Bathtub faucet with long spout: features and nuances of choice

 Bathtub faucet with long spout: features and nuances of choice

The faucet with a long gander is a traditional version of bathroom sanitary equipment and has been popular in Russia for quite some time. To date, the design and internal components of the mixer have been improved. A characteristic feature is the elongated swivel spout. It is thanks to him that the faucet can be used for the bathroom and the sink at the same time. The long nose significantly increases the functionality of the mixer, which brought this product to the leading positions among other models. Consider the features and nuances of the choice of this product.

Advantages and disadvantages

Faucets with long goose can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen.The use of this model of the mixer can often be found on a double sink, which allows the use of two sinks at the same time. Long goose are considered models whose length exceeds 24 centimeters. In addition to the obvious convenience, the long spout of the mixer adorns any interior, bringing a touch of modernity to it. This is a practical, comfortable and versatile device. A distinctive feature of this model is the possibility of switching and supplying water in the desired direction and in the required temperature mode.


  • comfortable filling of any container, without needing to keep it on weight;
  • fairly simple installation and repair that does not require special skills and knowledge in the field of plumbing;
  • structural characteristics of this model can withstand heavy loads;
  • greatly facilitates the process of bathing young children;
  • allows you to wash your hair without the need for complete immersion in water.

The only, but significant drawback of this model are rather low indicators of the product tightness. The use of a mixer with a long spout is limited in the presence of a shower and a remote location of the sink.

Characteristics of the gander

Regardless of the location of the mixer has two important components - the body and the gander. The body part is often made using a material such as stainless steel. It is famous for resistance to the adverse effects of tap water, and therefore the service life of such a product is increased. The spout of the mixer is sometimes called the spout, or gander.

It should be noted that the gander is not a separate part, it is one of the components of the mixer, the main purpose of which is water supply.

Today the range of these models is quite wide and diverse. There are different forms of spout. The most common are the classic and cascade models. Classic is often used for installation in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It fits perfectly in almost any interior. The relatively recent cascade model of the mixer quickly gained popularity among buyers. Its distinctive feature is an interesting shape - a flat and wide gander.

This model is often installed for the bathroom bowl and shower.

The long spout of the mixer can be made using a tubular, cast and brazed method.The most expensive is a spout made without such processes as soldering and cutting, that is cast. This model differs from other significant weight. The tubular spout is characterized by a round, oval and triangular shape. In turn, the tubes can be long, short, curved, straight, with or without an angle.

The solder tip is quite original and is often used as a decorative element in the interior of the bathroom.

Manufacturing materials

As mentioned earlier, one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture of the mixer with an elongated spout is stainless steel. Such indicators as reliability, accessibility and elegance brought this material to the leading position. On the shelves of the plumbing department, you can also buy products made of brass and bronze, characterized by a long service life. The sophistication of these devices emphasizes the interior of the bathroom, made in the style of a classic.

Their cost is much higher than stainless steel products, but their gloss is worth it.

Ceramic faucets with a long gander attract buyers with irregular shapes and modern design.Such a product has a high cost and increased fragility, and therefore the operation of ceramic mixers requires the owner to be careful and careful. Ceramics can begin to crack from the strong physical effects, while perfectly amenable to cleaning from scale and streaks that appeared during use of the product.


According to the type of regulation and water supply, there are two types of mixer: single lever and double valve. The first type is characterized by the presence of a single knob, with the help of which the temperature and water pressure are regulated. Cartridges in the form of a cartridge, made of stainless steel, occupy a leading position in sales in Europe, provided that they are not made in China. In the two-valve model, the regulation of cold and hot water is carried out using two separate valves.

The service life of this model of the mixer depends largely on the quality of the water flowing in the pipes.

The valve on the valve can be a classic with a rubberized cap or with a crane made of high-strength plastic. It should be noted that the rubber plug will last a little longer, as it is resistant to the adverse effects of sand, corrosion, chlorine and other active compounds.Replacing a worn part will not require an investment of large financial investments and will take just a couple of minutes. In turn, the crane-box is extremely sensitive to impurities in the pipeline water and is not able to withstand serious pressure at the time of the supply and shutdown of water.

An important nuance when choosing a mixer with a long spout is the water switch, which is considered the weak link in the whole structure.

Consider the main types of switches:

  • Crank. The end switch in this type of switch, when the mixer is turned, moves up and down. Making a clutch with the lever, he forces him to rise and fall in a special cell. Thanks to the rubberized gasket, both levers are sealed and close all the holes that interfere with the water supply to the mixer spout and shower head. However, when using low-quality materials, the friction sites quickly wear out. The crank switch starts wedging and does not block the hole. In this connection, water flows from the spout and from the shower at the same time.

In order to eliminate the leakage, it is necessary to put a lot of effortwhich often provokes a complete malfunction of the product.

  • Ball. Switching is carried out thanks to the ball, which has two ears. He turns the lever. At the time of turning, the eyelet with the exit is centralized with the water supply eye on the mixer spout or shower head. This switch is more reliable and easy to use, however, it has one drawback - strong sensitivity to the quality of pipeline water.

The ball switch is repairable.

Popular models

The huge choice of the proposed sanitary equipment gives the buyer the opportunity to choose the product at an affordable price and in the style he likes. The mixer can be a conventional mechanical device or modern with automatic adjustment of a certain temperature regime of water. Consider the most popular models of mixers with a long gander, which are in great demand among consumers.

Model brand Mofem Evrosztar is a versatile device with the presence of two adjusting ceramic valves. Shut-off valves are made of high-strength rubber, the gander has a rotary design. Buying this model will cost 4400 rubles.

One of the most durable models is the ZorG long gander mixer. Its cost, like the previous model, varies within four thousand rubles. The presence of two universal valves and cartridge. Distinctive features of this model is the chrome-plated coating and the use of brass in the manufacture.

The low-cost version of the long spout mixer is a product from the Rossinka brand. The gander is made in the shape of an English letter S. The regulation and control of the water pressure is carried out thanks to one lever. At production the stainless steel covered with a protective layer of chrome is used. Intended for open installation only. Approximate cost - 3700 rubles.


Mixer brand Edelfom Verde is a true work of art. Its handles are decorated with brand logo design. The presence of ceramic faucet-box, aerator, flexible shower hose, made of stainless steel. The outer surface of the design is made in retro style and covered with gold paint. The cost of such aesthetic pleasure will cost 12,400 rubles.

If you look at the rating of manufacturers, you can mark the best German brands. You can also select brands Oras and Iddis.They mainly produce a wall-mounted single-lever version with a spout size of about 40-50 cm.

Edelfom verde

Useful tips

Saving space in a small-sized bathroom is one of the most important criteria when purchasing a sanitary ware. In this regard, it is recommended to opt for models with an elongated spout, in particular, if the minimum distance between the sink and bathroom.

When purchasing a product, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Consider the material involved in the manufacture of the purchased sanitary equipment. Its quality directly affects the life of the product.
  • When purchasing a mixer, it is recommended to pay attention to the following three criteria: height, width and length of the nozzle. The height of the nozzle should be in the range from 20 to 90 centimeters. Too low faucet will be uncomfortable to use, and high can take up useful space in a small-sized bathroom.
  • Structural features of the mixer must necessarily take into account its subsequent installation and operating conditions. To install the mixer in the kitchen, you can give preference to a long, tall and movable model designed for the bathroom.This will allow to wash out any, even the deepest capacity, which will greatly facilitate the process of washing dishes.
  • When purchasing, take into account the size of the mixer section, as this affects the ability of long nozzles to move a certain amount of water per unit of time.

On how to choose the right faucet for the bathroom, you can learn from the video.

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