the EcoSmart system.

The Classic series includes Metropol products that are notable for their lightness and modernity, Metris, emitting classic luxury and wealth, Talis E, characterized by high-quality materials.

Talis e

Mounting methods

Installation of products can be built-in, recessed, concealed, floor-mounted, in a wall, on a sink, or on a bathtub. Since the products of the manufacturer belong to the class of expensive, their installation is better to entrust experienced professionals. Due to improper installation made by own hands, deformation occurs most often, as well as rapid breakage of products.

Particular attention should be paid to the installation of hidden products. These models are specially equipped with modern kits from the manufacturer iBox universal. The system was first introduced to the market in 2001.

This is the only universal product, under which you can pick up any external parts. The product is a standard for other manufacturers.Universal panel has a variety of functions.

For the Axor collection, the manufacturer delivers the hidden parts of the Shower Collection specifically.

Since the component parts of the products are individual, it can be difficult to find certain types of spare parts on the market. Also at installation of products it is necessary to consider that cartridges of mixers are not subject to repair. These components at the price of the road are comparable to the cost of new mixers.

The internal device of products differs depending on the type to be installed. Therefore, even with a repair kit on hand, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the study of the mixer of the desired type. Careful examination of the device will help in determining the causes of breakdowns.

For example, they are due to:

  • unsatisfactory quality;
  • use of components of unsuitable sample;
  • dirty water in the pipes;
  • high iron content in water.

Consider the best installation methods, for example, external devices will be optimal in most cases.

Hidden options are attractive, but usually more expensive. Hidden systems are convenient for small spaces.

If this type of installation is planned, it is worthwhile to foresee the finishing, under which it will be possible to remove all the unattractive parts of plumbing devices. Despite all the difficulties associated with installation, the products of this brand have a huge number of fans.


Consumer reviews on Hansgrohe products are mostly positive. This indicates the reliability and durability of the devices. Correctly mounted systems of the German manufacturer have really worked without failures for decades.

Cases of warranty repairs are rare, and the manufacturer’s warranty period is long - from 3 to 5 years, depending on the complexity of the devices. Often, users note simple installation, as well as the ability to disassemble and repair devices. Repair of some types of products is really simple thanks to the versatility of the devices.

At the same time, some spare parts for road instruments, and individual spare parts parts wear out quickly. Disassemble the installed product will have to because of poor quality water.

Therefore, commenting on the negative reviews of devices, experts often advise installing water purification filters directly at the system inlet.

This action contributes to the prolongation of the service life of such parts of mixers as nozzles, aerators, glands, etc. Fast repair is also unavailable due to the lack of proprietary components. They have to be ordered in production and wait long enough.

We present a rating of mixers of the German manufacturer regarding the positive qualities described by consumers.

The devices of the Focus range are rated positively thanks to:

  • good equipment;
  • excellent aerator;
  • high-quality cartridge;
  • smooth rotation of the lever 360 degrees.

Among the shortcomings, the need to purchase adapters, as well as short underwater hoses not supplied in the kit, is noted. In this case, the supplied eyeliner can not be disconnected from the device.

The Ecostat model is marked by such advantages as:

  • interesting appearance;
  • convenience.

Among the shortcomings there is not very smooth operation of the built-in thermostat.

Talis models are marked by users as beautiful and comfortable. Among the shortcomings - the marzime products. Some users have noted the noise of the cartridge installed inside the mixer.



Products of the German brand are often advised to select sellers of stores. However, it is not necessary to fully base your choice on the opinion of consultants, as this is not the most effective way.

Professionals advise to evaluate the appearance of products. For example, on the surface of the device should not be visible scratches and other defects. The color of the coating should be uniform.

If a significant indicator when choosing - the properties of steel, choose products harder.

If the product includes moving parts, their course should be smooth and quiet. If the parts move with effort, this is a sign of poor quality of the component parts of the product.

Check the aerator in the mixer. The German brand does not save on this part, it is metal. If a plastic aerator or a thin brass inside the product, in front of you, rather, just a fake.

Still carefully assess the condition of the flexible connection. The German manufacturer supplies it with its devices.

The internal thread of the hoses must be metallic. If it is plastic, then you also have a fake.

      When choosing it is worth considering that the type of construction (lever, valve on photocells) has little effect on the economy of consumption, if the devices do not have special functions, for example, a special type of cartridges.However, when choosing a device, it should be borne in mind that the more functions it has, the higher the probability of failure of parts.

      Overview and hidden installation of the Hansgrohe mixer - in the next video.

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