Faucets flush-mounted: the device, the pros and cons

 Faucets flush-mounted: the device, the pros and cons

The flush-mounted mixer is built in such a way that only its aesthetically appealing functional part remains in view. This design is in harmony with any design of the room, it has proven itself in close spaces.

Advantages and disadvantages

Faucets for embedded systems are gaining popularity today, and every company that produces plumbing, trying to release their own special designs. Some enjoy the convenience and simplicity, others - comfortable additional features.

The advantages of such plumbing are undeniable:

  • has a neat appearance;
  • saves space and visually facilitates space;
  • it is easy to look after such mixer;
  • it is possible to rationally organize a place on the wall for other types of plumbing;
  • the mixer is easy to operate;
  • as a rule, built-in structures are thermostatic: they do not allow accidental burns with hot water;
  • the repair of the structure threatens to disassemble a section of the wall, so it has high-quality materials in the production of which non-ferrous metal is used;
  • Some types of mixers are endowed with additional functions, for example, they are capable of blocking the splashing of water into the surrounding space.

The disadvantages include the need to disassemble the wall during installation and the high cost of construction. Built-in faucets are mainly made for aesthetic reasons. If you calculate all the necessary functions, it is better to immediately make a cost estimate. For some, this may be a choice in favor of an outdoor mixer, even from an expensive collection.

What is it made of?

The mixer of the hidden installation perfectly proved in household application. But it is more difficult to install it than an ordinary device, which is connected with the need to be embedded in a wall or hidden installation. A conventional faucet consists of an external water control device and underwater pipes.The flush-mounted mixer has an internal unit, separate from the spout, and an external control panel. It should be installed before the end of repair work, or more precisely, at the time of dilution of water pipes. The inner box is built into the wall, has dimensions in diameter up to 15 cm and a thickness of 8-10 cm.

It is a container with holes for the supply of pipes, has fasteners and a removable cartridge. This unit is responsible for mixing hot and cold water, through the nozzle brings the liquid to the watering can and gander. The internal block mechanism is made of brass, copper or bronze, these materials are in perfect contact with water and ensure the durability of the structure.

The internal device is extremely simple in execution. Repair it may consist only in the replacement of cartridges or gaskets (seals). The control panel is the external visible part of the structure, to which the elements of water pressure and temperature control are derived.

Installation location

There is an erroneous opinion that it is possible to install a hidden mixer only in a supporting wall with a thickness of more than 10 cm

In fact, the mounting block is placed in different places:

  • built into the bearing wall;
  • installed in an installation for plumbing;
  • the box is mounted on the wall surface;
  • use the mounting rail to install the indoor unit on the room divider.

Depth from 8 to 11 cm is required to place the box. Installation on such partitions requires additional reinforcement on the reverse side. Suitable, for example, a sheet of plywood.


Installing a hidden mixer, you need to know its purpose. From this will depend on the type of device and installation location: bathroom, shower, bathroom.

Hidden plumbing designs are of different types.

  • The mixer is single-lever. It is used for a shower, with adjustment of a pressure of water. A watering can of any kind can be connected to it.
  • Bath and shower set. It has one supply to the spout, and the second - to the watering can.
  • A device designed for a bath, which contributes to filling the font not through the spout, but with the help of filling sockets.
  • Set for a shower cabin with the thermostat. It includes a flexible watering can, overhead shower and nozzles located on the sides.
  • Faucet with thermostat. It has several pens responsible for water pressure and temperature.
  • Single lever faucet for sink.The simplest design.

For the bathroom there are also several types of hidden faucets.

  • Toilet bidet. Equipped with a nozzle that supplies warm water for a hygienic shower. It can be on the toilet bowl or on the retractable fitting. Such a device assumes the presence of a concealed shower mixer (a shower is usually included).
  • Bidet cover. A more simplified version of the hygienic shower. If the cover is electric, it has additional features.
  • Wall mounted hygienic shower with flush-mounted mixer. It has a watering can with a small size shut-off valve. For the arrival of warm water it is better to install the shower separately.

If it is mounted on the toilet, you need to connect to three outlets to ensure the water supply to the tank. But this option will provide a shower only with cold water.


It is impossible to give one universal advice on the mechanism of installation. The variety of models of the inner box entails an unequal approach to the installation of hidden type mixers.

In general terms, it is still possible to indicate the order of the installation work.

  • Initially, you should carefully study the instructions to avoid further problems with the installation.
  • Next, you need to choose a place for the mixer and decide on the distribution of pipes. At this stage, you should have a clear idea of ​​the position of the incoming water supply system, as well as the outlet to the spout and the shower. Make markup.
  • A wall is opened for internal installation of the box. Pipes are laid from the riser to the installed device. It is necessary to monitor the level and distance so that the threaded connections of the carts to the body are perfectly passed.
  • The main difficulty in installing a concealed mixer is the installation of the box. For models from different manufacturers, individual boxes are available. Moreover, they are special for a thermostat, mixer, etc., it can be assembled up to 3-4 boxes. Engineers of leading companies have developed compact units for mixers, they are universal and suitable for the installation of various hidden equipment of these companies.
  • After installing the box, proceed to the installation of the mixer. It is mounted in a block with the help of special clamps. Before connecting the equipment to the flexible pipes in series, in order to avoid errors, you should review the instructions again.
  • Next, running the water, check the performance of the system.If leaks are detected, first of all pay attention to the taps and the stability of the gaskets.
  • After installation of the internal part of the structure, the wall is put in order, the niche is closed, and facing works are carried out.
  • At the last stage, an external control panel with a spout and switch is installed. All seams are sealed with waterproofing.

Overview of leading plumbing companies

The most diverse and high-quality products are hidden installation German companies Kludi, Hansa, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Turkish holding Vitrathat reside in the construction market for almost a century.

Their products will suit any interior design. Produced collections of flush-mounted mixers are as convenient as possible. The designs have ergonomic handles, are capable of changing height, are equipped with touch sensors and thermostats of German quality. Brass and copper products are backed by warranty periods of up to 10 years.

Continuing the rating of German manufacturers family firms from Italy Gessi, Visentin, Newformwhich also have European quality and more loyal prices.

Hansgrohe mixers combined in themselves minimalism and aesthetic luxury, they are simple and at the same time presentable. High quality ensures durability. Confused only by the high cost of products.

Original design collection Jacob Delafon. These are smooth, flowing forms of mixers with chrome and brass coating, have an aerator in the spout, providing adjustment of temperature fluctuations. This company has been supplying bathroom equipment for over a hundred years. Her devices are thought out to the smallest detail, meet the high ergonomics and modern fashion trends.

Compact Eurosmart model It has a brass coating and a ceramic mechanism with an aerator that regulates the pressure and saves water, a flexible hose and a temperature stabilizer.

Roca mixers Combine sophisticated design and modern technical innovation. Work on styles (avant-garde, loft, classic, high-tech, vintage, Provence) helps to choose equipment for any interior. Reliable and beautiful equipment from leading manufacturers will satisfy every taste.

In the next video you will find the installation of a flush-mounted mixer on drywall.

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