Nami mixers: features of choice

 Nami mixers: features of choice

The concept of "mixer" is not new to anyone. Everyone has it in the house, and it’s almost impossible to imagine your life without this sanitary fixture. And if you need to buy a mixer? This task enters into a stupor. Today the market offers a huge selection of plumbing, the main thing is to find the perfect option for you.

One of the leaders in the plumbing market is the manufacturer Nami. The company offers modern high quality products at the right price.

Advantages and disadvantages

Nami brand mixers have the following positive characteristics.

  • Quality. The mixer - the device of daily use. Every year you don't want to buy a new one or constantly repair the existing one. Plumbing company Nami is made from European components. Basis of mixers: German rubber or ceramic crane boxes and Spanish ceramic cartridges. In addition, all products undergo strict control of compliance with high standards at all stages of production.Of course, buyers also have a negative experience of “communication” with these mixers, but on the whole everything is stable and adapted for work.
  • Cost Good thing can not cost a penny. Nevertheless, I do not want to spend all the monthly income on the tap for water. You can not worry about choosing Nami faucets. The company offers the best prices for plumbing fixtures.
  • Wide range of. In addition to reliability and price, the appearance of the purchase is important. Perhaps your bathroom or kitchen is designed in a certain style, and the wrong faucet will be evident. Designers Nami develop a large number of lines of mixers. Because of this, you can find a suitable option for the taste and needs.
  • Safety and warranty. The Nami brand is not new to the market. There is a customer support system after purchase and product warranty. Actively working out any negative customer feedback.

But there is no company without flaws. The negative aspects of Nami products include the high cost of some models of mixers. In addition, the brand offers unusual and quite difficult to use options, for example, with an impractical handle or a soft coating.But only you choose, read customer reviews and talk with a consultant about all the nuances of use and warranty on the product.


Popular mixers include the Nami Mixer series.

All devices from this line can be divided into several models.

  • Two valve faucets - the simplest solution. There are two levers on either side of the faucet, opening them together, you adjust the temperature of the water.
  • Single lever models are a variant of the mixer, which is also familiar to many. Usually it is one lever and depending on the rotation to the right and left, the temperature changes. A significant advantage of such a crane is memorizing the location of the pen. As a result, you will not need to re-adjust the desired temperature each time.
  • Shower faucets are the optimal solution for a bathroom. There is an opportunity to choose a suitable length of the watering can and a nozzle, including a massage one. It all depends on your wishes.

Choices are different. There are variations of high and low crane, models with different appearance, color, type of surface (matte or glossy). After purchase, make installation of any model is easy. Included are all the necessary details.

Due to the high quality, the designs are comfortable and durable to use. For example, the shower hose is equipped with an anti-twist system. All technical details have a large margin of safety, and the coating is not erased.

Another important factor. Even if you have any questions or something has happened to the products, you will easily find a new component for the crane. You will not have to wait for months for a spare part or replace it with a non-native one.

Useful tips

If we talk about the kitchen faucet, it is necessary to choose the right height of the crane. It depends on the size of the sink. Bulky pots are quite difficult to wash, so the more space in the sink, the better. Another tip is that the kitchen is especially important in a comfortable knob, which is easy to operate. Imagine that your hands are in flour or dough: when the tap is simply opened, you will cause less “harm” to the cleanliness of the kitchen.

The enamel of the mixer must be resistant to dirt and modern methods of cleaning. Some Nami models are difficult to clean because of the coating, so you need to be ready for this. You should make sure that the cleanser does not contain active corrosive substances, read reviews from other buyers.Approach the choice rationally and wisely.

In the next video you will find complete instructions for choosing a mixer.

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