Floor bath mixers: design features, types and design

Modern interior often requires non-trivial solutions, even in such matters as the selection of a bath mixer. Habitual devices that are mounted directly to the wall are not suitable, for example, for baths located in the center of the room. In this case, floor faucets simply indispensable.

In addition, they look very stylish and original.


The floor mixer is a stand-alone construction, built directly into the floor, therefore pipes should be laid at the repair stage before laying the floor covering. If this condition has not been met, then masking the pipes in special boxes that will pass along the walls will help. The mixer can be placed on either side of the bath. Its location is limited to the imagination of the owner and the feature of the room.For our country, the floor-mounted faucet is a rather original solution, since often the water tap is built directly into the wall, and the bath always stands against the wall. Quality models have a long service life. In addition, manufacturers do not forget to take care that, if necessary, all repair work can be performed with maximum comfort.


There are not so many types of floor mixers, if we consider exactly the varieties, and not models or technical solutions. They are fundamentally different only in the number of pipes. They may be two or one, so they are also called bipeds and one-legs. The difference lies only in the method of water supply. The two-legged models have separate pipes for hot and cold water. To regulate the temperature of the water, you have to turn two valves. In one-pipe versions, you can adjust the flow strength and the optimum water temperature with just one hand.

As for additional functions, technological and design solutions, several subspecies of mixers can be distinguished.

  • Cascading. It is this mixer that can turn an ordinary bath into a real waterfall. Especially easy and elegant look designs made of glass. The soft flow of water will delight not only the look, but also the body. Manufacturers made sure that every buyer found a model that is suitable in both size and design.
  • Thermostatic. For those who are tired of manually adjusting the temperature of the water, turning the taps and valves, it is proposed such an innovation as a thermostatic mixer. On a special display you can see the exact temperature and pressure. These parameters remain in the device’s memory; the next time the mixer is turned on, they automatically play them.
  • Contactless. This variety is often found in cafes or other public places. The great advantage is that the user does not touch the device, and therefore does not leave potentially dangerous microbes on it, which allows each user to avoid contact with them. Home they are set to save water.
  • Electronic. This variety is essentially an improved model of contactless mixer options.Their work is also based on infrared sensors. The user can specify several of the most commonly used modes of supply and water temperature.
  • Combined. If the above models only supply water to the bath, then this design can be easily turned and sent to the sink. Of the listed subspecies, this model cannot boast of longevity.

What are they made of?

Floor mixers consist of two main parts: columns and spout. The first is made from materials of high strength. It should serve for many years. Since it is mounted directly into the floor, in the event of a breakdown, its replacement also threatens to dismantle part of the floor. The design and construction of the spout can be varied.

Basically they are made of steel with anti-corrosion additives. The surface can be presented by a various decor.

The most popular are the following models:

  • chromed - have an attractive appearance and long service life, fit perfectly in almost any interior;
  • under the gold - if the design of the bathroom uses beige, brown or gold tones, then this faucet will emphasize the chosen style and become a real decoration;
  • in bronze - the noble tint of bronze will emphasize the exquisite taste of its owner and help create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort;
  • from cast iron - the black original mixer, gracefully bending over a bathroom, by all means will become a highlight of an interior.


Floor mixers are rapidly gaining popularity due to a number of advantages.

He has several undeniable merits.

  • Height. Since the construction is free-standing, its height can be any. The main thing is that during the operation it is comfortable for users. The same feature allows you to make the structure quite massive and durable, while there will be no additional pressure on the bowl of the bath itself.
  • Autonomous installation and repair. If you need to replace or repair the mixer will not have to disassemble or move the bath. Such a convenient location provides free access to all the details of the construction of the mixer.
  • Scope of application. Such a mixer can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also near the outdoor pool, in the shower (in the bath and sauna) or on the terrace.
  • Durability. Choosing a quality mixer from reliable manufacturers, as well as observing all the rules of installation, you can ensure a long life of the product.
  • Design. Beautiful, original floor faucets are presented in various designs. Pick one that will be a harmonious addition to the existing interior, or even its highlight, quite simple.


The disadvantages of floor mounted mixers are related to the financial side of the issue. Quality models are quite expensive, and the cost of installation can be unpleasantly surprising, due to the need for connecting water pipes to a certain point in the room. And also it should be borne in mind that such models are designed more for spacious rooms, where it is possible to install a bath in the center. The mixer itself will also take place.

Therefore, their use in standard layouts is very limited.

How to install?

The installation process of the floor mixer will not cause any difficulties if the pipes have already been supplied to the place where the stand-alone bathtub and the mixer will be located. It is better to take care of this at the repair stage, which will avoid additional costs. Even before floor screeding, it is necessary to drill out the recesses in which the pipes with hot and cold water can be hidden.If the tile is already laid, and do not want to remove it, then it is worth considering the options for decorating and masking pipes using boxes. But in this case, there will not be that perfect picture, and the extra projections in the bathroom are completely useless.

Professionals are able to cope with the installation of the floor mixer in the shortest possible time. In addition, they have all the necessary tools, materials, and, most importantly, experience. You can do all the work yourself, but it will take a lot of patience and time. One of the important conditions for successful installation is to secure the mixer so that it does not loose.

How to care?

Special instructions for the operation and care of the mixers of the floor type does not exist. With proper, but not burdensome care, the mixer will last a long time.

The following simple rules should be followed:

  • you should not forget to regularly clean the mixer using specially designed means, although you can use liquid soap and a soft cloth;
  • it is better to refuse to use coarse abrasives, as they can scratch the surface;
  • mixers do not like chlorine and salt water, so before using a cleaning agent should carefully examine its composition.


Deciding on an original bathroom solution like a floor-mounted faucet, The following tips should be taken into account:

  • it is recommended to purchase mixers from manufacturers that have long established themselves in the market;
  • it is better to determine the location of the bath and the mixer at the repair stage, which will help to do all the preparatory work without additional efforts and costs;
  • for self-assembly you should use quality materials and follow the instructions; the price of the product is quite high, so it will be very disappointing if the damage occurs as a result of poor-quality installation or negligence;
  • in the absence of experience installing the floor mixer, you should contact the specialists; Of course, the call of the master is an additional cost, but the installation will be carried out qualitatively and reliably;
  • When buying, you should carefully inspect the product for the presence of scratches, dents, scuffs. If they are detected, no doubt, you should request a replacement.

      Floor taps are a fresh solution for the bathroom. But it is not such a know-how. Inspired by examples of the past, manufacturers give the freedom to choose a place for a bath and a mixer. If the dimensions of the room allow such a design idea to be implemented, then the owner of the apartment will in any case benefit. The floor mixer is not only convenient and practical, but also incredibly beautiful.

      How to install a floor mixer, see the following video.

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