Bathroom faucet: faucet device

 Bathroom faucet: faucet device

Ensuring maximum comfort in the bathroom is possible not only in the presence of furniture, but also high-quality and suitable sanitary appliances and devices. What matters is the mixer, which is responsible for the water supply. The range of such products is striking in its diversity, where each species has its own specific characteristics and capabilities.

Special features

Manufacturers of plumbing and components regularly replenish their collections with a new product, in addition, familiar devices that are already commercially available are being modernized and improved.That is why when buying a bathroom faucet, sometimes the buyer has a rather difficult choice.

When purchasing a faucet for a bathroom, it is very important to have an idea about the method of connecting it to the water supply system, take into account the compatibility of a particular model with the distribution of pipes, and also take into account the location of the bathroom itself. Such qualities as functionality, comfort in operation, long service life should be inherent in the plumbing faucet, besides, the accessory must be in harmony with the chosen style of the bathroom and correspond to the chosen style.

An important factor is its device, build quality, type of locking mechanism, as well as the type of raw material from which the design is made.

The main task of the faucet is to mix hot and cold water to supply its already optimal temperature for either the spout or the shower. The mixer is a device of rather small size, however, from this its value does not decrease. Today, designers are developing various options for the external design, and the scheme of the internal structure remains unchanged.Having studied this question, it will be much easier to make the purchase of the mixer, in addition, it will be possible, if necessary, to independently perform its repair and conduct regular maintenance.

Almost all faucets have a similar internal structure and consist of the following parts:

  • housing;
  • spout;
  • levers and valves;
  • locking mechanisms.

The latest generation devices are additionally equipped with various sensors and electronics.

It is very important that the selected and installed faucet in the bathroom meets a number of requirements:

  • the crane must be easy to operate so that all family members can use it without help, including children;
  • the device should be regulated smoothly, without additional efforts, while providing the necessary water temperature and the level of its pressure;
  • Switching to the tap and to the watering can does not have to work independently; in addition, the mode change must be carried out with one simple movement of the button or any other switch.


For an objective view of the available options for bathroom faucets need to consider in detail the types of these devices.

For the most part, the classification is based on the point of their connection and placement:

  • wall mixers;
  • built in;
  • mortise;
  • devices that are fixed to the side;
  • combined models;
  • floor mixers.

To budget models should include the familiar wall devices. Most often they are issued with two-valve heads. The upgraded versions of wall mixers are different from the usual taps mechanism of adjustment of water flow. On sale you can find half-turn valves and single-lever joystick. The last lever type is considered to be the most durable, since its internal structure implies the presence of a single cartridge, which minimizes the occurrence of a variety of breakdowns.

The first type of mixer is popular due to its low cost, but it is also less reliable and much inferior in appearance to other models. These devices are implemented with a watering can and a hose. Quite often it is the fluid supply switch that fails, and in single-lever constructions it is a single system with the body, which makes it impossible to replace it.

Embedded and fixed faucets involve installation work, which will require a qualified plumber. These models stand out for their attractiveness in the light of the absence of protruding elements, in addition, pipes and various connecting hoses remain hidden.

In fact, the built-in version is the same single-lever crane, only with the possibility of flush mounting. In this case, the wiring and mechanisms are masked in the wall, and for operation in view, the lever with the spout and the watering can remain.

The positive point of this model is the possibility of the location of water outlets anywhere, while hiding all the pipes and hoses. It is this feature that led to the popularity of such bathroom faucets.

Mortise mixers pursue a similar task - to hide the connecting hose as much as possible. Installation of the device is carried out on the side of the bathroom. This version has some disadvantages that are associated with the location of the hose. During operation, it will be pulled out through a special hole, as a result, various bends will form on the element, which will significantly shorten its operational life.Without a hose, the device is unable to function, since the watering can in these models combines the function of a shower and a spout.

As a rule, the installation of the onboard mixers is performed on acrylic plumbing, in which you can easily make the necessary holes.

Combined models at least once in life, but every person met. This device is remarkable for the possibility of installing one mixer in the bathroom, which will be used for both the washbasin and the bathtub.

Outdoor options are mainly present in the design collections of plumbing. Most often they are installed in the premises, decorated in the style of hi-tech. The main, and perhaps the only distinctive feature of floor models is their appearance and type of placement in the bathroom. Such mixers have one or two racks, due to which water supplies are hidden, and in turn, the mixer is located on them.

Browse popular brands

An important factor when choosing a mixer, in addition to its type and design, is the manufacturer, since the quality of the selected products will directly depend on the last nuance.Among the many companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of products of this line, should be the undisputed leader - the brand Grohe. Plumbing devices of this manufacturer have proven to be a high-quality and durable product. And even despite the high cost of mixers, in the process of operation, they justify more than made investments.

Chinese products are also present on the market in abundance, which is not distinguished by excellent quality, but on the basis of cost, belongs to the budget category goods. In addition to German plumbing, you can note the Finnish mixers OrasFrench products Jocob delafon.

Brands have proven themselves on the positive side Geberit, Teka, Ideal Standard. Plumbing and components of these manufacturers are made in accordance with international quality standards, so the use deserves a lot of positive feedback.

Design options

Mixers are also classified by type of internal locking mechanism that provides water supply and temperature and pressure control. Based on this specificity, the following design variants are distinguished.

Valve Type Equipment

In such devices, the openings through which water is released are regulated by screw mechanisms. They, in turn, are located in the taps for cold and hot water. The level of pressure is controlled by handles that move at an angle of 90 or 180 degrees. Two-valve valve for closing the holes is equipped with special rubber seals or valves. The latter are plastic or ceramic.

As practice shows, plastic products are more durable, the rest of the raw materials quickly become unusable due to contact with hot liquid and from mechanical friction during operation.

Single lever faucets

In these models, removable cartridges or a spherical system act as a locking mechanism. Water supply pressure and temperature are set by adjusting the horizontal or vertical position of the special handle. The latest generation faucets with one lever are available with the ability to instantly shut off the flow of liquid through the spout or shower, which saves on water consumption.

Thermostatic devices

The main feature of such mechanisms is the ability to automatically adjust the temperature of the supplied liquid, without adjusting to the existing parameters of water from the central water supply. The device operates using the built-in thermostat and pressure sensor located in the mixer housing. The necessary parameters that relate to the pressure of water and its heat are set with special handles. As a rule, data can be stored in the memory of the unit controlling the operation of the mixer. In addition to convenience, such devices in the bathroom stand out for their visual appeal, given their modern design.

Electronic mixers

The operation of the devices is based on an electronic sensor located inside, with the help of this device the temperature level and the force of the fluid supply through the faucet are set. In addition, there is the possibility of setting a period in which water will flow. It is possible to adjust the volume of this fluid as an additional function, in electronic mixers there is a function to turn on the backlight of the water jet. Turning on the tap occurs when the palm is brought to the control panel.

Cascade Mixers

This view may have a valve or ball mechanism inside. Spout is made quite original and impressive, so that the working mixer resembles a miniature waterfall. Due to the excellent throughput due to the specific design of the spout, the process of filling the bath with water occurs fairly quickly. In addition to the unusual functioning of the water supply, usually cascade mixers have the function of hydromassage.

Recommendations for use

To eliminate problems when installing ball mixers in old buildings, it is necessary to find the optimal position to stabilize the temperature of the water supply, since abrupt increases in pressure and temperature can occur in a worn central water supply system. A good alternative to a ball valve can be a two-valve, the maintainability of which will be several times higher.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that impurities and chlorine contained in water may cause damage to the device. That is why many experts when buying expensive mixers recommend installing special filters for cleaning tap water.

Useful tips from the pros

Particular attention when choosing a bathroom faucet should be given to the raw materials from which it was made. It is best to prefer resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion of chromium, stainless steel or brass.

The reliability of the device may indicate weight - too light mixers are unlikely to be reliable during use, since they were made of a thin metal alloy. However, when choosing a model and method of its installation, it is worth considering the rather large weight of the mixer, since in some cases this parameter will play a very important role.

On the high-quality mixer must be present aerator. It is best that it is removable for the possibility of replacing parts in the event of its failure over time.

Quality products are usually sold in a large basic configuration, through which you can significantly extend the life of the product. Usually in the set there are adapters for installation, additional hoses or parts for decoration.

In the next video you will find the secrets of choosing a bath mixer.

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