Lemark mixers: types and specifications

A must-have and indispensable attribute of a kitchen and bathroom is a faucet. At the same time, today these devices must not only perform their immediate function - mixing hot and cold water, but also combine quality and reliability and meet high aesthetic requirements. The successful solution in this direction was achieved by Czech manufacturers of equipment for kitchen and bathroom Lemark. Of course, the market of manufacturers of sanitary appliances is very large. In order to understand the difference between Lemark mixers and hundreds of similar ones, it is necessary to consider the types of Czech mixers, their features and advantages, to get acquainted with the reviews of professional plumbers and consumers.

Special features

Despite the fact that the manufacturing country of Lemark mixers is the Czech Republic, the models and components were developed by Russian specialists, who tried to take into account the customers' requirements for the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the devices.Before going to consumers, the equipment passes bench testing under high water pressure of 9 atm. The functional characteristics of the device, its tightness are checked. All Lemark plumbing equipment receives a certificate of compliance with the ISO 9001 system, meets international quality standards and GOST requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the advantages of Czech mixers is that they are made from brass and stainless steel. Due to the use of these materials, as well as thickened walls, the devices are resistant to the negative factors that are unavoidable during operation: mechanical damage, temperature changes, and exposure to chemical reagents. Reliable coating with hygienic antibacterial protection protects products from rust, small cracks, and plaque. As a rule, the water supply in the water-pressure system depends on many factors. An abrupt change in pressure, shutdown, increase or decrease in pressure are not excluded. Lemark mixers successfully cope with these problems, as their internal elements are made of wear-resistant ceramics.

Due to the high quality requirements of the device, the manufacturer guarantees the reliability of brass mixers for at least 4 years, and steel - 5 years, but practice shows that this period is much longer. According to plumbers, if used correctly, the mixers can serve for over 10 years uninterruptedly, it is no coincidence that during this period they are serviced free of charge. Professionals note the relative simplicity when installing equipment due to the availability of a complete set of high quality fasteners attached to the product. Many consumers cope with the installation by themselves, but it is still recommended to contact the specialists in order to correctly determine the choice of parameters and avoid problems associated with improper installation. And one more plus: when passing through the mixer, the water is additionally saturated with oxygen due to the use of a German-made aerator.

The advantages of having an aerator are noted in reviews by many consumers: this device prevents unpleasant smells and extraneous sounds from the sewer system from entering the apartment,and when a traffic jam occurs, it protects against such a negative factor as the discharge of wastewater into the room, which often brings tenants to a lot of problems. By the number of positive reviews regularly leads Thermo series. The mixer maintains a constant temperature set by the consumer, and significantly saves water consumption. The developers have tried to make this type of equipment as accessible as possible to the consumer. They are not inferior in quality to their counterparts from Germany and Italy, and at a price they are much more democratic. At the same time, both budget options and elite ones are offered.

A significant disadvantage is that, like all products of popular brands, Lemark mixers are often forged by unscrupulous manufacturers. Claims to the quality of fakes are quite often found among the reviews.

To avoid this, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to the weight of the product. The “native” Czech mixer is quite heavy and solid. Next, you should look at the cartridge - it should be made in Spain, and the aerator in Germany. Other manufacturers of these parts are in doubt about the authenticity of the unit.


In addition to technical merit, the mixers of the Czech company are also distinguished by their stylish appearance. The design of the device, the variability of the color solution (classic white and steel, vintage bronze, original golden colors) make it possible to organically fit it into the interior, make it almost imperceptible or, on the contrary, an attention-grabbing design element. The model range of this type of equipment is very diverse and is able to satisfy the most demanding customer. Designers and designers of the brand are constantly developing new series, differing in both appearance and design features, and functional qualities.

By design, devices can be monolithic, recessed, with different types of spouts: classic swivel and draw out. Water can be mixed valve and lever way. Plastic inserts are provided in cranes and handles that protect against burns during operation. As a rule, the series includes universal faucets, faucets for washbasins in the bathroom and for the sink in the kitchen, models for directly bathroom, shower, bidet.The package, with the exception of a few models, includes a shower head, flexible hoses and fasteners. Serial solutions allow you to comply with a single style in the design of the dwelling.

So, series mixers Pramen, equipped with a convenient handle, will organically fit into almost any design, and a special nozzle will protect against splashing water.

Consumer classic series of single-lever mixers Luna it is executed in the refined simple style, having poured out can be both rotary, and not rotary.

Modern design features a relatively new, but already in demand series. Plus strike. The design allows you to embed these models in the board or in the wall of the bathroom and make the individual parts almost invisible.

Lovers of large kitchen sinks liked the series Expertin which convenient release of a spout up to thirty five centimeters long is provided.

Organically complement the design of the premises in vintage style are beautiful and interesting in the performance of the series, imitating bronze and gold, stylized as antique sanitary ware. These are the bronze collections of single-handle mixers. Villa and two-hand instruments Vintagemore expensive "gold" Bravarepresenting single handle mixers.

Already mentioned mixers Thermo equipped with a push button switch and increased spout, practical and economical to operate. Innovative solution developers - built-in thermostat - allows you to adjust the heating of water to the desired temperature and avoid its constant adjustment.

Among the favorite new products - a series ComfortThe products of which are connected to the filter for supplying drinking water are equipped with two aerators and have reliable metal switches. For bathrooms of non-standard planning, original floor faucets have been developed, which are not always provided for in the assortment of other manufacturers.

Thus, the decisive factors in choosing Lemark mixers are excellent quality, durability, economy, attractive price and stylish design.

Examples in the interior

Without such an element of sanitary equipment as a mixer, it is impossible for a modern person to manage. Lemark faucets are able to satisfy any customer, as they are organically combined with kitchen furniture and bathroom accessories, providing comfort in use.

The Plus Strik single lever faucet with swivel spout is a great find for a modern kitchen.

The floor Lemark mixer is capable to decorate any interior. OH "adapts" to any configuration of the room and equipment.

The golden Lemark collection is a shine of luxury. It will provide comfort and aesthetic pleasure to the most exacting connoisseur.

“Unfading” vintage is not only a faucet, but also a beautiful addition to a stylish decor. Designed to the smallest details.

"Fit" Lemark mixers can be easily in any interior. Color solution for every taste.

The Comfort series is designed taking into account modern realities, when water purification in a plumbing system often leaves much to be desired. With these mixers, clean drinking water is provided.

On the secrets of choosing a bath mixer, see the following video.

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